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Ignorance Is Futile Exclusive:

Nanotechnology poses inherent threats greater than anything we’ve ever faced. This heavily modified Hollywood film shows what such a takeover by tyrants via nanobots could look like.

Currently billions of dollars per year are dumped into nano research by governments and corporations worldwide.

Nanobots that can penetrate past the blood-brain barrier to attach to neurons for mind control are like nothing we’ve ever faced. These could be released into the drinking water supply or administered via vaccine shots.

Even Ray Kurzweil realizes this threat. From a repost from his site:

Another class of terrorist-selective defenses could be keyed to the intentions, rather than to the actions, of potential actors. Future medical nanotechnology should enable intrusive involuntary brain scans of sufficient fidelity to accurately measure and report internal psychological states and motives. But here too there are several difficulties. First, all human beings on Earth would have to be continuously monitored for “terrorist” intentions. This monitoring duty would probably fall to some government (or related institutional) entity, and a corrupt government entity could not be prevented from scanning for “freedom fighter” intentions as well. Such scanning would elevate Brin’s “transparent society” to a new level to intrusiveness—we might call it the “transparent mind”—which would be even more anathematic to civil libertarians and would offer even greater potential for abuse. Second, the amount of data to be processed might be so enormous as to require the intervention of an AI (as in the previous example) to sort it all out, whether the AI was a stand-alone system or embedded in a human/machine hybrid system. Third, it is but a small step from passively monitoring brain states to actively controlling those brain states using nanotechnology-based neural nanorobotics, which would enable the push-button disposal of critics by tyrants. Thus, the freedom fighters would again be disabled along with the terrorists.

It appears quite likely, though perhaps not inevitable, that eventually, somewhere in the world, a tyrant will emerge who is equipped with some of the most sophisticated nanotechnological instrumentalities available. This tyrant would likely employ these advanced technical means to eliminate within his own borders any possibility of freedom fighting or terrorism, both of which he might rationally presume could be directed at him or his vassals. Other technically sophisticated societies might or might not have the will or the means to oppose this tyrant, and still other societies might decide to emulate or join him; therefore, his emergence and ascendancy cannot be ruled out.

Recognizing that global tyranny is a logical end-state of the unchecked spread of nanotechnology-enabled dictatorships that are capable of employing perfect mind  control, those who subscribe to the policy doctrine of preemption might rationally conclude that it is necessary to actively liberate other societies that have already decided to capitulate (“entrust their future”?) to a nanotechnology-enabled autocrat. But might not budding tyrants rationally conclude that any developed nation population that treasures individual freedom above most other moral values should be exterminated preemptively in order to eliminate the most obvious threat to their global ambitions? Consider that humanity may have survived the Cold War because at key moments of crisis, both sides opted for survival over domination. In future conflicts, if either side is significantly less dedicated to survival than to domination, then, like a terrorist, that side will not be deterred from seeking domination at all costs.

Could mere discussion of these issues create a self-fulfilling prophecy? It is true that if potential future tyrants come to believe that people in general are unlikely to have the desire or will to resist them, or that people will be so effectively disarmed of personal weaponry by their well-meaning but overprotective governments that individual armed resistance would become futile, then deterrence of nanotechnology-enabled tyrannies is minimized and the emergence of those regimes may be accelerated. But this should affect only the timing, and not the ultimate fact, of such emergence. If the technology allows it—and it does—then eventually some tyrant will seek to close his iron fist around the throat of humankind. We need to decide what, if anything, we ought to do about this.

His “solution” is for us to deliberately inject ourselves with “defensive” nanobots, which only creates entire new sets of problems.

Of course, there will be great concern regarding who’s controlling the nanobots, and over who the nanobots may be talking to. Organizations such as governments or extremist groups or just clever individuals could put trillions of undetectable nanobots in the water or food supply. These “spy” nanobots could then monitor, influence, and even control our thoughts and actions. We won’t be defenseless, however. Just as we have virus scanning software today, we will make use of patrol nanobots that search for (and destroy) unauthorized nanobots in our brains and bodies.

Congress has acknowledged this issue:

Every exponential curve eventually reaches a point where the growth rate becomes almost infinite. This point is often called the Singularity. If technology continues to advance at exponential rates, what happens after 2020? Technology is likely to continue, but at this stage some observers forecast a period at which scientific advances aggressively assume their own momentum and accelerate at unprecedented levels, enabling products that today seem like science fiction. Beyond the Singularity, human society is incomparably different from what it is today. Several assumptions seem to drive predictions of a Singularity. The first is that continued material demands and competitive pressures will continue to drive technology forward. Second, at some point artificial intelligence advances to a point where computers enhance and accelerate scientific discovery and technological change. In other words, intelligent machines start to produce discoveries that are too complex for humans. Finally, there is an assumption that solutions to most of today’s problems including material scarcity, human health, and environmental degradation can be solved by technology, if not by us, then by the computers we eventually develop.


The NNI is clearly geared toward developing the technology on a broad front, correctly seeing it as the source of tremendous benefits to society. Its mission is not to see whether we should go forward with research and development. It is to go forth boldly, while trying to discover and deal with possible risks.

Another governmental document, “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance” sheds more light on this:

But it is important to note that there is a melding of human and S&E development here: human development, from individual medical and intellectual development to collective cultures and globalization, is a key goal.
…Four transforming tools have emerged: nanotechnology for hardware, biotechnology for dealing with living systems, information technology for communication and control, and cognition-based technologies to enhance human abilities and collective behavior.
…Far from unnatural, such a collective social system may be compared to a larger form of a biological organism. Biological organisms themselves make use of many structures such as bones and circulatory system. The networked society enabled through NBIC convergence could explore new pathways in societal structures, in an increasingly complex system (Bar-Yam 1997).”

Here’s the real wowzer:

Hive Mind
If we can easily exchange large chunks of knowledge and are connected by high-bandwidth communication paths, the function an d purpose served by individuals becomes unclear. Individuals have served to keep the gene pool stirred up and healthy via s exual reproduction, but this data-handling process would no longer necessarily be linked to individuals. With knowledge no longer encapsulated in individuals, the distinction between individuals and the entirety of humanity would blur. Think Vulcan mind-meld. We would perhaps become more of a hive mind —an enormous, single, intelligent entity.

Yes, that’s from an actual government document.

This is also interesting:

Doug Dorst, a microbiologist and vaccine critic in South Wales, says these advances have an immense appeal to vaccine makers. “Biotech companies and their researchers have quickly moved most funding initiatives towards nanotechnology to increase the potency of their vaccines,” he said. If microorganisms inside of vaccines can be coaxed into targeting or invading specific cells, they could achieve their goal at an accelerated rate over conventional vaccines. “Depending on which side of the vaccine debate you’re on, whether pro or con, nanobots inside vaccine preparations could advance their effectiveness exponentially by either dramatically improving or destroying immunity depending on their design,” he added.Dorst claims that present day nanobot technology could just as easily be used to advance biological weapons as they can to advance human health. “For every fear that biotech propaganda proliferates about deadly diseases and how vaccines prevent them, it is one more lie to incrementally convince the masses that vaccines are effective.”

The worry for Dorst is that one day vaccines “will do what they’ve always been intended for…control of the global populace.”

Here goes some various nanotech advances:

New sensors built using nanotechnology could read and write information directly into the brain.

A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor
A tiny radio chip implanted in a moth harvests power and senses neural activity.If the promise of nanotechnology is to be fulfilled, nanoparticles will have to be able to make something of themselves. An important advance towards this goal has been achieved by researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) who have found a simple and yet powerfully robust way to induce nanoparticles to assemble themselves into complex arrays.

Brain implants that can more clearly record signals from surrounding neurons in rats have been created at the University of Michigan.

Team develops DNA switch to interface living organisms with computers.

Enzyme computer could live inside you.

DNA-wrapped carbon nanotubes serve as sensors in living cells.

There’s also the health threats of  nanoparticles themselves:

And on that note here goes a cool video made by my friends over at Transalchemy:

Ignorance Is Futile:

The very notion of being able to transform ones self into something like a cyborg inherently appeals to concepts of individual liberty. Misguided transhumanists typically attempt to utilize Libertarian philosophy to justify their goals, but in actuality they instead engage in rationalization with false notions of liberty.

Libertarian philosophy is arguably the height of understanding of freedom and liberty. Naturally, most transhumanists openly embrace Libertarianism and typically use its concepts as the argument for their ambitions to become living gods. It would seem to make sense, on the surface.

If you want to augment yourself into a ‘something better’ than ordinary humans, shouldn’t that be ones right? Not if you truly understand the core of libertarian philosophy. The primary principle is that you can do what you want with yourself or your own property… just so long as it doesn’t harm other persons or their property.

That’s libertarianism in a nutshell. The problem with transhumanists, in a nutshell, is that it seems inherent that either they haven’t thought their ambitions all the way through, or they simply don’t care what happens to others as a result of their agenda. For celebrities such as Ray Kurzweil (who attempt to champion Libertarianism), they know full well the implications.

Kurzweil, and many others such as Kevin Warwick (the “first human cyborg”) openly admit that when their goals of AGI come become reality, the only option will be to merge with the technology both to have any chance of participating with the new society and as the only insurance to not be eventually terminated by the machine. (Why would it kill you if you were part of it?)

Few prominent transhumanists openly lament the idea of Strong AI (AGI), as its the ultimate mechanism to kickstart the NBIC utopia. The only example I can think of is I saw Max Moore talk about it being bad if machine AGI a hard take-off and reduced humans to the significance of ants. But you can bet Moore will be one of the first in line to get the brain implants and the rest involved in the merging with the machine.

It’s a matter of join us, change yourself, or face elimination in one shape or another. The new society wouldn’t even have to kill you outright. When the new society of transhumans (and eventually posthumans) are both physically and mentally superior than the mere humans, one would have little chance in competing with these superhumans economically or academically. If we’re given no choice other than to assimilate or live in poverty, then it should be obvious that that harm is being done to people and even their property when they can no longer afford a home they might have gotten a loan for several years ago before the Great Unleveling event.

This new frontier of “freedom” is hardly anything new in human history. It’s akin to imperialism, and is deeply Social Darwinistic. Years ago I wrote a lengthy piece on the freedom we hear politicians and other talking heads discuss on TV. Like on 9/11, when Bush said “Freedom itself was attacked”, in reference to the “freedom” to dominate the world and occupy the Middle East (which its proven to be what motivates suicide terrorism). Naturally, elitists love ‘freedom’. The more ‘freedom’ the better, and what better way to maximize your own ‘freedom’ than to interfere with and soak up the prosperity of others.

The perversion of freedom is the freedom to do what you want, despite the consequences that might occur to others freedoms. This is in gross conflict with libertarian philosophy. Don’t believe me, take it from Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Libertarian Party presidential candidate, who repeats this concept over and over in his “Constitution Class”.

Before we shift gears, another key facet of transhumanism is radical life extension. It might be worthwhile in this narrative to mention the fact that the world cannot handle billions of humans getting indefinite lifespans, whom will bear children who will then have indefinite lifespans, ad infinitum. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a staunch critic of Malthusian philosophy, but the earth inherently must have a limit to its actual carrying capacity. Whatever that might be, which is always under-exaggerated by the sorts of elitist / Social Darwinist types who trumpet Malthusian theory, human population would in this case explode beyond belief if there were open access to life extension.

Therefore, by extension, this facet of transhumanism promises to harm potential future generations of the human experience as the smartest immediate solution to a true population crisis would be to drastically limit population growth (Zero Population Growth). It’s no wonder we see all the hysteria propagated by the Big 5 Media about overpopulation and the environment. Looking back, this isn’t about humanity. It’s about transhumanity, which doesn’t much appear to care about current humans, therefore why would it care about future humans?

Moving on, another staunch element of libertarianism is the idea of small government. Libertarians generally prefer the smallest government possible, often with its role being reduced as much as possible other than just enough to enforce the Rule of Law (which would be mostly concerned with keeping people from hurting others). Kurzweil and friends, such as Ben Goertzal, are strong advocates of government coordinated initiatives bent on rapid technological progress in pursuit of their efforts. So in truth, they want maximum government, not limited government.

Then we have the Privacy Crisis. Libertarians consider privacy a basic right (i.e. the freedom of privacy). Trannys scoff at privacy. Many even argue that we should all have our personal DNA code openly available on the Internet, searchable on Google, with little software applets that allow people to pull up others DNA and search through it for unfavorable characteristics (that may be based on pseudoscience). In general, in the Utopian vision of future earth would have billions upon billions of ‘ubiquitous’ computers (i.e. smart dust) blanketed all over the earth monitoring every aspect of earths resources and humans private lives, by Strong AI computers and anyone whose minds are plugged into the system, forever. This transhumanist ideal of ‘heaven on earth’ is akin to a libertarians ‘hell on earth’.

Libertarians are about the staunchest critics of taxes you could ever hope to find. You couldn’t hope to find a libertarian type who wasn’t opposed to taxes. Wealth (income) represents property, and taxes means having your property taken away from you and potentially being put towards things you don’t wish to take part in. For instance, as a libertarian minded person, they are currently taxing me and using the money for transhumanist related projects that I don’t agree with. They’re stealing peoples property in pursuit of everything this commentary is against. The contradiction between libertarianism and transhumanism drips from this paragraph. It’s sloppy wet, as in promoting the idea of the government stepping in to advance technological progress (which apparently isn’t good enough as it is), you’re also promoting the idea of the government stealing property in order to do it.

Pursue your own selfish desires if you want, as I am in writing this piece. But don’t think about harming myself or my property, as all I’ve stolen from you is your time. Though I personally consider time as more valuable than Federal Reserve Notes, you’ve had the choice of whether or not to read this far. Isn’t libertarianism grand? It would if we had enough of it in this system. We’d all be more wealthy for one thing, but if you had transhumanism we all wouldn’t be which means many of us would be less free to do the things we want while having less property. Never mind the “third world” (the vast majority of Earth’s population). Since most of us wouldn’t even be able to afford the higher degrees of transhumanism as it is, this wouldn’t harm them would it?

Ignorance Is Futile Exclusive:

I was just doing a casual view of the governor candidates for here in Florida, clicked on Michael E. Arth’s Wikipedia page, and to my own amazement I happened across this:

UNICE is an acronym for Universal Network of Intelligent Conscious Entities, a term coined by artist and futurist Michael E. Arth in the 1990s to describe a new form of intelligent life that he and many others theorize will soon emerge on Earth from a hive-like interaction of computers, humans, and future forms of the Internet. Arth believes that a local form of UNICE will envelope Earth and then, unbounded by biological substrate, will propagate outward into the wider universe. If there is an existing, self-aware Cosmic Internet beyond this planet, our local UNICE could eventually join up with and merge with the greater UNICE. The acronym EUNICE is sometimes used to differentiate Earth’s Universal Network of Intelligent Conscious Entities from a truly universal UNICE.

Thus, the term UNICE refers to what will probably happen on Earth and what will or perhaps has already happened throughout the universe or multiverse. UNICE is what will result from accelerating technological change that appears to be leading to a computational or technological singularity. The term Singularity, usually capitalized to differentiate it from a black hole or mathematical singularity, has been described by Ray Kurzweil as “technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history”. Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns, a description and prediction about this accelerating pace of technological change, is a further elaboration of Moore’s law.…

He wrote that, and more. To no surprise, I didn’t notice “UNICE” mentioned over at his campaign site.

Looking through his art section over at his personal website, I couldn’t help but notice this image:

That sure does seem to echo the official image of classical Eugenics:

If you’re not familiar with Eugenics, it should be well worth your time to read up on this largely unknown history. Eugenics is the forebear of modern day Transhumanism, which is in effect what Michael E. Arth is calling for in his UNICE website. This video by TransAlchemy is a great example of this area of discussion:

Another noteworthy piece of art from E. Arth’s site is this:

The unfinished pyramid is an ancient occult / masonic symbolism. I first started pointing out the parallels between occultism and transhumanism back in early 2005, and used the unfinished pyramid as a key example. Here are some quotes I gathered for this back in early 2006:

“This – the evolution of man into superman – was always the purpose of the ancient Mysteries, and the real purpose of modern Masonry is not the social and charitable purposes to which so much attention is paid, but the expediting of the spiritual evolution of those who aspire to perfect their own nature and transform it into a more god-like quality. And this is a definite science, a royal art, which it is possible for each of us to put into practice; whilst to join the Craft for any other purpose than to study and pursue this science is to misunderstand its meaning.” -WL Wilmhurst, The Meaning of Masonry, page47

“The triangle also represents the capstone of the unfinished pyramid and reminds the Mason of the immortality of the soul and that in eternity he will complete the capstone of his earthly labors according to the designs on the trestle-board of the Supreme Architect of the Universe. The unfinished pyramid cannot fail to remind him of the unfinished condition of the Temple when tragedy struck down its Masters architect.” -James Davis Carter, Masonry in US History – Background, History and Influence to 1846, The Committee on Masonic Education and Service for the Grand Lodge of Texas A.F.and A. M., Waco, 1955, Ch. 4.

Here’s another off the web:

The unfinished Pyramid can be regarded as a symbol of our unfinished evolution.,19497.15.html

Of course this is the image on the back of our money:

What originally got me thinking of all this back in those days was the symbolism I noticed in a massive 482 page policy document put out by the Department of Commerce and the National Science Foundation, titled “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance“. This document was product of a (George W. Bush) White House sponsored conference that involved virtually every department of government & military, that even had Newt Gingrich as the main event keynote speaker.

And some more unfinished pyramid quotes:

“The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body [a secret body existing in Europe] – unseen and for the most part unknown – and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestle board setting forth the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception.” – Manley P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

“It is likely that it was, in fact, inspired by the Masons. And Benjamin Franklin, who spearheaded the design of the Great Seal, was a Mason. So Roosevelt, who lifted the Great Seal’s image from obscurity when he placed it on the back of the $1 bill in 1935.”…

“The unfinished pyramid is generally taken as refering to the country as a work-in-progress, overseen by God.”…

“The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body – unseen and for the most part unknown – and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestleboard setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception.”…

“On the reverse of our nation’s Great Seal is an unfinished pyramid to represent human society itself, imperfect and incomplete. Above floats the symbol of the esoteric orders, the radiant triangle with its all-seeing eye. … There is only one possible origin for these symbols, and that is the secret societies which came to this country 150 years before the Revolutionary War. … There can be no question that the great seal was directly inspired by these orders of the human Quest, and that it set forth the purpose for this nation. …” — Manly P. Hall 33rd Degree, The Secret Destiny of America, pp. 175 and 181.

Many New Age followers refer to the union of Earth and nature as Gaia. Further, many speak of the Gaiamind, the Earth mind collective oneness, a sort of one world religion collective Earth consciousness. And then we have MICHAEL E. ARTH, calling for just that via technology.

*Obama’s NBIC (nano-bio-info-cogno convergence) Agenda.

This short video quote is a choice example of the technocrat ideology of the elite that seeks to become living gods with brain augmentations and life extension technologies:

This is a clip from the documentary Technocalypse. He’s referencing the transhumanist agenda to become living gods via technology.

This particular individual is Robert Seed, of human cloning noteriety. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to hear the likes of David Rockefeller saying the same thing. This clip proves that humans are no more enlightened than ever as transhumanists often claim how technology is going to end our problems. Instead, it more promises to amplify them.

I’ve argued in the past that this precise issue has been a major driving force in the escalating plundering the earth and the US in recent years, to prevent the masses from also becoming “gods”.


Here’s a similar clip I’ve found, where this transhumanist tries to argue that its good for the human species to splinter off into subspecies tribes, and then destroy each other.: