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As I argued in my semi-recent Google’s A.I. quest to become God-On-Earth piece, the more everyone uses Google the ‘smarter’ it becomes. I even mentioned the GOOG411 service in this regard:

“An intelligent thinking machine would also needs ears, and ears they are giving it. Make a call to 1-800-GOOG411 and experience their speech recognition algorithms for yourself. No surprise that the service is free, because the more people use it the more you help them reach their goal of omniscience.”

Now people with iPhone’s will help accelerate this even further:

Google announced that it had added voice search to its iPhone mobile application, allowing people to speak search terms into their phones and view the results on the screen.

In designing the system, Google took on an enormous challenge. Where an automated airline reservation system, say, has to handle a relatively limited number of terms, a Web search engine must contend with any topic that anyone might ever want to research–literally.

Fortunately, Google also has a huge amount of data on how people use search, and it was able to use that to train its algorithms. If the system has trouble interpreting one word in a query, for instance, it can fall back on data about which terms are frequently grouped together.

Google also had a useful set of data correlating speech samples with written words, culled from its free directory service, Goog411. People call the service and say the name of a city and state, and then say the name of a business or category. According to Mike Cohen, a Google research scientist, voice samples from this service were the main source of acoustic data for training the system.

But the data that Google used to build the system pales in comparison to the data that it now has the chance to collect. “The nice thing about this application is that Google will collect all this speech data,” says Jim Glass, a principal research scientist at MIT. “And by getting all this data, they will improve their recognizer even more.”

I hate it when I’m right. Once the Google Machine understands what words and sentences mean, they’ll be closer to having Strong AI that “will understand everything in the world”.

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Law of Accelerating Returns

Ignorance Is Futile:

Radio commentator Al Korelin for, the worlds leading gold investments site, not only pointed out that Donald Trump warned of a New Great Depression but also concurred. The guest, Roger Wiegand, stated that it won’t happen over days or weeks but that it will be spread out over a very long period. Korelin also stated that he believes that we might be headed to “rapid”, “rampant” inflation. Wiegand warned that we might be facing “hyperinflation“. Add Gerald Celente, the worlds leading economic forecaster to the list, and do the math.

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>Narrators needed!

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I’m searching for volunteers who would like to co-narrate my upcoming film “an unholy alliance”.

I’ve decided I’d like to have a broad mixup of narrators spread across the majority of the film. I’ve kicked around several approaches from just doing it myself, to having select people do certain segments, but now I think I want a full palate to pick and choose the voice paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence.

It would actually be much simpler for me to just hurry up and do it all myself, but quality and certainty of people watching the entire display are critical. I don’t want people being entranced by the same repetitive voice for over an hour, and into sleep. So my the best option is constantly changing voices and tones. At the same time, this should provide much higher quality in the experience, and I always intend for my films to be an experience rather than a time killer.

So participants will receive an advanced copy of my nearly completed script, and instructions etc for how to go about recording it and getting me the audio files.

The subject matter is technology in particular, along with the dark side of humanity and politics. So it gets into psychology, sociology / social psychology, economy, corporatism, elitism, poverty, and so on besides merely a vast range of futurist technology and big brother militaristic totalitarianism.

While dark and powerful voices are desired, that’s not all I want. This presentation will be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs between contexts and emotions. So women and men of varying voice types will apply to the outcome.

A good voice is obviously ideal, and the better the recording equipment you have the better.

I have no idea no idea how many people will actually express interest in this, but unless it gets out of hand most everyone should get some airtime in this most powerful and ground-breaking audio-visual assault.

ALSO: I need to collaborate with somebody skilled in using vocoders for some computer / robot voice sequences.

Please don’t comment, send me an email:
ignoranceisntbliss AT

Ignorance Is Futile:

Bush’s former Chief of Staff Andrew Card unwittingly explains why Obama’s CoS being a supporter of a “civilian national security force” might even be worse than Obama supporting it.

In an old Daily Show interview Andy Card explains how a CoS literally serves as the gate-keeper to what the president is told and who he talks to. Click for video. So what this means with Obama, in the sense that maybe the “civilian national security force” he mentioned isn’t an actual agenda, if it is his CoS’s agenda then he may help guide Obama’s perceptions into unwittingly but consciously entering into the same agenda.

Now with Obama‘s CoS-elect, Rahm Emanuel, it turns out that that’s been his agenda for several years. In fact, that seems to be the sort of thing that has gotten him spots, in the past before Obama, on the news. Besides, Obama did explain that as an agenda, so even if some of the other cabinet members might be able to guide other perceptions from outside of the bubble, it’s irrelevant anyways.

So it’s as simple as that, just so long as you’re aware of the details in the other links in this post.


“So much of how we understand technology is visually driven,” says Rachel Hinman, a strategist with Adaptive Path, a user-experience and design-consulting firm. “Mobile interface design has to mimic the touch, sight, gesture and auditory feeds that we use to interact with our environment.”

That means speaking to your phone rather than typing, pointing with your finger instead of clicking on buttons, and gesturing instead of touching. You could listen to music, access the internet, use the camera and shop for gadgets by just telling your phone what you want to do, by waving your fingers at it, or by aiming its camera at an object you’re interested in buying.

Over the last few years, advances in display technology and processing power have turned smartphones into capable, if tiny, computers. As a result, phones have gone beyond traditional audio communication and texting to support a wide range of multimedia and office applications.

Here’s gesture technology today using a “3D camera”:

I don’t think I want there to be a 3D camera in my phone…

Also in phone news:

Mobile phones of the future will be equipped with a 12 MP to 20 MP cameras with full HD capability by 2012

This is a draft script from a key segment of my upcoming
“an unholy alliance” film. It’s in part a nicer re-write of my
recent Neocommunism piece, but expands it into looming
life extension technologies may soon be available to the masses,
and neocommunism is part of the solution to that “problem”

Ignorance Is Futile:

In the sense that technology is always a double-edged blade, the prospects of life extension also pose serious problems for the ruling elite. The problem is likely you, and everyone you know. The problem is the masses, both at home and abroad. Imagine an overpopulated planet where the over populating species manages to create technologies which will theoretically allow them to live forever. The problem is the population explosion, which started with 20th Century medicine, and is now set to topple with looming 21st Century medical advances. But there is a solution that they seem to be employing.

To understand our situation we must take a look at the worlds central banking system. We must look at the Federal Reserve in particular, although the same applies to other currency systems such as the Euro. The critical truth of the matter is that the so-called “Fed” is privately owned, and it perpetually devalues the currency. Despite the euphemistic title, and the sense of it being “the government’ the way its discussed on TV, it absolutely is not an actual agency of The People, of the Federal Government. Instead its the other way around.

It was born of a diabolical scheme of corrupt banksters. It was legislated into power in a crooked manner like the infamous Patriot Act. There are many films documenting its history that can be viewed for free online. It’s a system of domination. Its a perpetual suck machine that preys upon the weak while securing the wealth of the elite. When it was established in 1913, the IRS and income taxes came with it. In today’s reality income taxes and the hidden inflation tax hardly even cover the interest that incurs from the $10+ trillion in national debt. Because of inflation the dollar is worth less than 4 cents compared to 1913.

People often say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The argument is typically presented in a sense of animosity, or just because rich people have money to invest. It takes money to make money. But the privately owned banking system if the key to the scientific proof that the economic system is designed for the rich to at least stay rich, while the unwealthier one is the more they’re exploited. Inflation means devaluation of the currency, and it is the key to understanding with great clarity our slavery to the system.

When the value of your money is devalued by the system that prints it out of thin air, you’re literally being robbed blind. At the end of the year you still might have the same number of monetary units, but their value is worth less. There are some ways around it, but the worse off you are financially the less likely you can try to hedge against it. Until recent times, you could usually store your assets in real estate property. For this same reason few hardly ever put much cynical thought into the inflationary system. Property owners realize that the value of their property usually goes up each year. Some even attribute this of inflation, and then consider inflation a good thing. But unless something like renovations of a neighborhood cleanup has increased the real value of your property, the rest of any annual appraisal increase can be mostly attributed to the fact that it takes more monetary units to purchase the same property. So the value of your house didn’t go up that year, instead the following year you’d need more dollars to buy it than the last year.

So if you had all of your financial assets in your home in a typical year then you might have offset this sucking process. But the rest of you who don’t own any real estate lost out. Especially the people who dump all of their money into their car lost out. The value of a car goes down partially despite the drop in money value. Some even like to say they lose $10K in value as you drive it off the lot. But the way our propagandistic controlled media and federal educational system works, we don’t have the inflationary principle hammered into our heads. More like the opposite. So we chase vanity and commercialism and obsess over cars and clothes instead of figuring out how to handle our limited wealth in ways that it might retain its value.

One can’t even competently project their own personal financial forecasts without having this issue as a top consideration. And the way it works today if you don’t get a $1 raise this year at work you’re probably still losing out after you compare your assumed to what the dollar is worth compared to last year. And if you didn’t get a raise period you’re in total decline. Never mind those on fixed incomes like retirement or disability. There are other ways around inflation, and obviously the more wealth you have the easier this becomes. One way would be to invest, but that can also be gambling. You can tie it up in precious metals. You can buy more property. But these things can be hassle-some.

The other way to do it is in high interest incurring bank accounts. We’ve all heard the lotto junkies pipe-dream. I’ll win $20M, spend half and put the other half in the bank to collect interest. If I get an account that pays 7% that will give me $700,000 a year to live off of. But the irony is those funds are in effect the payout to offset the inflation rate for that year. In 2007 it was something like 12%, but in years before the Neocommunism agenda went into overdrive it was probably something like 7%. So the lotto winner could do that, but even in the past when the banksters still perpetrated the delicate balancing act to keep people from thinking much about it your $700,000 would still buy you less each year and now that we’re on the verge of hyper inflation that $10M isn’t being saved by the mere 7%. It shouldn’t take rocket science formulas to conclude that the more money you have the better rate you could get. So that’s the system how it is and pretty much has been for over 95 years.

But now we’re in a darker era. We’re in a New Great Depression that stinks so bad that its hard to understand how it could get this bad unless by design. The climax of the original Great Depression can be attributed to the privately owned Federal Reserve. But this one promises to be much worse than the original.

In addition to what Gerald Celente listed (at time 3:15) about how this will be worse than the Great Depression, there’s also something to the tune of $40T in entitlements about to roll in from the aging baby boomer generation. It’s awful convenient for some that as humanity is on the verge of potentially conquering the aging process and even death, it faces the worst economic disaster in human history. The treatments, enhancements and augmentation for the new transhuman god race will vary in costs. True immortality will likely require more than one form of medicine. But with the law of accelerating returns and economics of scale at least some of these vast array of potential beneficial advancements will be economic for those worth less than billions.

So this may answer the question being asked by many. More and more influential people are proposing that the Fed deliberately caused this. But it begs the question of why? What would occur that would cause the ruling elite to plunder and bankrupt the not just the globe but even the domestic populace? They already have all the power. They already have money beyond the comprehension of the masses. In perpetrating such an endgame they risks being spotted and shown, when normally they could play their games comfortably from behind the curtain. And over a typical 50 year plot, they still get to plunder anyways.

But the final answer to the question is the New Great Depression is being used as a gentle form of neo-population-control. And there are various quotes and such around talking of mass global depopulation of up to 90% of the global population. But even if those quotes are under consideration by the powers at be, with Neocommunism they might be able to let us mostly live, just not afford to all have designer babies, god like cognition and most importantly indefinite lifespans. In that context, maybe they’ll let the masses still increase in population as we would naturally (aside from our food being unfit to eat), except we’ll be given much harder odds at ever being able to afford to live forever. And never-ending global wars like the New Cold War and the War on Terror should keep a nice slice from reproducing.

And all signs point to this economic meltdown having been engineered. Every mainstream news source can be quoted as saying that the subprime loan disaster is what catapulted us down into the inevitable downward spiral abyss. The key to undeveloping a nation and the world with it is in destroying the housing market. And destroy it they did by central economic planning the interest rates that fueled the subprime predatory lending wave. But Federal Reserve apologists lay the blame on the banks who did the lending. The problem with that is the private owners of the Fed, whom over $5Trillion of the US national debt is owed to, are none other than the stock holders in the member banks.

So the outcome is neocommunism. You see socialism can be a whole range of things, like Welfare. The key ingredient that sets communism apart from socialism is property ownership. Seizure of private property is the first item on the list in the Communist Manifesto. Neocommunism differs from classical communism in that normally the communist central government conducts central economic planning thru the central bank. In neocommunism, the privately owned central bank conducts central economic planning, and controls the central government. And the sickest irony of it all is that at least communism is more honest about what it is, because now that the owners of the Fed are the ones who are gaining the actual ownership in this quiet nationalization of the primary mortgage banks, when you default on your loans your property may now go to the top of the food chain.

It wasn’t enough that local states governments all charge property taxes and if those aren’t payed you get evicted. It’s too bad that the income taxes perpetrated by the federal government cause a scenario where local states actually need to tax your property so they can build the roads and infrastructure that you actually use. The federal runaway spending facilitated by the Federal Reserve is helping to drive this country well beyond a never payable debt slavery, and the more the national debt goes up thru crisis and the big brother panopticon the more the banksters anchor their power broker positions.

So this a window into seeing that this notion of the US political system being some kind of democracy where voting (for either of the 2 stooges the new anchors ensure us can only win will) make a difference. But to go much further into naming names is beyond the scope of this presentation. Instead we’ll shift into what drives our masters. The topic is of particular association with neoeugenic transhumanism in particular. The underlying logic of transhumanism is playing gods in guiding our own evolution. It is the ultimate physical manifestation and embracement of Darwinism. And Social Darwinism is the key to understanding those who have long considered themselves to be gods over the mindless masses.

Social Darwinism is the logical social outcome of Darwinian philosophy. What this means to the types of sociopathic control freaks that often find their way into power in a world where nice guys finish last, to them it means applying Darwinian logic to social science. In Darwinism the central tenet is natural selection; selection of the finest. So for the successful to exceed, advance and persist that’s the natural order of things. It’s the forces of nature, and for the unsuccessful and the weak to squander and perish that’s also nature at work. It’s the way its meant to be, and if anything is divine then this is it. And now in the 21st Century the logic is that we must take control of evolution, because it is us humans who are the gods. Apply that logic to Social Darwinism and now we have a context of how the ‘gods’ of us humans handle the world in the 21st Century, and we’re all seeing this manifest more and more everyday, even on the propaganda TV.

This is a quick supplimental post for a larger one about Neocommunism being used to prevent the masses from being able to extend their lives and drive up population.

Ignorance Is Futile:

This is by no means an exhaustive tell all about the realm of life extension, but instead to show potentially economical therapies that in many cases wouldn’t even count as “transhumanism”. The new ‘field’ of life extension involves a wide array of science and technologies. Instead its to summarize some semi-recent news items that suggest that life extension could end up being affordable to average people, especially thru the law of accelerating returns and economics of scale.

The idea for many is that we’ll not just slow the aging process, but instead we’ll be able to reverse it and live indefinite lifespans. From studying people with aging disorders scientists believe they’ve identified genes that regulate aging. So between what that knowledge can yield and the rest of it they have a pretty compelling case that lifespans beyond 120 years can be achieved. This creates a population problem, if at least certain forms of it can become affordable to the masses.

So this post will just list some headlines of recent that suggest such an affordable outcome might be feasible, in short time even. The field is way beyond some of this stuff. Take a deeper look thru Technut News and elsewhere for a more comprehensive listing of news examples.

Anti-aging pill to turn back the clock

Anti Aging Enzymes In Your Drinking Water

Bio-Printing Technology To Produce Functional Human Organs

Senecavirus Structure Revealed – Kills Cancer 10,000 Times Better Than Chemo

Hoping Two Drugs Carry a Side Effect: Longer Life

Life Extension From Caloric Restriction… In A Pill!

Skin Transformed Into Stem Cells

Scientists create stem cells for 10 disorders

Researchers create heart and blood cells from reprogrammed skin cells

Cheap Pill Lets You Eat Burgers Without Getting Fat

Double Your Lifespan with a Drug that Mutates Your Ribosomes

Simple powder to beat 2400 genetic diseases

Geneticists Discover a Way to Extend Lifespans to 800 Years

The super vaccine that protects you from all types of flu for LIFE

Anti-Aging Drugs Could Change the Nature of Death

Elixer Of Youth Through A Simple Injection?

Life Extension Pill Tested In Humans

Drugs turn ‘couch potato’ mice into long-distance runners

Resveratrol: Elixer of Youth?