The War on Terror is a Complete and Utter Fraud

Posted: September 7, 2008 in 2007, Articles
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By nate

First, President Cheney’s boss King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia, threatened Sunni terrorism in Iraq if we left:

Official: Saudis to back Sunnis if U.S. leaves Iraq

Then, the US Government denied that was the case:

US denies Saudis threatened to back Iraqi Sunnis

Now, it’s official. Even the Iraq Study Group Agrees:

Saudis Reportedly Funding Iraqi Sunnis

Hey, looky here. Breaking news:

Western Diplomats: Pakistani Intelligence Is Sponsoring Taliban Uprising

But is this anything new? If you’re a victim of mainstream talking points, you probably think Bushco’s friends are doing this behind their back. Think again:

Wall St. Journal reporter Daniel Pearl investigating ISI (CIA ally) connections to 9/11 in Pakistan when he was killed [TIME]

Indian intelligence in conjunction w/ FBI investigation, traced 9/11 funding to ISI (CIA ally) cheif Mahmoud Ahmed [Times of India]

That same ISI chief was meeting w/ Pentagon officials in DC in the days prior to 9/11 and was with Porter Goss on 9/11 [Washington Post]

Senate intelligence committee Chairman Bob Graham said there was a ‘state sponser’ in 9/11 [PBS]

ISI (CIA ally) party to terrorism on US interests [BBC]

‘US ignored its own agency’s reports on ISI (CIA ally) backing Al Qaeda’ [FOX]

Pakistan Spy Service Aiding Bin Laden [BBC]

2 Allies Aided Bin Laden, Say Panel Members [LA Times]

ISI Agent Tells FBI Informant in January 2001, “Those Towers Are Coming Down” [NBC, Others]

You probably think only Arab governments support terrorism. Think again:

Wave of Alleged Chechen Bombings Across Russia in 1999 Proven Conclusively to Have Been the Work of Russian State Intelligence [London Telegraph, Others]

9/11 Hijackers living w/ FBI Informant. [CNN]

London Bombing (trains, buses) Orchestrator was an MI6 agent. [FOX]

Man involved in US embassy bombings and 1993 WTC Bombing which FBI coordinated as a sting-op which they claim ‘went wrong’, was a CIA agent. [Wikipedia]

London bombing (trains, buses) ringleader was an MI5 agent? [BBC radio]

civilian plane bomber was CIA agent? [BBC]

The CIA, MI6 and NATO blew up civilian trains and buses for over 30 years [BBC], blaming communist subversives and they’re still not designated ‘terrorist organizations’ today, like Hizb’allah?

9/11 Hijackers traines at US Military Installations? [Newsweek]

The CIA hired al Qaida ops to fight in Kosovo Liberation Army? (Milosevic on the basis of US government memo) [1, 2]

The Pentagon ordered SOCOM officials to destroy 2.4 terabytes (equivalent to 1/4 info on USLOC) prior to 9/11? [FOX]

Osama Bin Laden not Wanted for 9/11, According to FBI [FBI.GOV]

The launch orders to invade Afghanistan were just coincidentally circulating the White House 2 days prior to 9/11? [NBC]

They’re Laughing at you. It’s about time you find out the horrible truth.

No single organization, nor any entire organizational structure, was complicit in 9/11. Really think about that. At first, it sounds absurd. That is, until you understand more about the historical nature of black operations, including documented false-flag terrorist events.

They are the most influential events in all of history but the mainstream media and public education have dutifully served their corporate, military and political shareholders by not educating you on these issues. You can begin your search for truth with the films below. Take notes. Check facts. The world is in grave danger so long as we remain uninformed but the truth is viral. Become a carrier.

9/11: Press for Truth, 1:24:21

The Underlying Politics of 9/11 (excerpt), 18:34

TerrorStorm, 1:52:45

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