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In my situation I’m forced to mostly plant in containers, even on the roof. To me this is actually ideal, because if SHTF and I have to GTFO my garden is mobile, although it would require an entire box truck trip or more to move it all. Even where I have earth to plant in its dark sand. So the 2 main ingredients of my concern are free containers and (free) rich-soil.


Get a hold of any landscapers you might know, or canvass any that you dont know seeking to recycle their used black plastic planter pots. Landscapers go through thousands of these per year and they often become a burden. You can also try using services such as Craigslist or the local classifieds to search for or request. A little bit of luck and you’ll have more than you can handle. Also, people are planting their annual rounds this time of year which means they have starter trays and smaller pots leftover.


You need to track down some manure, compost. Anyone with lots of horses, cows etc has too much of this, and many if not most of them will gladly give you about as much as you can handle. I dont know about cow manure, but horse manure is scent free after no time. All it is is partially digested grass. Most suff out there thrives in this type of soil.


Once you get these key ingerdeients, along with seeds and you’re almost ready. Next you just need to solve the water issue…

Old news: The military and police have silent high tech long range non-lethal crowd dispersal directed energy weapons. We’re on the verge of being shot with microwave beams on our skin, acoustical waves in our ears, and strobing laser stun rifles in our eyes for peacefully assembling in protest of the machine. And that’s when they already have water cannons, rubber bullets, grenade launcher fired TAZERs, tear gas, and many other nastys. And they have shields. Its simply not fair…


The idea is rather simple, and you can build them at whatever dimensions for one person, or 6’x8′, or make them 4’x8′ with bottom girders to protect your legs.

I don’t have time to create imagery of the shield concept I’ve thought of, nor have I built such a device, but I’ll try to explain the overall concept where you can go from there.

The ideal ingredients are simple: “rigid” lexan greenhouse paneling, sheet lexan / polycarbonate (high grade ‘plexiglass’), and foil laminated foam insulator board.

These components stacked with the foam sandwiched inside should stop even rubber bullets, with the insulating foil blocking the microwave beams. The board comes in thicknesses less than half an inch, up to over 3″ thick. So bolt your layers together and bolt handles made from lumber to them. With 8′ long shields you might want to put two rails across longways for even force distribution. Cut little port windows in the inner foam layer to peek thru with your mirrored sunglasses.

Bonus: If you get enough plexiglass panels from gathering big screen TV’s for their fresnel lenses you can also stack those in similar fashion.

Body Protection:


*Mirrored Sunglasses + Mirrored Goggles.
*Ear plugs + Hardened Ear Muffs.
*Gas Mask.
*Sporting Pads
*Kevlar Motorcycle Gear.

All of that and you might be ready to exercise your 1st Amendment.

UPDATE: TASER Proof Gear: Energy weapon protection clothing.

UPDATE: Lexan face guard.

You can make on of these by cutting the shape of the face guard, drilling / cutting the intended holes , and then finding a form that is about the shape of your face. If you intend to do it in the oven check your cabinets for a suitable pan or pyrex. If you intend to use a heat gun or blow drier you will have more options for your mold. The idea is that the guard will rest over the mold and slowly droop into (or onto) form. The slower the better. Heat it too much and it will bubble. Y0u can use acrylic, but it’s a disaster to try and cut without it shattering, and is less protective.

UPDATE: Non-Lethal vs. Non-Lethal: Build you own LED ‘vomit beam’ gun.

After learning about an experimental weapon that can make people feel seasick, Limor Fried and Phil Torrone decided to build their own. They did it for less than $250, and wrote step-by-step instructions so that anyone can make one at home. It can create a nauseating lightshow with 36 pulsating LEDs. Visit their site for info, video, designs, and source code.

Standing Your Ground Against Police.
What to do when the FBI knocks on your door.
Police & Military Crowd Control Manuals.

There exists a serious profit potential in gardening. Short term would mostly be key “annual” fruit / vegetables, and long term would be key fruiting perennials.

After studying the contents of all the produce stands and grocery stores all around, I eventually picked up on certain pricey items. In my area they came in the form of Heirloom Tomatos, and Kiwi Horned Melons.

I’ve locally found 5 different types of heirloom tomatos so far. Their prices have ranged from $2.39 per tomato (thats EACH) to $4.99 per pound. Each tomato plant produces loads of fruits. Think about that. And what if you produced tons of other types of heirloom vegetable? So far I’ve only found tomatos and some fancy “fingerling” potatos as heirloom at the local grocery’s.

The next hot item is the “Kiwi Horned Melon”. I’ve only found them at one store, for $5.99 each. They’re about the size of a pear, although not shaped liked one. It turns out that these are profilic growing vine plants, that ‘take over’ and produce up to 100 melons each. You get roughly 400 seeds out of one melon (too hard to count them all). Try planting 60. Bonus: They “keep” for roughly 6 months at 50 degrees F.

This brings us to long term perennials. The way it works with any shrub or tree for that matter is the longer its alive the more valuable it becomes. This rule also applies to ‘worthless’ ornamental ‘waste’. My advice is only spend time in this regard on things that will also produce food one day. Any good fruiting shrub or tree over a year old is worth an easy $20.

Imagine 2 years after planting 1,000 exotic fruiting shrubs. Also imagine if SHTF in the coming months and you had masses of all of the above.

Of course you’ll need an inexpensive way to water them…

In contemplating Survivalist / GTFO / Going Off the Grid scenarios, an expansive garden is key. And in terms of health, berries of various types provide some of the most nutritional content out there.

Vitamins, blah, etc, and even cancer fighting anti-oxidants. Some even have defensive purposes from property perimeter barricading to bird flu pandemics. So attempting to get as many different types of berries as possible is recommended, but below a few in my interest are highlighted. Be sure to keep some in pots in case you have to move or GTFO, and plant right away because basically all of them are perennials that you have to wait a great deal of time to actually get product from.


These little marvels come from the Himalayan Mountains. You could almost live off eating nothing but these. They contain 8 different antioxidants, 6 of which are world exclusive to this berry only. When they’re old enough they produce almost all year round, given the proper climate, and the berries can be dried for eating during the off months.

The dried weight of the berries is 12% protein, amongst other things:
11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals.
18 amino acids.
6 essential vitamins.
8 polysaccharides and 6 monosaccharides.
5 unsaturated fatty acids, including the essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid.
beta-sitosterol and other phytosterols.
5 carotenoids, including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin (below), lutein, lycopene and cryptoxanthin, a xanthophyll.
numerous phenolic pigments (phenols) associated with antioxidant properties.

They’re drought, heat and frost tolerant perennials. Seeds here.


These are also good for you. But my interest in in their use is as defensive perimeter barriers. As shown above, these grow into nasty ‘brier patches’. Try to run through that. I dare you. So while the outside world is held back by nasty thorns, you’ll have plentiful fruit to eat and do other things with.

My advice is to determine the places you might GTFO to, and go right away and plant hundreds of seeds around the property line and even outwards.You can harvest the seeds from store bought berries, but its a pain to get them out. The best way is to mash them up, add some water, and leave them in the sun in a see-thru tupperware type container until the goopy fiber decomposes from the hard seeds.


As far as I’m aware, this is about the best thing you can grow / create yourself to have a line of defense against something like a Bird Flu Pandemic. There are some other (even everyday) herbs that could help, and I’ll cover later, but this is the big dog.

From what I’ve read, the extract ‘tincture’ form is the most effective. A recipe I read involved taking the dried berries, and basically soaking them in vodka for a week or 2. Then strain off the berries, and hope and pray that you never have to drink it in the event you think you’ve contracted a deadly flu.

Be sure to get the North American version seeds, not just because they’re native, but because they have the best climate zone survivability out of the ones I’ve read about.


Most berries, and many other things, contain cancer defense. But these berries provide cancer OFFENSE. Talk about barter value.

The only catch for most of us is that you either have to live in the true south of Florida, or you’ll need a greenhouse to grow them in. As far as palm trees go, they’re apparently prolific growers.

If it isn’t too cold where you live, I read one case where the greenhouse grower used blue plastic drums full of water to capture solar heat during the day to warm the trees with radiant heat at night. You can also employ small pot fires to help warm the air.

If you gather enough big screen tv’s you might end up with enough pieces of plexiglass to build a greenhouse for any tropical exotics on your list.

“Practice Makes Perfect” is literal science. With ammo scarcity, rising ammo costs, and shrinking budgets, now is not the time to not be able to perform shooting practice. Gun video games are the key.

Actual arcade machine gun games provide the best quality guns and at least one key game.One of the best gun games for our purposes, which was also only released in arcade machine form, is “Police Trainer”.  This training simulator has to win hands down in both accuracy and judgment. But it doesn’t give the same degree of exorcise as the more traditional ‘action’ type games.

The action type games are more sloppy for realistic training purposes, but they provide actual exorcise to compensate for lack of gun kick. And while it is possible to realistically expect to beat certain easier levels using both guns in Police Trainer, it’s far more practical with the other list of action games.

But the problem with actual arcade games is cost. It boils down to being worth some quarters to play some gun games when one is available, considering that the average round of ammunition costs roughly $.25, but to own these games is another story. Plus, all of these games are more expensive to play dual gun style for several reasons.

So the next best bet for the average person is to invest in older gun games for ‘platform’ TV systems. Running PC emulators is an option, but it requires special equipment and certain software know-how. This overall method is obviously best when you own an actual PS2 or PS3 for example. With backwards compatibility you can buy the gun games for the older systems to cheaply expand your ‘shooting range’ ‘drills’. And dual gun capability only requires a one time down payment that is valid across probably most gun games out there.

I actually don’t normally advocate wasting away in mindless gaming escapism, and as a former gaming addict of many many years I’m poised to lash out all I want. But the idea here is that these games arent necessarily mindlessness. There are other game types that also provide some actual usefulness in NWO Survival, but they’re far more demanding in time commitments to gain their usefulness. With gun games you get actual shooting practice, and can keep it simple with roughly 20 minutes per day of ‘training’.

Other game styles of use would be “Real Time Strategy” and “First Person Shooters”, but these games devour precious time in comparison. Just learning how to actual use these game engines to their fullest to then be able to truly internalize the beneficial aspects of the time allocation is a major hurdle here. It’s really best to already have a former history with these genres to then move on into preparing for the Great Aggression in the real world. But I understand not everyone is going to be ready to give up video games just yet. So I hope to encourage people to at least put that energy and time into games that may also provide some real life benefits.