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US Dept of Defense wants autonomous robot army by 2034

-Swarm robots… doing the robot.

Posted: June 26, 2010 in 2010, Videos

The victory dance of our robot overlords

The Nao robots, developed by Aldebaran Robotics,  demonstrate the latest agility in robotics.  The movements start out very simple with just simple arm motion but just wait it gets much more interesting.

Future police: Meet the UK’s armed robot drones

Surveillance Drones To Zap Protesters Into Submission

WIRED’s Danger Room had too much relevant content so far this year for it to make sense trying to repost it all. The code from pasting their headlines went haywire, no time to manually fix, sorry.

Can Algorithms Find the Best Intelligence Analysts?

Pentagon Wants Magnetic Muscle Makers

How To: Smuggle Secret Information with VOIP

‘Don’t Be Evil,’ Meet ‘Spy on Everyone’: How the NSA Deal Could Kill Google

Darpa’s New Plans: Crowdsource Intel, Edit DNA

Paging James Cameron: Pentagon Wants 3-D Surveillance

Air Force Completes Killer Micro-Drone Project