Radar Blips – August 12th

Posted: August 12, 2010 in 2010, Articles

Proposed Law Would Put Video Cameras In Cars

Army builds major biometrics repository

Investigating the impact of carbon nanotubes on male reproductive health

Uncle Sam Pledges to Build Uber-Supercomputer

We Live in a Jungle of Artificial Intelligence that will Spawn Sentience

Global government ICT spend to exceed $423bn

Larry Ellison Goes Ape on Fortune Reporter

$1m for person who reduces population

High Frequency Trading Is Poison In The Bloodstream Of Markets

GeoEye, DigitalGlobe Get $7 Billion from Intelligence Agency to Implement Next-Gen Satellite Imaging

SkyBitz announces formation of Government Solutions group

Google’s Secret Internal Vision Statement Reveals Struggle With Privacy

IMF Report Promotes World Currency

Google, Verizon say no ‘net neutrality’ for wireless

Many Girls Now Begin Puberty at Age 7, 8

Finding an energy common ground between “Warmers” and “Skeptics”

Carbon market “growth” is mainly fraudulent, World Bank report shows

Maryland to Create Statewide Database for License Plate Readers

Chicago Using Predictive Analytics to Fight Crime, Police Chief Says

  1. Mike4freedom says:

    Just in case you missed it…

    ”DARPA Thumbs Nose at Moore’s Law, Seeks Exascale Computing
    Prototypes expected by 2018

    Moore’s Law isn’t fast enough for DARPA and it is handing out grants to some major technology firms to work on breakthroughs in supercomputing performance. What DARPA has in mind from the project is being called exascale computing.”


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