1. Faithful says:

    We were wondering if you would be interested in using our forum for your members to discuss conspiracy theories, could be beneficial to all visitors involved. What say you?

    Faithful – Admin


  2. steve cone says:

    how can i purchase your vidios?

  3. Almira says:

    You’re not very bright.

  4. Mike says:

    An entertaining and thought provoking website that shows the NWO are far from the victors

  5. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue says:

    So much woo … !!!

    Why does anybody fall for this crap ???

  6. bluesquid says:

    Great work

  7. Watching says:

    There are cures for Cancer, and for someone to make a comment that this notion is crap tells me 2 things about that person. 1) you just don’t know what your talking about or 2) you’re part of the system that is feeding off the economic pillar created by big phama companies…called Cancer Research…lets find a cure…lets find a cure for Breast Cancer…(already found)…note the mutation pathway for all cancers are the same NF-Kb…P53 Gene expressions….and much more…I’ve already said to much…

  8. aaron says:

    Man, this site was cooler with pictures..Are you changing things up or is this the new “non-visual” approach to visual stuff

  9. EIA says:

    I just read your latest post about Photobucket and Google. I will be posting this info on my website soon in hopes to offer what little support I can. I first found your website a little over a year ago, and it had been influential in many ways. I very much respect your work, and revere your efforts against the stupid disease of cancer.

    Never trust the cloud, and keep tangible backups of any critical data.

    What they did pisses me off, and especially so because of who they are f*cking with. I will do what I can. In the meantime, know that through the crap and spam, more than a few people are very much on your side, and grateful for your efforts.

    Hail Eris, Hail the Penguin.
    And may your mum obliterate all illness.

  10. EIA says:

    This is EIA, waiting for an update – I’ve noticed some of your other sites are no longer available.

    I sincerely wish you the best, and hope to hear good news soon.

    – EIA

  11. omg what happened to the DARPA video ??

  12. I posted your site on facebook to show the damage these greedy bastards are doing….
    Sorry for your loss. It is BS !! All my friends agree. I guess you can’t trust your data to these servers…. but then I back up nothing so…..

  13. Carly Thorpe says:

    Hi, there is a broken link in this article, under the anchor text – “the future of geothermal energy” (pdf, 14.1 mb).

    Here is the correct working link so you can replace it – https://selectra.co.uk/sites/selectra.co.uk/files/pdf/future_of_geothermal_energy.pdf

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