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Ignorance Is Futile:

Direct link between historical Eugenicists and modern Techno-Plutocrats established.

The “Techonomy” conference is happening (right now) August 4-6, in Lake Tahoe, California. Organized by Fortune magazine veterans David Kirkpatrick, Peter Petre and Brent Schlender, the conference is set to showcase the future economy envisioned by the ruling technocrats .

NASA’s “Planetary Skin” global monitoring system this is in part designed to build in effect a “resource economy” should be quite relevant here:

The promotional site features a list of infamous people of yesteryear, and modern day ‘heroes’, that if there weren’t an actual conference to go it it it’d be hard to believe. Many people rightfully associate transhumanist technocrats of today, with the eugenicists of generations ago.This is the first open embracement of the infamous eugencists by the Technological Establishment I’ve ever seen.

Some of the historical names from the list (quotes in red)[modern ‘techonomists’ follow below]:

Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) – the British scholar was the first true demographer, who studied population growth and the effects of famine and disease
Forced population control chieftain.

Karl Marx (1818-1883) – originator of Marxist and Communist economic theories
Needs no introduction.

Thomas Watson (1874-1956) – early president of IBM
Central figure in the IBM & the Holocaust forgotten history. Nazi business partner.
IBM built the machines Hitler used to conduct the census, central in hunting down all of the Jews. Right up until the end of the war, IBM continued to build the punch card machines used to run the concentration camps. Back in those days, there were mechanical engineers in place of todays software engineers. Each machine with a different calculation or tabulation purpose had to be specifically engineered. IBM did this right until months before the Nazi’s were defeated. After the war, IBM was allowed to go in and collect the debt owed to them by Germany.

Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) – an early advocate of methods of contraception and founder of what eventually became Planned Parenthood
Top eugenics activist and propagandist.

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) – British economist whose theories about fiscal and monetary practice have influenced government intervention in the capitalist marketplace to mitigate the adverse effects of business cycles
Economist who instituted price fixing on goods, for example. He was a eugenicist.

Stephen D. Bechtel (1900-1989) – the son of the founder of the engineering and construction company that bears his name, the younger Bechtel built many of the man-made wonders of the world including Hoover Dam, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and the English Channel Tunnel
They don’t mention what Bechtel is really known for: War profiteering.

Walt Disney (1901-1966)– animation pioneer, entertainment entrepreneur
Sure, everyone loves Disney World.
But do you know what EPCOT stands for? It was Walt’s grand vision, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
Walt Disney stated that no one in EPCOT would own their land. There would be no difference between an apartment and a home. There would be no retirees—everyone would have been required to have a job. In the late 1970s, Disney CEO Card Walker wanted to revisit the EPCOT idea. But the board was still wary and all agreed that Walt’s EPCOT would not work in its initial incarnation; they thought that no one would want to live under a microscope and be watched constantly. The result of the compromise was the EPCOT Center theme park (now Epcot), which opened in 1982.

J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) – director of the Manhattan Project that developed the first atomic bomb
Sure, the age would come, and there was the war, but regardless he’s shining example of the types of scientists who will push on no matter the consequences, as in he himself said that the technical challenge is what motivated him.
Today under the AGI Manhattan Project, mad scientists are at it again risking all human life in pursuit of solving what they refer to as “problems” (i.e. lack of beyond-human level artificial intelligence, and so on). Other Manhattan Project v1.0 attendees are on the list. He advocated a Technocratic government, essentially run by a scientific elite. He was a de facto communist.

Linus Pauling (1901-1994) – father of modern molecular biology
Top eugenicist.

Ray Kroc (1902-1984) – using assembly line discipline, the entrepreneur who parlayed a small drive-in restaurant franchise into McDonald’s Corp., the largest and most successful fast-food operation in the world
Clown food, marketed to kids specifically.

Gregory Pincus (1903-1967) – American biologist who invented the oral contraceptive pill
Top eugenicist.

Rachel Carson (1907-1964) – biologist and writer who helped pioneer environmentalism
Controversial character, whose alarmist 1962 book, Silent Spring, lead to the worldwide banning of DDT. DDT has proven to be harmful, but many cite the million people who die per year from malaria as evidence of a population control scheme. There are merits to the arguments, but it is a highly debatable issue.

Walter Reuther (1907-1970) – the self-proclaimed socialist transformed the United Auto Workers labor union into a national political force in the mid-20th century
The concept of labor unions: good. The way I’ve seen them in practice, both in Michigan and in Florida: really bad.

Werner von Braun (1912-1977) – German rocket architect and space physicist, during World War II he was chief designer of Germany’s V-2 missile, and later the Saturn V booster rocket for the Apollo moon missions
Nazi war scientist who used slave laborers to build his weapons of war.

Francis Crick (1916-2004) – British biologist who along with James Watson discovered the structure of DNA

Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) – a British science fiction writer who was trained as a radar technician and was the first to propose using satellites to relay telecommunications around the world
And who promoted the idea of communications satellites leading to a global “United Nations of the World” government.

Sam Walton (1918-1992) – Founder of Wal-Mart

Robert Swanson (1947-1999) – co-Founder of Genentech and former venture capitalist
He is regarded as an instrumental figure in launching the biotechnology revolution.

Present Techonomists

NOTE: You might not know how to out many of these names and institutions without being familiar with my AGI Manhattan Project thesis.

Paul Allen – Microsoft co-founder
Bill Gates – co-founder of Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Warren Buffett – chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, primary contributor to the Gates Foundation
Melinda Gates – co-chair of the Gates Foundation

Microsoft is deeply integrated in the AGI Manhattan Project. Bill Gates is dumping virtually all of his billions into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and so is Warren Buffet (the wealthiest man in the world). If you think it’s all in good cause, you might reconsider.

Andreas Bechtolsheim – electrical engineer and computer and networking equipment designer, co-founder of Sun and primary angel investor to Google

Sir Tim Berners-Lee – Inventor of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) that transformed the Internet from a communications tool mainly for scientists into a conduit for multimedia expression
While Tim did the world a favor in inventing HTML, his agenda in modern times to to turn the web “semantic“, which will inherently help accelerate strong AI.

Bono – musician and social activist
Regardless of what you might think of U2’s music, Bono is deep in bed with the worlds elitist plutocrats.

Stewart Brand – biologist, ecologist, author of Whole Earth Discipline
Embraces genetic engineering in the fight against Global Warming. Involved in transhumanist circles, deeply connected to the Technological Establishment. follower of Malthusian population apocalypse ideas, and ‘non-racist eugenics’.

Sir Richard Branson – Virgin empire impresario — Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile
Major supporter of Al Gore’s version of of extremist global warming alarmism, along with James Lovelock’s insinuations that by ‘2040, the world population of more than six billion will have been culled by floods, drought and famine.’ What’s dangerous about these ideas is that the only real way to stop these scenarios would be to institute massive population reduction not for off from the numbers in those warnings.

Jim Breyer – managing partner of Accel Partners
Deep ties with numerous AGI Manhattan Project institutions including Stanford, HP, Apple and more.

John Chambers – Cisco CEO
Cisco is highly integrated into the AGI Manhattan Project.

George Church – Harvard biotech prof
Big league scientist in the biotechnology / Life Extension arm of the AGI Manhattan Project.

John Doerr – managing partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Intelligence Establishment crony. KPCB is a primary funding house for high tech firms such as Google, as well as companies poised to reap profits from global warming alarmism.

Larry Ellison – founder and CEO of Oracle
Oracle got it’s name from a CIA database project Ellison worked on early in his career, and today Oracle is a major player in the AGI Manhattan Project. He’s gone on to become of the filthiest wealthy men on earth, and the word filthiest is used as he’s the poster-child of the plutocracy. He’s at the forefront of the Life Extension movement, funding on the order of $100 million per year in the quest for the elite to live indefinite lifespans. He’s also real close with Larry Summers, a key architect in the economic collapse. His favorite quote tells the whole story:

Andy Grove – legendary Intel CEO
Intel is key in the Singularity Movement / AGI Manhattan project.

Steve Jobs – co-founder and CEO of Apple and former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios

Bill Joy – senior partner at KPCB focusing exclusively on greentech startup companies, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, and creator of the “Berkeley UNIX” operating system.
Became famous outside of the IT world for publishing a paper titled “Why the future doesn’t need us“, arguing of the threats of looming radical technologies, and for retiring from Sun at about the same time. He then got hooked up with the elite, joined Kleiner Perkins, and funds some of the very technologies he warned about.

Ray Kurzweil – artificial intelligence maven
The effective messiah and top level propagandist of the Singularity Movement. He deep into the political, corporate, military and governmental collaborator in the AGI Manhattan Project.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin – founders of Google
Eric Schmidt – CEO of Google, former CEO of Novell Systems, former chief technology officer at Sun Microsystems, Xerox PARC alum

Google is top-level deepest-integration possible in the AGI Manhattan Project. Virtually every service they provide is geared to have the users develop strong AI (AGI) via everyday use.

George Soros – global financier, author
This man should need no introduction.

Ted Turner – philanthropist and former television and media impresario

Craig Venter – founder of Celera Genomics, The Institute for Genomic Research, and the J.Craig Venter Institute, which is now creating synthetic biological organisms for use in research and industry
Synthetic biologist. Once when ask what he felt about playing god he said: “We’re not playing… We’re not playing”. He also advocates that every persons DNA should be searchable by anyone on Google.

Kevin Czinger – the former Goldman Sachs investment banker is CEO of Coda Automotive, California designer of electric vehicles that are manufactured in China

Anne Wojcicki – the Stanford-educated geneticist is the founder of 23andMe, which develops tests to identify gene markers for susceptibility to particular diseases
The wife of Google co-founder Sergei Brin, she runs 23andMe, an open DNA based social networking site that has a history of targeting youth events, obvious deliberate indoctrination.

Mark Zuckerberg – founder and mastermind of Facebook, the leading Internet social network platform
Facebook is the greatest tool out there of conditioning people to want to have no privacy. You all probably know the details by now.

So there you have the highlights from their list. The funny thing is they have the likes of Thomas Jefferson listed. As one friend pointed out, if he were alive he’d be setting up ambushes (that’s not to advocate such, but it’s funny no less). This is one of the more complete lists of enemies of humanity out there. If only Hitler, Mao, Lenin and Stalin (and some of their modern contemporaries) were on the list it would be near complete.

The majority of these people don’t care about you. They’re adherents to elitist social darwinist theory, and part of the social group of plutocrat eugenicists that express disdain for the masses while embracing being able to extend their own lives.

Ignorance Is Futile Exclusive:

I’ve yet to see the question asked: with increasing computer power and quality of techniques why aren’t ‘we’ getting better at sustainable economics? Where is our age of prosperity? Increased computational power shouldn’t mean decreased prosperity for all… unless it’s being used to deliberately plunder the masses.

When we look at all the figures, from where the debt economy has been going for years, to the way the specific meltdown occurred and was carried out, to what’s looming on the horizon, how isn’t this deliberate?

This trend has been accelerating almost directly in line with accelerating technological change and the ever increasing collective power of the computers of those at the commanding heights.

Not even boosts in personal productivity from cell phones has managed to allow the populace to try and keep pace with the growing plutocrat oligarchs:

This is simple, and complex.

Simple Answer:
The economic war has been underway for many years, but until more recently it was a slow crawling menace. Until the mid-2000’s it was more of a scheme to cheat the masses, to keep us undermined yet just happy enough to not really notice the gradual decline. However, over the past few decades it has increased at an alarming rate, incidentally in line with computational increase. Until about 5 years ago it was mostly a plundering of the nation, and right about when that was finished, and when we were all unwittingly at our weakest ever, and when the technology was in place to pull it off, and with a new level of motivation never seen before, the plutocrats went for the jugular of the masses directly and then furthered their cause by instituting TARP “bailouts”.

This came as a one-two punch:
(1) They triggered the sea of debt into a tsunami by imploding the Property Price Index (engineered housing bubble), which directly plundered the ‘wealth’ of those who bought into the con.

(2) Oil price gauging. Completely manufactured fuel price hikes. Virtually everything we use is made from petroleum distillates & derivatives, and is then transported using petroleum based fuels. Triple the price of fuel, by design considering the actual cost and production of oil had never changed, and spike the prices of almost literally everything we all take for granted.

The timing of these 2 events is what to focus on. The fuel crisis was ratcheted up right in line with the increasingly looming ‘pop’ of the housing bubble, which squeezed everyone, especially the poor and the newly damned.

Complex Analysis:

Not only has the global economy imploded rather dramatically, all the hard numbers point towards an inevitable total collapse, especially in the USA. The Federal Reserve and EU Bank are both privately owned institutions, and there’s no debating this fact. The Federal Reserve in particular was at the heart of the US economic meltdown, which brought the rest of the world with it. These institutions are literally at the helm of each federal economy, and aren’t subject to being audited. They’re above each government, just the same as your local city government is subject to the state government, and the state to the federal government.

The global banking scheme is seemingly leading the world into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. How is this possible? Today we have increasingly powerful computers of all different sizes, yet the more powerful our computing hardware and software becomes the faster we’re falling into the abyss, instead of rising to an economic utopia. Computers clearly aren’t helping the system maintain a balanced budget sheet, while when you look at the graphs it appears they’re helping the elitist plutocracy to plunder the nations. Ask yourself how in the face of everything that’s happened in the past few year, billionaires increased in numbers and profits at a record rate in 2009 (Link 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

What a trillion dollars looks like in $100 bills:

Many people put all of the blame of our current woes on the housing bubble, but a more realistic view is that that crisis only sped up the inevitable. The massive spending associated with bailouts and stimulation merely put off even longer the inevitable. The longer this inevitable is put off the harder the crash will be. Just look at the numbers. Spending got us into the mess, so in response they spend and loan even more. Like it’s going out of style… literally.

It wasn’t originally designed to implode, despite that being how it looks today, but it’s always been designed to leech away the self-reliable wealth of those with less. The less you have the more it hurts you… is and always has been the purpose of the privately owned Federal Reserve bank. The mechanism responsible is inflation.

When the value of the dollar is deliberately reduced every year it creates a situation where you have to set up your surplus finances in ways that will hedge against the inflationary dollar devaluation. During ‘normal’ times, you could invest your money into your home or other property and as the value of the dollar goes down the value of the property would go up. This is just the opposite with automobiles which helps explain why social engineering has us all obsessing with dumping all of our money into our cars that are worth $10,000 less the day you drive it off the lot. Everybody’s primary financial concerns should be in how to position their earnings against inflation, not new spinner rims.

Now what happened with the housing meltdown is the big trend that makes it hard to believe that the design wasn’t to rob almost literally all of the populace, as normally the best thing the little guy can do is invest in his property so that he can fight off inflation. All those years most people thought their house was somehow naturally going up in value, in reality the dollar was going down in value and the markets knew it. Except now the value of our homes has plummeted, it’s unsafe to even invest in property, endless millions refinanced their homes and now owe more than the property is worth, and some 60% of US national assets have been absorbed by the Federal Reserve and the Big 6 banking cartel that are the majority stock holders in the “Fed”.

The other catalyst of the economic downturn was the fuel price crisis. It served as the 1-2 punch to the entire global economy. In the graph above you can see that the more fuel consumption went down the more the price went up. This is the opposite of how the market works, proving massive manipulation. What’s important about is it happened directly parallel to the housing collapse, which made its effects substantially worse than if it occurred in 1999. Assuming it was deliberate, what does this tell you about the titans of Wall Street and their disdain for the global populace?

That graph shows that neither oil production nor inventory had ever changed in ways to justify the spike in prices. On the contrary, inventories went up while consumption was down while mass scale price gouging like never before was in full effect. The answer for how this happened was market speculation. The big banks and hedge funds in effect ‘all’ got together and continuously bet in large scale that oil prices would go up, and sure enough that’s what happened. The costs of everything went up, people were broke, major institutions absorbed by the government & banks, the property markets crashed, and now the inevitable collapse is out in the open for everyone to see.

Note that during the peak of the oil crisis Obama actually went on the record saying that ‘fuel’ prices should be artificially increased so that people would use less fossil fuels. Now he didn’t say to raise oil prices in that particular quote, but inherently that is the overall goal of Cap’N Trade type policies, and we all had a devastating test run during the artificial fuel crisis. Can anyone say they were glad the test run of Cap & Trade happened?

Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is a Federal Reserve agent, being the former president of the New York branch Federal Reserve Bank. Other Federal Reserve agents in the Obama Administration include Paul Volker, Christina Romer, Alan Blinder, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers.

As with 9/11, Bush ignored all of the warnings of the looming ‘economic 9/11’. His Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, a key player in the economic meltdown. Goldman has embraced the world of AI, with sophisticated AI supercomputers that utilize learning algorithms to conduct “high frequency trading” that allows them to literally cheat at the stock trading game, and in all likelihood conduct operations such as artificially raising global fuel prices. Goldman Sachs agents in the Obama’s inner circle include Gary Gensler, John Corzine, Rahm Emanuel, Mark Patterson, Neel Kashkari, Reuben Jeffery III and apparently even Elana Kagen.

During the economic disaster, Goldman executives cheered their results, emails went on to show. All throughout the crisis, Sachs reaped billions of dollars in record profits while the rest of the world economy has floundered. In July of 2010 Sachs was fined the record amount of $550 million by the SEC for their role in the Subprime fiasco. The same day their stocks actually went up 5% as those in the game know how much evil they had committed, and were relieved at only having to pay a mere $550 million. Days after the settlement, Sach’s put aside $9 billion for employee bonuses.
Sachs was Obama second largest campaign contributor, funneling him $994,795, 7 times what Enron famously gave to Bush. His other top contributors included Google, Harvard, University of California, Microsoft, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Stanford, IBM, Morgan Stanley, BP and General Electric.

These people are textbook “Disaster Capitalists”, those whose portfolios are stacked to reap profits and success in their goals via the mass scale suffering of others. It’s no secret that BushCo. was a regime of disaster capitalists, but ObamaCo. is too. Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton have made public statements condoning the capitalization of crisis. The notorious Henry Kissinger said the economic crisis was a “great opportunity” for Obama to create a “new world order.”

Disaster capitalists are amongst the greatest threat to the world, as having people set up to reap profits ranging from millions to trillions sets a precedent of why would they prevent the crisis, especially if there are agendas that transcend money. “Problem Reaction Solution” is the mechanism to our undoing.

Between the agents from the Federal Reserve many of the key players in the economic meltdown are all accounted for. On top of everything above, Larry Summers, under Bill Clinton, played a key role in repealing the Glass-Steagall Act, which was set up after the first Great Depression to prevent it from happening again. He also helped deregulate derivatives, for which there is now a one quadrillion dollar bubble. After the modern collapse had already begun, Obama made him a top level adviser.

The Federal Reserve was the centerpiece of the housing bubble, as well as in serving as the vehicle to enable Congress to commit runaway spending that involves endless wars and the AGI Manhattan Project. In the meltdown aftermath, Obama moved immediately to hand the bankster monolith even more power, and the Congress banished Ron Paul’s legislation that would have given the Congress for the first time the ability to audit the Federal Reserve to bring to light their deeds.

These players are amongst those at the forefront of setting up a total plutocracy. In a plutocracy the wealthy rule everything, as described by an infamous leaked Citigroup memo.

The mentality of the classical elitist must be discussed. They tend to be Social Darwinists, who apply Darwinist theory to sociology. In their view it’s their divine role to dominate those beneath them, at the top of the food chain as the fittest to survive. This class of elites are their own social group, much like how most ordinary people identify themselves with race, political party, music scene, and so on. This social group adherence transcends the everyday social group affiliations the rest of us know, and elitist propaganda has us all wanting to identify with them to subconsciously justify their types of actions.

So we’re in the middle of a collapse that by all measures looks deliberate, that was caused by private stock holders, who made unfathomable amounts of cash on the ways up and down, and were handed trillions of unaccountable dollars in “bailout” money in the aftermath. Despite all of this, there’s still this push for a near-trillion dollar military budget (in the US alone), along with a global government based on a multi-trillions dollar global carbon tax, and even a mandatory “health care” obscenity that might cost trillions overall, yet somehow we’re not to come to the conclusion that there’s a total economic world war being waged against us?

Of course, to propose there’s a deliberate war, there has to be a “why” they would do it. The simple answers of “greed” or “power” are lackluster to address the scale we’re enduring. They believe they’ll become “gods” with indefinite lifespans of hundreds or even thousands of years, and to speed up the process they’re carrying out a full scale 21st Century Manhattan Project: The AGI Manhattan Project.

This short video quote is a choice example of the technocrat ideology of the elite that seeks to become living gods with brain augmentations and life extension technologies:

This is a clip from the documentary Technocalypse. He’s referencing the transhumanist agenda to become living gods via technology.

This particular individual is Robert Seed, of human cloning noteriety. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to hear the likes of David Rockefeller saying the same thing. This clip proves that humans are no more enlightened than ever as transhumanists often claim how technology is going to end our problems. Instead, it more promises to amplify them.

I’ve argued in the past that this precise issue has been a major driving force in the escalating plundering the earth and the US in recent years, to prevent the masses from also becoming “gods”.


Here’s a similar clip I’ve found, where this transhumanist tries to argue that its good for the human species to splinter off into subspecies tribes, and then destroy each other.:

I fear our good intentions may have created a monster. BP asked the world for oil spill / gusher response ideas, without hiring enough people to be able to sort thru those ideas in any amount of time worth a damn. But now they are armed with these ideas, and in the future may try to become the worlds leading oil response profiteers.

With the help of ATS, we alone came up with some great ideas that could have worked. But it wasn’t until 3 weeks after I sent my submissions did I even get automated response acknowledging the submissions, and about another week later until I got emails stating they’ve actually reviewed them consciously. By then it was too late, they had sawed off the BOP.

In today’s economic scenario of unemployment and joblessness, they should have had no problem hiring a small call centers worth of people to process the ideas. They apparently didn’t. So in effect we all wasted our time and passion.

Looking into the future, I refuse to have BP come out as an industry leader after all of this. I’m hoping to rally people into focusing on how to prevent this. I’m not just talking about the Gulf here. As far as our ideas are concerned, it was basically a waste of time even submitting them. They have been and are continuing to use the precise dated methods used with the Ixtoc. The Gulf Gusher WILL be fixed. It WILL be cleaned up by both humans and nature.

The issue I’m shifting to is preventing them from becoming the premier oil spill profiteers, aka Disaster Capitalists, by using our ideas. BP is responsible for crimes against humanity and the earth far before and beyond 2010, including the overthrow of democratically elected government(s) [see: Operation Ajax]. They must be buried when this is over with.

Obviously, we need for BP to not retain closed ownership of our 100,000+ ideas. Even bigger, the idea of companies that drill for oil also standing to gain profits from the cleanup efforts are a major conflict of interest.

It all starts with public pressure on Congress. Here are their phone numbers for starters:… Perhaps direct calls to Congress from those at this juncture won’t be enough. What else can we do?

If the government doesn’t intend to build the premier oil response outfit that BP stands to then these ideas need to be made totally public for private companies that will. After finally seeing videos about Mr. Costner’s cleanup machine I know they’re out there. In fact, the ideas should have been browse-able online from the very beginning.

All of our ideas shouldn’t become the property of BP. If they belong to anyone it’s all of humanity. BP shouldn’t be allowed to patent our ideas. We all use the oil, and not just for gasoline. We all have a stake in being able to effectively deal with these issues. If government isn’t going to build the long term response force then I don’t care if someone makes money off it, as long as is isn’t BP and as long as there isn’t a conflict of interest with who is making the money and do the drilling & transporting.

At bare minimum it should all be open source. Like a Open Source Oil Cleanup Project, or something. Maybe have Congress not spend a million dollars on studies of prostitutes in China this year, and fund that instead.

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I found this article in a text book I own titled “TAKING SIDES: Clashing views on Controversial Environmental Issues (Tenth Edition”), which is curriculum at the University of South Florida. The article itself was written in 1999, the textbook in 2003. I added the helpful links in.

By Stephen Moore. Mr. Moore is a director at the Cato Institute and a contributing editor of National Review.

At a Washington reception, the conversation turned to the merits of small families. One woman volunteered that she had just read Bill McKibben‘s environmental tome, Maybe One, on the benefits of single-child families.

She claimed to have found it “ethically compelling.” I chimed in: “Even one child may put too much stress on our fragile ecosystem. McKibben says ‘maybe one.’ I say, why not none?” The response was solemn nods of agreement, and even some guilt-ridden whispers between husbands and wives.

McKibben’s acclaimed book is a tribute to the theories of British economist Thomas Malthus. Exactly 200 years ago, Malthus-the original dismal scientist-wrote that “the power of population is . . . greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.” McKibben’s application of this idea was to rush out and have a vasectomy. He urges his fellow greens to do the same-to make single-child families the “cultural norm” in America.

Now, with the United Nations proclaiming that this month we will surpass the demographic milestone of 6 billion people, the environmental movement and the media can be expected to ask: Do we really need so many people? A recent AP headline lamented: “Century’s growth leaves Earth crowded-and noisy.” Seemingly, Malthus has never had so many apostles.

In a rational world, Malthusianism would not be in a state of intellectual revival, but thorough disrepute. After all, virtually every objective trend is running in precisely the opposite direction of what the widely acclaimed Malthusians of the 1960s-from Lester Brown to Paul Ehrlich to the Club of Rome-predicted. Birth rates around the world are lower today than at any time in recorded history. Global per capita food production is much higher than ever before. The “energy crisis” is now such a distant memory that oil is virtually the cheapest liquid on earth. These facts, collectively, have wrecked the credibility of the population-bomb propagandists.

Yet the population-control movement is gaining steam. It has won the hearts and wallets of some of the most influential leaders inside and outside government today. Malthusianism has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry and a political juggernaut.

Today, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID), the State Department, and the World Bank, the federal government pumps some 350 million tax dollars a year into population-containment activities. The Clinton administration would be spending at least twice that amount if not for the efforts of two Republican congressmen, Chris Smith of New Jersey and Todd Tiahrt of Kansas, who have managed to cut off funding for the most coercive birth-reduction initiatives.

Defenders of the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) and other such agencies insist that these programs “protect women’s reproductive freedom,” “promote the health of mothers,” and “reduce infant mortality.” Opponents of international “family planning,” particularly Catholic organizations, are tarred as anti-abortion fanatics who want to deprive poor women of safe and cheap contraception. A 1998 newspaper ad by Planned Parenthood, entitled “The Right Wing Coup in Family Planning,” urged continued USAID funding by proclaiming: “The very survival of women and children is at stake in this battle.” Such rhetoric is truly Orwellian, given that the entire objective of government-sponsored birth-control programs has been to invade couples’ “reproductive rights” in order to limit family size. The crusaders have believed, from the very outset, that coercion is necessary in order to restrain fertility and avert global eco-collapse.

The consequences of this crusade are morally atrocious. Consider the one-child policy in China. Some 10 million to 20 million Chinese girls are demographically “missing” today because of “sex-selective abortion of female fetuses, female infant mortality (through infanticide or abandonment), and

selective neglect of girls ages 1 to 4,” according to a 1996 U.S. Census Bureau report. Girls account for over 90 percent of the inmates of Chinese orphanages-where children are left to die from neglect.

Last year, Congress heard testimony from Gao Xiao Duan, a former Chinese administrator of the one-couple, one-child policy. Gao testified that if a woman in rural China is discovered to be pregnant without a state-issued “birth-allowed certificate,” she typically must undergo an abortion-no matter how many months pregnant she is. Gao recalled, “Once I found a woman who was nine months’ pregnant but did not have a birth-allowed certificate.

According to the policy, she was forced to undergo an abortion surgery. In the operating room, I saw how the aborted child’s lips were sucking, how its limbs were stretching. A physician injected poison into its skull, and the child died and was thrown into the trash can.”

The pro-choice movement is notably silent about this invasion of women’s “reproductive rights.” In 1989, Molly Yard, of the National Organization for Women, actually praised China’s program as “among the most intelligent in the world.” Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich, the godfather of today’s neo-Malthusian movement, once trumpeted China’s population control as “remarkably vigorous and effective.” He has congratulated Chinese rulers for their “grand experiment in the management of population.”

Last summer, Lisa McRee of Good Morning America started an interview with Bill McKibben by asking, in all seriousness, “Is China’s one-child policy a good idea for every country?” She might as well have asked whether every country should have gulags.

Gregg Easterbrook, writing in the Nov. 23, 1998 New Republic, correctly lambasted China for its “horrifying record on forced abortion and sterilization.” But even the usually sensible Easterbrook offered up a limp apology for the one-child policy, writing that “China, which is almost out of arable land, had little choice but to attempt some degree of fertility constraint.” Hong Kong has virtually no arable land, and 75 times the population density of mainland China, but has one of the best-fed populations in the world.

These coercive practices are spreading to other countries. Brian Clowes writes in the Yale Journal of Ethics that coercion has been used to promote family planning in at least 35 developing countries. Peru has started to use sterilization as a means of family planning, and doctors have to meet sterilization quotas or risk losing their jobs. The same is true in Mexico.

In disease-ridden African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya, hospitals often lack even the most rudimentary medical care, but are stocked to the rafters with boxes of contraceptives stamped “UNFPA” and “USAID.” UNFPA boasts that, thanks to its shipments, more than 80 percent of the women in Haiti have access to contraceptives; this is apparently a higher priority than providing access to clean water, which is still unavailable to more than half of the Haitian population.

Population-control groups like Zero Population Growth and International Planned Parenthood have teamed up with pro-choice women in Congress-led by Carolyn Maloney of New York, Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, and Connie Morella of Maryland-to try to secure $60 million in U.S. funding for UNFPA over the next two years. Maloney pledges, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to restore funding for [UNFPA]” this year.

Support for this initiative is based on two misconceptions. The first is the excessively optimistic view that (in the words of a Chicago Tribune report) “one child zealotry in China is fading.” The Population Research Institute’s Steve Mosher, an authority on Chinese population activities, retorts, “This fantasy that things are getting better in China has been the constant refrain of the one-child apologists for at least the past twenty years.” In fact, after UNFPA announced in 1997 that it was going back into China, state councillor Peng Peiyun defiantly announced, “China will not slacken our family-planning policy in the next century.”

The second myth is that UNFPA has always been part of the solution, and has tried to end China’s one-child policy. We are told that it is pushing Beijing toward more “female friendly” family planning. This, too, is false.

UNFPA has actually given an award to China for its effectiveness in population-control activities-activities far from female-friendly. Worse, UNFPA’s executive director, Nafis Sadik, is, like her predecessors, a longtime apologist for the China program and even denies that it is coercive. She is on record as saying-falsely-that “the implementation of the policy is purely voluntary. There is no such thing as a license to have a birth.”

Despite UNFPA’s track record, don’t be surprised if Congress winds up re-funding it. The past 20 years may have demonstrated the intellectual bankruptcy of the population controllers, but their coffers have never been more flush.

American billionaires, past and present, have devoted large parts of their fortunes to population control. The modern-day population-control movement dates to 1952, when John D. Rockefeller returned from a trip to Asia convinced that the teeming masses he saw there were the single greatest threat to the earth’s survival. He proceeded to divert hundreds of millions of dollars from his foundation to the goal of population stabilization. He was followed by David Packard (co-founder of Hewlett-Packard), who created a $9 billion foundation whose top priority was reducing world population.

Today, these foundations are joined by organizations ranging from Zero Population Growth (ZPG) to Negative Population Growth (which advocates an optimal U.S. population size of 150 million-120 million fewer than now) to Planned Parenthood to the Sierra Club. The combined budget of these groups approaches $1 billion.

These organizations tend to be extremist. Take ZPG. Its board of directors passed a resolution declaring that “parenthood is not an inherent right but a privilege” granted by the state, and that “every American family has a right to no more than two children.”

“Population growth is analogous to a plague of locusts,” says Ted Turner, a major source of population-movement funding. “What we have on this earth today is a plague of people. Nature did not intend for there to be as many people as there are.” Turner has also penned “The Ted Commandments,” which include “a promise to have no more than two children or no more than my nation suggests.” He recently reconsidered his manifesto, and now believes that the voluntary limit should be even lower-just one child. In Turner’s utopia, there are no brothers, sisters, aunts, or uncles.

Turner’s $1 billion donation to the U.N. is a pittance compared with the fortunes that Warren Buffett (net worth $36 billion) and Bill Gates (net worth roughly $100 billion) may bestow on the cause of population control.

Buffett has announced repeatedly that he views overpopulation as one of the greatest crises in the world today. Earlier this year, Gates and his wife contributed an estimated $7 billion to their foundation, of which the funding of population programs is one of five major initiatives.

This is a massive misallocation of funds, for the simple reason that the overpopulation crisis is a hoax. It is true that world population has tripled over the last century. But the explanation is both simple and benign: First, life expectancy-possibly the best overall numerical measure of human well-being-has almost doubled in the last 100 years, and the years we are tacking on to life are both more active and more productive. Second, people are wealthier-they can afford better health care, better diets, and a cleaner environment. As a result, infant-mortality rates have declined nearly tenfold in this century. As the late Julian Simon often explained, population growth is a sign of mankind’s greatest triumph-our gains against death.

We are told that this good news is really bad news, because human numbers are soon going to bump up against the planet’s “carrying capacity.”

Pessimists worry that man is procreating as uncontrollably as John B.

Calhoun’s famous Norwegian rats, which multiply until they die off from lack of sustenance. Bill McKibben warns that “we are adding another New York City every month, a Mexico every year, and almost another India every decade.”

But a closer look shows that these fears are unfounded. Fact: If every one of the 6 billion of us resided in Texas, there would be room enough for every family of four to have a house and one-eighth of an acre of land-the rest of the globe would be vacant. (True, if population growth continued, some of these people would eventually spill over into Oklahoma.) In short, the population bomb has been defused. The birth rate in developing countries has plummeted from just over 6 children per couple in 1950 to just over 3 today. The major explanation for smaller family sizes, even in China, has been economic growth. The Reaganites were right on the mark when, in 1984, they proclaimed this truth to a distraught U.N. delegation in Mexico City. (The policy they enunciated has been memorably expressed in the phrase “capitalism is by far the best contraceptive.”) The fertility rate in the developed world has fallen from 3.3 per couple in 1950 to 1.6 today. These low fertility rates presage declining populations.

If, for example, Japan’s birth rate is not raised at some point, in 500 years there will be only about 15 Japanese left on the planet.

Other Malthusian worries are similarly wrongheaded. Global food prices have fallen by half since 1950, even as world population has doubled. The dean of agricultural economists, D. Gale Johnson of the University of Chicago, has documented “a dramatic decline in famines” in the last 50 years. Fewer than half as many people die of famine each year now than did a century ago-despite a near-quadrupling of the population. Enough food is now grown in the world to provide every resident of the planet with almost four pounds of food a day. In each of the past three years, global food production has reached new heights.

Overeating is fast becoming the globe’s primary dietary malady. “It’s amazing to say, but our problem is becoming overnutrition,” Ho Zhiqiuan, a Chinese nutrition expert, recently told National Geographic. “Today in China obesity is becoming common.”

Millions are still hungry, and famines continue to occur-but these are the result of government policies or political malice, not inadequate global food production. As the International Red Cross has reported, “the loss of access to food resources [during famines] is generally the result of intentional acts” by governments.

Even if the apocalyptic types are correct and population grows to 12 billion in the 21st century, so what? Assuming that human progress and scientific advancement continue as they have, and assuming that the global march toward capitalism is not reversed, those 12 billion people will undoubtedly be richer, healthier, and better fed than the 6 billion of us alive today. After all, we 6 billion are much richer, healthier, and better fed than the 1 billion who lived in 1800 or the 2 billion alive in 1920.

The greatest threat to the planet is not too many people, but too much statism. The Communists, after all, were the greatest polluters in history.

Economist Mikhail Bernstam has discovered that market-based economies are about two to three times more energy-efficient than Communist, socialist, Maoist, or “Third Way” economies. Capitalist South Korea has three times the population density of socialist North Korea, but South Koreans are well fed while 250,000 North Koreans have starved to death in the last decade.

Government-funded population programs are actually counterproductive, because they legitimize command-and-control decision-making. As the great development economist Alan Rufus Waters puts it, “Foreign aid used for population activities gives enormous resources and control apparatus to the local administrative elite and thus sustains the authoritarian attitudes corrosive to the development process.”

This approach usually ends up making poor people poorer, because it distracts developing nations from their most pressing task, which is market reform. When Mao’s China established central planning and communal ownership of agriculture, tens of millions of Chinese peasants starved to death. In 1980, after private ownership was established, China’s agricultural output doubled in just ten years. If Chinese leaders over the past 30 years had concentrated on rapid privatization and market reform, it’s quite possible that economic development would have decreased birth rates every bit as rapidly as the one-child policy.

The problem with trying to win this debate with logic and an arsenal of facts is that modern Malthusianism is not a scientific theory at all. It’s a religion, in which the assertion that mankind is overbreeding is accepted as an article of faith. I recently participated in a debate before an anti-population group called Carrying Capacity Network, at which one scholar informed me that man’s presence on the earth is destructive because Homo sapiens is the only species without a natural predator. It’s hard to argue with somebody who despairs because mankind is alone at the top of the food chain.

At its core, the population-control ethic is an assault on the principle that every human life has intrinsic value. Malthusian activists tend to view human beings neither as endowed with intrinsic value, nor even as resources, but primarily as consumers of resources. No wonder that at last year’s ZPG conference, the Catholic Church was routinely disparaged as “our enemy” and “the evil empire.”

The movement also poses a serious threat to freedom. Decisions on whether to have children-and how many-are among are the most private of all human choices. If governments are allowed to control human reproduction, virtually no rights of the individual will remain inviolable by the state.

The consequence, as we have seen in China, is the debasement of human dignity on a grand scale.

Another (true) scene from a party: A radiant pregnant woman is asked whether this is her first child. She says, no, in fact, it is her sixth.

Yuppies gasp, as if she has admitted that she has leprosy. To have three kids-to be above replacement level-is regarded by many as an act of eco-terrorism.

But the good news for this pregnant woman, and the millions of others who want to have lots of kids, is that the Malthusians are simply wrong. There is no moral, economic, or environmental case for small families. Period.

If some choose to subscribe to a voluntary one-child policy, so be it. But the rest of us-Americans, Chinese, and everybody else-don’t need or want Ted Turner or the United Nations to tell us how many kids to have. Congress should not be expanding “international family planning” funding, but terminating it.

Congress may want to consider a little-known footnote of history. In time, Thomas Malthus realized that his dismal population theories were wrong. He awoke to the reality that human beings are not like Norwegian rats at all.

Why? Because, he said, man is “impelled” by “reason” to solve problems, and not to “bring beings into the world for whom he cannot provide the means of support.” Amazingly, 200 years later, his disciples have yet to grasp this lesson.

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World Net Daily is reporting on Googe CEO Eric Schmidt having attended. Infowars reports that he was already there last year, in D.C. Last years June visit interests me, as that was the same meeting Obama ditched his press core to secretly attend, as proven by The Obama Deception.

Later that year Schmidt had joined the Obama Campaign in sorts, even flying around with him to campaign stops. After the election he became part of Obama’s special transitionary economic team with (architects of the New Great Depression) Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs luminaries.

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