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With all of the attention to it lately (thanks Jeff) I figured I’d add in many things I’ve been wanting to. It has 16 new ‘isn’t because’ topic ‘questions’ bringing the total to about 48.

Films’ Statuses

Even though I haven’t been writing much at all about my film projects of old, I’ve been fiercely focused on what the “an unholy alliance” is to be. Second, “The Killing Machine: Iraq” isn’t dead either, but is mostly stalled during AUA.

I slacked much this year in any real video production post-Neocon Wars. This was a combination of burnout, partially driven by the harsh economy that has killed my work industry this year. Quite frankly, there were several months where I literally was incapable of doing film work as all my hard-drives were full and I couldn’t afford blank DVD’s to make room. But research continued.

AUA has changed slightly. The original initial ‘chapter’ was to be focused on how the RIght use the “War on Terror” and the Left use global warm-ongering to drive the masses to the same DARPA + Google A.I. ‘god on earth’ outcome. That absolutely will come as the second chapter, while the first will focus very clearly on DARPA & Google & NASA etc et al cognitive self-aware artificial intelligence, as well as the rest that goes with it such as elitist ‘immortality’ ambitions and the rest of the related transhumanism type stuff… as well as a complete and exhaustive outline of the entire array of Big Brother type legislation and systems and technologies known to the public. And more.

This particular film will be almost ‘politics’ free, delivering on an air-tight case for all of the above. Slamming of ‘Bush, Al Gore, Obama, and John McCain’ in the above regard will be nearly absent. Discussion of American Imperialism, the War on Terror, the New Cold War, Global Warming and so on will also be limited and subtle. The goal is to deliver the most compelling case possible in the hard-edged facts of what is done and what is being done under my ‘Technological Totalitarianism’ dichotomy, and then to ultimately ask the question ‘what type of system is this vast machine being born of, and inheriting?’

Some might wonder why the change of plans for chapter one, but here are some causes: In light of not possbily being able to meet the original release (roughly 1 year ago), and then changes related to the ‘election’, and the realization that I can’t possibly deliver the ultimate DARPA / Google A.I. presentation without it being its own film altogether.

Speaking of the Iraq film project (TKMI), now roughly 2 years since original conception, it’ll likely be on hiatus during chapter one of AUA.C1. AUA is just too important. And the crucial “Killing Machine” segment that sets TKMI apart has to be almost completely rebuilt from scratch all over again. It involves an intense ‘machine interface’ that includes ‘counters’ that count 6 different things (such as # of troop deaths), which are time-sensitive. So over a year ago, when I thought I could bang out the project, I had this segment almost good to go. Now that work is obsolete.

This project will take form under my old ‘TV Emulation’ concept I spoke about and roused support of long ago with the ‘evolved’ concept of that whole “Road to Terrorstorm” fiasco, which is now refered to as “Quagmire Project” and has been somewhat extinguished by releasing my very original concept of simply being an infowars films’ mashup (what finally was released as “Road to Terrorstorm”). Ironically, the Killing Machine has become the truest ‘quagmire’. You see I still have every intention to finish it, while I’ve gotten to where I CANT do the ‘evolved’ ‘quagmire’ version of R2T as it was to be a huge mashup of basically everybody elses films into one solid narrative with some added bits to make it all work. That was long ago. But the with this Iraq film I intend to finally deliver on the concept that so many expressed interest in. In a more positive light, though, a great deal of work related with Neocon Wars helped me pre-prepare some of this work. But I still have 1 week of recreating the Killing Machine segment, one week of re-reviewing and extracting from my roughly 100 hours of Iraq related media, and then about one week of editing. This must all be done with intense focus. So it will wait. Expect it done sometime before the US troop death count hits 5,000.

For some reason it didn’t save when I set the commenting up a while back. I know of some people having problems posting, and I’ve been getting bombarded with extremely annoying ‘trackbacks’ and ‘pingbacks’ that have been mucking up my ability to easily decypher what’s worth looking at between human posts and machine jargon crap. I finally got around to dealing with it, and it should all be cleared up now. I look foward to hearing others insights.


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Migrating from Myspace

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Internal Affairs

Myspace had been a convenient free place to host my blog posts. I had a dot-com for a year but was always too busy on new research and video projects etc to hassle with building a blog setup there. Work was dead around the time the domain was expiring and a bot snatched up my domain name, long ago.

So I remained lazy on the whole website thing, and it seemed rough starting a new blog at a place like this, especially considering I had several hundred blogs I’d want migrated, and over a thousand subscribers I’ve always felt some sort of loyalty to. But times have past and NewsCorp owned Myspace has become a festering pile of shit. That says a lot considering I’ve always refered to it as “the ultimate entity of ignorance in the known universe”. It is/was useful for political netwoorking etc, but it was already a POS before “News”Corp showed up.

You see they devised a certain “MSPLINKS” system ‘for combatting spam’. So it started off that every link that could appear in a profile (comments or the profile itself) would be snatched by the dictatorial MSPLINKS system, sorted and then renamed. It gives them centralized censorship of every link it targets, and sure enough MY OWN BLOGS in Myspace were censoered from being linked into my own profile.

This marked the beginning of the end of my before-hand exhausted patience with the ‘free’ service. And recently I finally noticed the death-blow: MSPLINKS now targets your own links in your own blogs. So even if they don’t kill the links they’re still renamed some big nasty shit. When you hover over them you cant look at the bottom edge of your browser to get an idea of where it goes. If you copy and paste the page the MSPLINKS follow with it.

Badbye, Myspace.

So I’ll be operating from WordPress until I can afford + get around to building my own site again. I may still repost at Myspace and Facebook if I have the time. I was going to also simultaneously operate a blog, but the post entry interface is total crap there. It’s a Google property anyways.

Sooner or later I’ll get my own real website thing going again, and then I’ll just be reposting everywhere else, perhaps.

In the meantime I’m faced with migrating my old stuff out of Myspace’s defunt system, with fixed links and revisions. But while also posting new stuff as well. I have over 760 blogs there. Many were reposts of various articles and others blogs; videos. But quite a few were written by myself. So as I go thru, certain ‘reposts’ might make it over here for archive purposes. I’ll try to get most of my stuff out, but it’s been years since I’ve looked at some of that stuff so we’ll see…