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ABC News ‘reporter’ “Z. Byron Wolf” spews yellow journalism:

Ventura to Appear at Paul Shadow Convention
July 31, 2008 5:33 PM

ABC’s Z. Byron Wolf Reports: We already knew the bearded Grover Norquist and the bedraggled former bowtie-wearing pundit Tucker Carlson would address Texas Congressman and libertarian Republican Ron Paul’s shadow convention – aka The Rally for the Republic – in Minneapolis later this summer.

But those two men, anti-tax and libertarian though they may be, are, lets face it, nerds. And the other speakers, former Congressman and Arizona political scion Barry Goldwater Jr. and legal expert Bruce Fein aren’t much better. In order to harness some of that youthful energy that marked his Presidential campaign, Paul needed some star power and it seems he’s got it.

In video on his website today, Paul announced that former Minneapolis Governor and professional wrestler, erstwhile Mexico surfer dude and anti-establishment independent politics rock star Jesse Ventura, even though he has ruled out a bid to shake up the US Senate race in Minnesota and is in no way a Republican, will take part in the rally.

The Rally for the Republic on Sept. 2 at the Target Center (holds 18,000 and 7,000 tickets have been sold according to a Paul staffer) in Minneapolis, is set to caps off a week of activities sponsored by Paul’s new Political Action group, the Campaign for Liberty, from book signings and a concert to the “Campaign for Liberty Real Politics Training School,” which is being billed to supporters as “your opportunity to learn the skills‚ strategies‚ and techniques necessary to be an effective activist‚ from top experts in the field.”

The comments there are classic. One pointed out that Ventura was the former governor of Minnesota, not Minneapolis.

Here The Washington Times actually does a balanced piece:

Ron Paul adds firepower

Ron Paul sounds a bit worried he won’t be able to make his goal of filling the Target Center in Minneapolis on Sept. 2 for his Rally for the Republic, the counter-convention he’s holding to go against Republicans’ nominating convention in neighboring St. Paul.

In a video message to supporters Paul says they’ve sold half the tickets, but he’s worried about disappointing expectations and he urged his supporters to sign up and show up. As of this evening the count stood at 7,542 tickets sold.

“If we don’t have a large crowd, believe me, that will be the news,” he says.

He also announced the Sept. 2 event will feature country musician Rocky Lynne and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.

“He’s not a Republican and he’s not a Democrat, he’s independent-minded,” Paul said. “He’s anxious to come, he supports our view, he’s against this war, he supports civil liberties.”

Stephen Dinan, national political correspondent, The Washington Times