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While my older works from long ago made frequent mention to these types of technologies, I’m no longer too worried about them. A mandate to enforce them on the social scale would almost instantly erupt into total rebellion, in my view. If anything, I see them as being a sort of sign. My real concerns lie in nanobot implants, which can be injected into you via something like a vaccine, or even in your drinking water without you even knowing it. The difference is these may be able to control your mind, relatively soon, not just merely track your whereabouts or whatever. None-the-less, this is still an important story:

A Saudi Arabian inventor has filed for a patent on a potentially lethal science fiction-style human tracking microchip, the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) told The Local on Friday.

But the macabre innovation that enables remote killing will likely be denied copyright protection.

“While the application is still pending further paperwork on his part, the invention will probably be found to violate paragraph two of the German Patent Law – which does not allow inventions that transgress public order or good morals,” spokeswoman Stephanie Krüger told The Local from Munich.

The patent application – entitled “Implantation of electronic chips in the human body for the purposes of determining its geographical location” – was filed on October 30, 2007, but was only published until last week, or 18 months after submission as required by German law, she said.

“In recent times the number of people sought by security forces has increased,” the Jeddah-based inventor wrote in his summary.

The tiny electronic device, dubbed the “Killer Chip” by Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger, would be suited for tracking fugitives from justice, terrorists, illegal immigrants, criminals, political opponents, defectors, domestic help, and Saudi Arabians who don’t return home from pilgrimages.

“I apply for these reasons and for reasons of state security and the security of citizens,” the statement reads.

After subcutaneous implantation, the chip would send out encrypted radio waves that would be tracked by satellites to confirm the person’s identity and whereabouts. An alternate model chip could reportedly release a poison into the carrier if he or she became a security risk.

“Foreigners are allowed to apply for patents in Germany through a native representative, in this case it was a Munich law firm,” Krüger told The Local. “Most people apply for a patent in several countries, and this inventor probably did too.”

But the law firm, DTS Munich, is no longer responsible for the application.

“We resigned from representation of this case last week,” a spokesman said without stating why.

I realize that many of the things I try to ‘expose’ here are technically “Blue Sky” technologies, but since such alarms aren’t known to be existing technologies does that make them any less critical? This is a look into “Blue Sky” technologies becoming reality in the short term if Artificial General Intelligence succeeds.

First and foremost, I must point out that my warnings in areas such as Skynet’esque ‘AGI’ aren’t my own predictions. Instead, those are the predictions of those trying to make it happen, which I try to warn everyone about. I will add that they have compelling arguments in their favor, and the constant and ‘predictable’ technological progress that they cite does hit home in their favor. So while overall I might be a theorist of sorts, the ‘theories’ I’ve always put the most energy towards are in fact the theories of those I’m against.

My entire motivation is based on the fact that such AGI / Technological Singularity notions are openly stated and well funded goals by the government and the bankster run Corporatocracy that controls it. To me, this alone is the cause for concern, even if they didn’t have compelling arguments that they might actually succeed. Look into the National Debt and realize that this nation is already bankrupted. We can’t even afford to fund such programs even if they could ensure the whole “Terminator” or “Matrix” scenario could actually be avoided (the AGI advocates all admit that it can’t).

My concerns would still exist even if we could afford it, and if there was no such thing as the “New World Order” or “Neocommunism” (designed to bankrupt all of society to ensure that the masses will never be able to afford to reap the benefits of the technologies their tax dollars are being spent to create). Humanity still faces being run over by a freight-train juggernaut machine, even those realities aside. After countless thousands of hours of research in recent years, I’m convinced that the tyrannical Ruling Establishment is perpetrating what most call the “New World Order”. Due to this, the implications of the Blue Sky are vastly more alarming.

Some would argue that if such a control freak establishment were in control as I can almost literally prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, then why would they risk their control? The easy answer would be they believe they’ll be “gods” via such technolgies, with the nanobot neural implants jacked in the Google God machine, but I argue much further…

The motivations I speak of are quite beyond just mere neural enhancement driven collective consciousness. So many times in the past, here and there, I’ve argued that a key motivation is in kick-starting the Technological Singularity.After passing that “Event Horizon”, the technological progress of multiple exotic ‘new’ technologies such as bio and nanotechnology will go into overdrive. That would inherently mean that whatever sorts of possibilities there ar ein terms of Life Extension and other things could come in a few or so years instead of decades.

I apply the same reasoning to whatever other Blue Sky technologies one could imagine. A couple years ago at “ATS”, I argued that the AGI agenda is also about other “Blue Sky” tech’s such as Weather Control. I add to that other things such as Light Speed and beyond, and things like Time Travel. Whatever is actually possible would become reality ‘lightyears’ faster with the advent of AGI.

In regards to Weather Control,  there already exists methods and materials to modify weather in certain ways. I argue, and history shows that the dream of military commanders would be to control weather. I argue that this would require not only specialized satellites, but also vast networks of intelligent computational machines to be able to calculate such. While it wouldn’t surprise me if “They” actually could control storms, I don’t think they can yet do it under computational technologies that we know about actually existing.

The implications of weather control in the hands of a tyrannical global hegemonic empire should be obvious. What I’m concerned even more about is actually Time Travel. In particular, anyway of sending people, materials or even simply messages of whatever sort back in time is of maximum concern. I’d be concerned about anyone getting this actually, but the current masters of the world getting such power are to be feared most.

No one knows how things really work, if there are in fact parallel universes, meaning that if they went back and changed something it would just apply to some other reality that wouldn’t effect us. For all we know they could already be doing it. Imagine that nightmare. There’s no telling what would happen. Even if there are parallel universes why should some other worldwide reality be subject to such potential tyranny? Given enough time, such tyrants could infect and desolate virtually limitless possibe realities.

That would be terrible in itself, but as far as we’re all concerned what if whatever they change only affects us? Would we even be able to notice or prove such occurences? If there were any chance, would we be even more dumbed down and indoctrinated into deeper mindsets of absurdity to have any chance of awakening to the evil and fighting back?

These ideas are but more reason why the advent of AGI is the most important and potentially devastating path humanity must consider. Over the years I’ve extensively proven the Technological Establishment’s AGI Manhattan Project, as chronicled in my site here. The only theory about it is their own, that they can do it.

I refuse to sit back and wait for the results, but for now there exists no national or global debate. They’re attempting to march us head first into this thing, while bankrupting us all on the way there. Meanwhile a global dictatorship worldwide Police State is being built as the platform. In my view, it’s easy to guess what such an AGI would become, according to its own designs.

In conclussion, don’t ignore the Blue Sky. Don’t wait for it to fall.

ABC News:

The release of the 2010 budget request has shed more light on some FBI surveillance programs the bureau is currently developing and testing.

The budget request shows that the FBI is currently developing a new “Advanced Electronic Surveillance” program which is being funded at $233.9 million for 2010. The program has 133 employees, 15 of whom are agents.

According to the budget documents released Thursday, the program, otherwise known as “Going Dark,” supports the FBI’s electronic surveillance intelligence collection and evidence gathering capabilities, as well as those of the greater Intelligence Community. Read entire article


FBI “Going Dark.” Budget Request for High-Tech Surveillance Capabilities Soar

Big Increases for Intelligence and Pentagon “Black” Programs in 2010


Google’s information appetite is never-ending , and now the search-and-advertising giant wants your help in building a profile page that will show up anytime anyone searches on your name.

Be afraid.

The Google Profile service is intended to let you tell Google how to index you. You tell it (or hide from it) your picture, your bio, and links to your pages around the web — such as your Facebook account, Wikipedia page or your Twitter feed. It also includes a handy feature to let people email you, without actually giving out your email address.

Right now, those profiles show up low in regular search results, but as people begin to fill them out, Google will likely make them the top result for your name.

That puts Google even more firmly in control of the index of your online life. In fact, Google’s power will make it imperative for you to fill out your profile, lest you give Google all of the control over what people find about you on the net (see Google’s profile search, for instance)

In early April, Adam Wilson posted a status update on the social networking Web site Twitter – just by thinking about it.