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Ray Kurzweil on the Glenn Beck Show

Establishment propaganda mouthpiece Glenn Beck drooled over Transhumanism-messiah & DARPA / Google-insider Ray Kurzweil for 40 minutes.

This aired on 5-30-08. Typical Ray Kurzweil performance. Early mention of how Ray is working with Google co-founder (Larry Page) for a government sanctioned initiative. That’s an interesting name to come up, but of course it was only in the context of solar panels rather than the open-secret DARPA / NASA / Google military operation to kick-start the ‘Technological Singularity” (god-like AI outcome with humans neurologically merged into it / a hive-mind) in roughly 5 years time.

This is important because in Ray’s books and speeches he speaks about the Singularity as if it is inevitable, of course, but frames it as if it will inherently or naturally rise out from predictable technological progress, alone. And that’s it folks. He doesn’t like to talk about what difference would there be if the military and their contemporaries such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and the rest had a Manhattan Project’esque full-scale initiative to usher it in in the shortest time physically possible.

So he just projects everything as “within 20 years”, but leaves it at that. He honestly tells what ‘they’ believe they’re going to achieve, but forgets to honestly warn what it all means in the real world while dodging the cold hard reality of what he and his associates are intentionally attempting to make reality in short time. At least NIH-insider Dr. Ben Goertzal is honest enough to tell it could come within 10 years if such a Manhattan Project existed, but he too fails to discuss that it is already in motion.

While we’re at it, Ray does in-general actually contradict himself about his own predictions in the form of projecting that in 20 years affordable ($1000) computers will be able to do such. That’s fine, until we get to what I mentioned in the last paragraph. At that point his predictions become backwards, because he speaks only about the ‘natural’ rise of it, but not the ‘un-natural’. In the meantime… if this whole AI / AGI ‘god on earth’ thing is even physically possible, it will require exhaustive resources and efforts to achieve in the semi-near future. In short, it will require the utmost of human intent, and ‘resolve’, and the current existence of such is nowhere to be found anywhere in Ray’s talking points, ever.

As-per-usual Kurzweil presentation. And Beck did ask some good questions during the interview, but Ray’s lips dripped and over-bubbled with utopian fantasies while side-stepping dystopian realities both current and future. No surprise here.

Typical of his type, including mainstream media reporting, justification and positive examples of extreme mad science are spewed to tug at emotions while dodging the realistic contexts. For example, Glenn basically asked about if people would be able to hack our neural implants “to turn you off”, so Ray responds that Parkinson’s disease patients have implants that they can download software (updates) into. Eventually they move on without any actual proposed safeguard / solution.

My other talking point from this clip is about another Beck statement: “May I be a test person for the fat thing. No, seriously.”

What he was referring to can be explained nicely here: “RNA interference is a tool that has a lot of people excited, and one reason for the excitement is that we hope it will provide a new method to control almost any gene in your body”.

This is where we begin to enter dangerous territory in terms of “transhumanism“. And don’t get me wrong, soon enough it will become blurry to comprehend what amounts to ‘life extension’ and ‘transhumanism’, and what doesn’t. But it goes something like this: Transhumanists like to cite people with prosthetic limbs, pace-makers, Parkinson’s neural implants and the like as justification of their fantasies of super-human immortality.

The difference is these people -many of whom are diagnosed with near-terminal disease in early life- are coping with often debilitating diseases, whereas our futurist mad-scientist witch-doctors are bent on utilizing any and often all possible forms of… (keyword) enhancements to achieve their goals. It’s a philosophy of selfish vanity-obsessive ultra-materialism where the potential of the unfettered consequences on humanity could amount to launching a nuclear missile at Russia just to see if they’d fire back their entire arsenal.

But for Beck perhaps we could excuse him in his quest to look healthy without having to exercise for more than 4 minutes per day, so that his critics won’t have much fun calling him fat anymore, even though he really isn’t too far overweight. What I’m getting at is this form of gene therapy ins’t inherently evil, as many many people have weight issues despite healthy habits, but we’re entering the age of unwitting tranhumanistic behavior on the mass-scale.

Beck also repeatidly grovels over Kurzweil’s 1999 book The Age of Spiritual Machines; nearly screamed about his obsessive fan-dom of Ray for nearly a decade. And the boot-licking wasn’t much of a surprise either. Here we had a wet-dream of psuedo-libertarianism. Each champion Libertarian notions for their own purposes, or wherever they see fit, in order to garner trust from their audiences.

In reference to Kurzweil’s ambitions, Beck said: “Get out of peoples way. Just let people -inventors, thinkers- just let ’em go. It’ll either work or it wont work.”

Its also heart-warming to hear Ray dismiss centralized government in his various speakings. But in practice he (quietly) takes part in centralized government (military) planning in order to bring his technological promised-land to fruition. And for Glenn it’s of little difference considering how on his show he regularly bangs his head on the TV cameras screaming about government involvement of this or that, but then supports just that via global US military operations bent on hegemonic world-government empire-building that amounts to slavery (and near genocide when ‘needed’) of the Earth’s population.

Later, after asking about Ray’s spirituality Beck mentions his religiosity and how he and “pretty much anybody” “feels this somthing coming” (End-Time / 2nd-Coming type notions), he asked Ray if it’s this Singularity. Beck is a professed (Mormon) “Christian”, so to correlate a god on earth artificial intelligence system with humans minds merged into it is striking to say the least.

Al Gore is a KEY figure in the governments A.I. revolution.

Moving on, it almost sounds like Ray takes a shot at Al Gore, for joining Kleiner Perkins, who has billions of dollars invested in technologies bent on capitalizing on Global Warm-ongering fear tactics. But if you watch again, no cynicism on Ray’s part towards the key player in the Technolgical Singularity movement.

Eventually Beck asks what Ray’s “holy grail” would be, to which he responds “computers that match human intelligence”.

So Glenn asked if Ray has concerns about if the AI god(s) might decide to kill us for our own good. So Ray even said that technology is both creative and destructive… and from there he just rambles on about how we (humans) are better off than we were 300 years ago. End of discussion.

So that settles it. Since living conditions are currently better than hundreds of years ago it is therefore desirable to usher in god-like intelligence ASAP. And why not?

After-all, your pet dog & cat also live much better in their servile domesticated lives. So the logic seems to go like this: As we humans have progressed in medicine, and so on, life has gotten better for humans’ pets. Now humans will become the pets of Kurzweil’s coming messiah-christ, so therefore the progress of the new masters of humanity will surely increase human livelihood. Have a nice century.

Kurzweil’s Human Utopia

In the closing 3 minutes Ray also mentions having worked with the Army on bio-terrorism defense. Soon there-after he claims that he believes that Privacy is going to win via email encryption… good luck. As if email is the only dimension of threats to privacy… or as if the looming advent of quantum computers won’t allow ‘the government’ to crack any code with near light-switch simplicity.