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This short video quote is a choice example of the technocrat ideology of the elite that seeks to become living gods with brain augmentations and life extension technologies:

This is a clip from the documentary Technocalypse. He’s referencing the transhumanist agenda to become living gods via technology.

This particular individual is Robert Seed, of human cloning noteriety. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to hear the likes of David Rockefeller saying the same thing. This clip proves that humans are no more enlightened than ever as transhumanists often claim how technology is going to end our problems. Instead, it more promises to amplify them.

I’ve argued in the past that this precise issue has been a major driving force in the escalating plundering the earth and the US in recent years, to prevent the masses from also becoming “gods”.


Here’s a similar clip I’ve found, where this transhumanist tries to argue that its good for the human species to splinter off into subspecies tribes, and then destroy each other.:


You can have 20 people out on watch. This guys creeps in, with this scope, and its game over for your entire compound:

I know, I know, how dare they annihilate all of those poor defenseless hogs. That’s not the point of this post, but already know that half of people will be outraged, so if you insist these animals are feral invaders. Hogs aren’t native to North America, and are considered trespassing livestock. The men in the video are paid by farmers to remove these pests. They are exterminators, but what is interesting about this outfit is they will take you on their hunts with them (for money) to farms where they’ve been hired to remove the wild hogs. The hogs never know what hit them.

If you would like some videos to be legitimately pissed off  about, try these out:

And here’s a super rare 1970’s oldie I accidentally found in an old “mondo” film called “This Is America (Part 2)”:

Let us hope that when the Machines take over they treat us like pets, instead of like livestock. Perhaps it will be like we do it: ugly animals are tortured and eaten. Cute and cuddly looking animals are protected and revered. Although it would be more like: Transhumanists jacked into the Machine will be protected, and ordinary humans will be shat upon.

The machines already have this vision:

In conclusion, you might want to get some sort thermal night vision equipment for night watch.

This hero is so hardly told he’s a legend for that alone. In the 1870’s, he was a major proponent against poverty, in New York City. It wasn’t until the invention of flash lighting techniques was he able to even photograph the dark images of the human condition that he was trying to expose.

Jacob August Riis (May 3, 1849 – May 26, 1914), was a Danish American social reformer, muckraking journalist and social documentary photographer. He is known for his dedication to using his photographic and journalistic talents to help the impoverished in New York City, which was the subject of most of his prolific writings and photography. He helped with the implementation of “model tenements” in New York with the help of humanitarian Lawrence Veiller. As one of the most prominent proponents of the newly practicable flash, he is considered a pioneer in photography.…

This man needs to be celebrated. In one regard to his recognition, in the other to carrying on his work. The real challenge to the latter is actually getting images of the other side of the human condition to where it matters. Thanks to the Internet, we’re able to take media to people in their domains of ignorance. However, it still needs a shot at the rest of the masses.

Recall how the news anchors were forced to openly admit that the US had never had to see or acknowledge the true poverty crisis in the US, after the entire world had seen teh horrors of Hurricane Katrina.

Avenues such as CNN’s iReport can be used for trying to reach the rest of the masses. The real key isn’t merely finding images online and reposting them, it’s in actually getting down into the grim yourself, and for everyone to be flooding the Internet streams with new media.

Poverty is on its way to us all if we don’t stand up, People, and this could be a way to motivate people into resisting the growing trend, and the concept of poverty altogether.


-Swarm robots… doing the robot.

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The victory dance of our robot overlords

The Nao robots, developed by Aldebaran Robotics,  demonstrate the latest agility in robotics.  The movements start out very simple with just simple arm motion but just wait it gets much more interesting.