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IIB = 0wned!

Posted: May 28, 2011 in IIB Films, Internal Affairs

Yeah the page here has been broken and derelict for a long while.

First Photobucket banned my image account, and then Youtube did the same.

My account had been paid in full in December 2009. It was about 5 years old, and everything I’ve ever posted online in all of my work was housed there.

The ‘discourse’:

Unfortunately your account has been banned because it violated our terms of service. These terms apply to both free and premium accounts.



This deserves an explaination.

No warning? No reason? Everything is for fair use educational purposes. I’ve created a major part of the content. The rest is all free speech related. I’ve never had any images removed for the years I’ve been with you. I’m a paying customer. I’m loyal. Please explain.

There wasnt any porn or anything like that in my account, unless it was hacked. I haven’t even uploaded much of anything at in a several weeks.

Dear Ignorance Isn’t Bliss,

Your account contained images which violate our Terms of Use.  These Terms apply to all users regardless of the Public/Private setting of the account.  When you created the account, you agreed to abide by these terms and we clearly explained the consequences of violating those terms. attempts to maintain a website that is absent of offensive, indecent or objectionable content.  That is our general policy and your images were removed in accordance with that policy. The Terms of Use, found at, reflect that policy by giving Photobucket the right to remove content that, among other things, (a) it deems unlawful, obscene, harmful, threatening, defamatory, or hateful; (b) invades the privacy of any third party; (c) contains nudity, illustrated nudity, pornography, illustrated pornography, child erotica, or child pornography; or (d) Photobucket deems otherwise objectionable.


Your Photobucket Support Team

And then they responded again:

Dear Ignorance Isn’t Bliss,

Your account has been reported for fraudulent payments and the account will remain banned.


Your Photobucket Support Team

“offensive images”?

“fraudulent payments”??

This is madness.

What images were offensive? At leat give me filenames.

The account was paid last Decemeber. October a year later all of the sudden its fraudulent? This “fraudulent” payment wasnt caught a month after the successful payment? This is an outrage.

“Offensive” images? Which ones? With freedom of speech, you can piss people off. If there was porn, or something along those lines, sure, I get it, but thats not MY account. If I cant create and post images that might piss off some supporter of some politician, just because people don’t want to hear it, then your business is sunk. It’s over.

I’m responding the best I can with what you’ve given me, which is nothing at all.

It’s not like my account is only a few months old and is already posting adult content, or some odd exploit such as that.

Next response:

“Reported” “fraudulent” by who?!? What does that even mean?

Shutting me down without due process, and without details for my recourse,  is very poor business practice.

Even the word “BANNED” is poor choice. I’m your customer. I promote you by using your services, and by being loyal. It should read ‘…your account has been disabled while under review…’. Something along those lines.

I’m still waiting to know, what content supposedly violated what terms???

It shouldn’t take a week to resolve this. Imagine if the power company shut down your main data center(s) and sent you a simple email stating “violated terms”, and it took a week to get any details about what the issue behind it even was. While I don’t make money off the Internet, or Photobucket, it doesn’t make the status of my content any less important to me. I’m your customer just like you’re the electricity company’s customer. If this were a free unpaid type account I could understand the lack of prompt response.

I also don’t understand why whatever content is in question couldn’t have just been disabled, and I would have just gotten an email stating why. In that case, it taking so long to get anything done about it wouldn’t be a big deal, but tyhis is my entire account you’ve shut down here.

Please help.

Dear Ignorance Isn’t Bliss,

The payment was blocked by the cardholder of the account you used to pay for your photobucket account.  The account will remain banned.


Your Photobucket Support Team

What are you talking about? You can’t block a payment made back in December. It was paid in full by a friend back in December, meaning you shouldn’t be attempting to rebill it this being only October.

Like I said, it was paid in full last December by a friend. No fraud there, no payments to discuss. Not only is it NOT time to to pay for next year, you were never authorized to rebill that card for next year. Even if that’s what you attempted to do, it shouldn’t matter because my account is paid into December, and it doesn’t require shutting down my account while it is resolved. Is this how you treat your paying customers? Give vague responses and not respond the further inquiry for days on end? Something seems wrong here. The first email said I had violated Photobucket terms, which doesn’t actually tell me anything. Then it said I violated content rules. Now it’s this, when you weren’t given the legal authority to rebill the card. It would have saved us all a lot of time if the first email simply said what the issue was and what needs to be done to clear up any misunderstanding, instead of merely informing me that my account has been “BANNED”. Switching off OLD and well used user accounts like this, while apparently arguably breaking the law yourselves, is bad business. I deserve better treatment than this, as even the word “BANNED” is over the top.

Then Photobucket staff stopped responding.

Around that time Youtube also shut me down.

Here’s what it says currently when I try to log in:

If you’ve been redirected to this page from the sign-in page, it means that access to your Google Account has been disabled.

Back around the time it happened they requested me to provide it my personal cell phone number, so it could text me an access code. Of course I declined.

So they effectively shut me down. It’ll take a month or two to attempt to fix maybe half of what I’ve done.  This thought in considering returning to my work makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

From there I’m so behind on my various inventing, and ‘mad botany’ projects, and more, that it’s easy for me to procrastinate trying to do any of this here.

But once again it’s getting too hot even at night to do outdoorsie type stuff, and it might be time to return to publishing. I’m thinking first I’ll fix the images at the site, and then instead of blog I’ll just go straight to documentary production…

The Good News: I just invested a bunch of money into getting my video editing PC back to operational. A new CPU to replace the one that burnt out awhile back preventing me from using my killer motherboard/cpu/video card/6GB of RAM. Replaced buggy old (backup) sound card with a better one. Bought a new 60GB Solid State Hard Disk to replace my OS / program launch disk (ultra fast computation!!). Finally XP 64 Bit to fully utilize my dual core 64 Bit CPU. Sent both of my 22″ widescreen dual monitors off to be replaced (hopefully) one week before my 3 year warranty expired. I’m all fired up to get caught up and beyond in my endeavors.

And… I bought another 1TB hard disk…

The Bad News: A couple weeks ago I had another HD crash (DIE!!!), another damn Western Digital (WD). Read the title! I’ve been having these go down one about every 6 months for some time. This was the last of them! I run 8 HD’s, and had forgotten the important drive set I had on this one…

Usually I get some warning, and shift important stuff around off of the older POS WD junk. Not this time. I have several HD’s at all times. 2 are always dedicated to my film stuff (actual project files) not just data stores…

Well my ‘AUA’ film project drive completely died. What I once called ‘AUA’ is now more like many different films of different lengths and scales, but all loosely related. I do have the video editor project files backed up, and soundtrack, etc. But the media files themselves are gone, and a bunch of other stuff. I do have a lot of the media files on dvd all mixed up thru my extensive data archives, but not everything, let alone non-video files I had gathered for some time. NOT the script, NOT the editor project files, NOT some other irreplaceable stuff, but a LOT is gone. About 2 months of catch up it will take to have what I did. Might have to cut some corners eventually, like when you’re debating in a forums and writing out a huge argument and then the IE window crashes and you have to write it all over again.

Called around, $400 – $2400 to recover the data. Probably about $750. Cant afford it. If anyone knows anyone that works in data recovery and can help out shoot me a line. I might just have to fix the damn thing myself…

One of the data recovery specialists I spoke with said that WD disks are only meant to last about 18 months. And I can tell you this: they roll off the same assembly line as dirtbag brand Maxtor disks. WD used to be the name in HD’s, many years ago, but now they’re in the gutter.

So I have mentioned and even trumpeted several films in progress in the past that have never come to fruition. I have the tendency to get over-ambitious in my projects. For instance with Neocon Wars it was originally only to be a 2 minute spoof flick. I ended up having a hard time keeping it under 2 hours. But it was easy to make, merely mashing up hundreds of different segments extracted from hundreds of clips of primarily existent footage, and laying over an already prepared music score.

There was some custom created material in there to ‘compost’ it all together, but its not like trying to make a full production with a complete narrative. Getting over-ambitious in this sort of production gets out of hand. Long ago I had the idea to make and release lots of segments that eventually interlock into a greater and ever growing compilation. Tonight I recalled this concept, and that’s how I’m going to have to do it.

For instance, my most recent Climategate video went from idea to Youtube release in 48 hours. Now this would take longer, writing and solving narrating etc, but none the less the Climategate clip would take eons to make if trying to wrap an entire ‘new’ documentary around the entire climate issue. Despite the  my recent burst of climate change noise, its far from my biggest focus, but it is a key facet in ushering the system I’m trying to warn of.

So I pledge to try to focus my efforts into this ‘new’ framework, and try to get stuff done in pieces to make up for lack of progress and for any I’ve disappointed in not following thru. One thing I’ve learned is to not even mention a project until its actually ready, so I wont say now what I intend to cover first. A year ago let on about a film that was in focus and in production.

I have a mostly complete script, although events since then alter it in many regards. Making a film of this nature is hard, as daily news only expands on or alters it. But the script is mainly composed of segments anyways. The project was called An Unholy Alliance, so now perhaps it will be an ever expanding compilation of separate segments, that combined build upon the ‘unholy alliance’ motif.

This will allow me to put better effort into each ‘segment’, and not be pressed to cut corners due to duration constraints. After all, there are so many facets that to attempt to smash them into one films-length of a narrative would be to lose much perspective and reality. I figure I can tool each clip to interlock, ala a certain ‘tv emulator’ film concept my older readers might remember, and upload the segments individually to, allowing anyone interested to take my segments and combine them as desired into dvd’s or whatever. Even make your own segments and add them in perhaps.

currently writing this section…

I have quite a few film projects that are upcoming, sooner or later. They’ve been stuck in what the film industry calls “Development Hell“. The reasons for which are numerous, and I apologize to anyone I’ve disappointed by making the mistake of announcing projects before having them more than 89% complete. My current focus is on the “AUA” ‘franchise’ at the bottom of this list.


Clip: Prototype Intro Reel.

“Quagmire” isn’t really the title. It all started shortly after making my TWYS video, in 2006. I had watched the Infowars film “Terrorstorm (2006)“, and thought it would be cool to throw together a relatively short compilation using only the pre-9/11 chronology segments combined with those from “Road to Tyranny (2002)“. Appropriately, it was to be titled “Road to Terrorstorm”, as evidenced in that little scary car ride segment at the end of that intro prototype. Eventually I over-expanded the idea and hit technical brick walls which I’ll explain later. (Read the blue section below to learn about my idea for making it into a retroactive open source online project.)

I felt that context was perhaps more important than the actual ‘story’ of 9/11.  The goal was to show ‘how did we get there’, not ‘what happened’ on 9/11. I wasn’t just trying to make another 9/11 film, nor did I seek to tell what happened on 9/11. It was to end on 9/11. And the parts related to 9/11 weren’t to include much of anything theoretical, but rather historical facts presented in chronological order. The scope was to be much greater, as I re-thought what the film was to become. I wanted to show how we became who we are as a nation, our place in history and the world, and the reality of the system we’re all enslaved to.

Cultural Amnesia became the major target of the project. In my vision, attempting to explain what even happened on 9/11 (a great deal of which is highly debatable) would hardly be needed given the right context. I eventually decided that for the total wake up call, I would need far more segments not found in the original 2 films that inspired it. So then I began to reach for a broad range of elements from a broad range of films and sources. Doing this helped me get the concept of what would make the film unique, and eventually spelled its doom.

A key challenge in the project was how to mix in and out of so many different sources, which became my ‘TV Emulator’ concept. An overall objective of the film was to deprogram any brainwashed viewers, and TV’s are the key source of the ‘brainwashing’ indoctrination of the masses.  Then the concept was to be as if the TV signal was interrupted, the TV taken over, to go back in time and chronologically deprogram the viewer with the massive history and context we’re denied by the system.

A major problem I’ve often encountered with film making is over-ambition, and this project was the first form of it. The project could have easily been over 6 hours long, as I realized I didn’t quite have a PC worthy of handling the whole thing it actually ‘melted down’. That was a major setback that lasted months, having to use ever lower par parts. I went on to build a nice machine for this purpose, but by the time I did my interests had shifted to smaller projects such as “DARPA A.I. Control Grid (2007)” and “The Killing Machine: Iraq (20??)” and then other things that life brings.

Another issue I had was indecision. For one thing, I couldn’t decide on a title. Before I went beyond the original concept I had already thrown together a custom little into segment (spooky car scene in the intro reel) for the “Road to Terrorstorm” incarnation. But as I made it more custom I could no longer keep that title for a greater project, out of respect in particular. Well that sucks when you already had a friend help out on some graphics work for the title ending of the segment. But indecision about what to add, borrow, or make, that is, what should even be in it. At some point it became overwhelming.

Other events in 2007 didn’t help matters for this project, and I’m sure it disappointed some people. The biggest was my computer took literally 2 lightning strikes in a period of about 3 weeks. That is, my badass machine and then my backup. And work was slow around then so I went a good while not being able to edit. However, I did manage to squeeze out the core original R2T concept film which is online. Did it in just a few days using the subpar machine, as it was quite simple compared to the evolved version. Using that title, I decided I didn’t want to put in anything that wasn’t from Infowars, and figured I’d make the more evolved version with a totally new title. I don’t think that appeased too many of the people who were excited about the evolved idea I announced almost a year before. Anyways, by the time I got my mean machine back up the Ron Paul presidential campaign was full tilt and I decided I had to make something in support of it. This turned into my next example of over-ambition, as what was supposed to be a tiny little parody clip turned into a full 2 hour film titled “Neocon Wars (2008)”.

The Future of “Quagmire”, an Open Source project:

Today this project isn’t a priority in terms of being a single film release. It could easily end up being over 24 hours long, especially if the timeline were to extend into the future. As I already mentioned issues with indecision about what to include, and what not, a project with this potential is too limited for just being a one time render film.

Today I envision a retroactively editable online presentation: A streaming channel, with chronology as the framework, and a group of people all finding or creating, and deciding on materials for it. It could be setup where people can start watching from the start of the loop, or jump in in ‘real-time’, or click on a list of time periods from which to start.

Picture History Commons, meets a streaming site like, with a dope interface that automatically mixes the chronological selections, and a team of editors to verify the validity of proposed additions.

It might be easy for the right person(s) to setup. A streaming video player that grabs clip after clip and mixes them in specified order, where you can add clips / segments into the chronology at will. If the video player applet could be made to transition the clips using the TV static concept, it would save volunteers from hassle. To go with this, it would be very worthwhile to have a bar (or panel even) with info & clickable links that changes as topics and names are mentioned in the presentation. Another cool thing the video applet could do is display a different channel number representing each editor, and then have a panel where you can choose to watch each channel stream individually.

There exist a lot of compilation films out there. I think there’s a lot of good talent out there in terms of compiling films. Films shouldn’t only be made if the maker is good at all facets of filmaking, meanwhile there are tons of projects out there that don’t get enough recognition. Just the same, there are lots of people out there talented at other facets of filmaking etc that don’t necessarily have the will or technical means to pursue a full length film. So I envision a central project where people of all talents can collaborate on a project as I’m proposing (and other more specific type films) which would be easier to promote.

I suppose existing streaming sites could be approached with this idea, but I haven’t done this. If you’d be interested in contributing to this sort of project drop me an email and maybe we can establish a better form of communications and collaboration for a group effort. I’d love to help direct a project like this, but with my other projects there’s no way I can go out and get the whole thing going without others.

“The Killing Machine: Iraq”

Clip: Main Killing Machine segment prototype.

I developed the concept for The Killing Machine while working on the Vietnam section of the ‘Quagmire’ project. The goal of my custom contribution was to use the Biohazard song “Remember” similar to how I used the Slayer song “Expendable Youth” for the above segment. I had meant for the Iraq film to be fully interlockable and in the same concept as the ‘Quagmire’ project. I felt it’d be beneficial experience in working back towards the greater project. In attempting to visualize all of the death and COSTS of the Iraq war, I realized how difficult it would be to do the same with the deaths of 58,000 US troops and millions of others in the Vietnam war.

And what an excruciating process. For that clip alone I reviewed, over and over, thousands of brutal images from the war. For the greater project I had reviewed 100+ hours of Iraq war documentaries. But it wasn’t only the content that was excruciating, it was also the process.

Here’s another prototype clip that was to be more towards the beginning of the film:

Clip: 9/11 segment prototype.

The film wasn’t going to just be ‘music videos’, those were just key custom parts. The rest would be actual video quotes of people like Bush, and other little snippets from other documentaries and so on. The custom parts are what kill you. You can easily spend hours or even days on one minute of pure custom rendered film.

Thinking back, I had a majority of the work finished on some of the most complex parts of the film. I worked on it with pretty good focus until the lightning came. Very disappointing to not have it finished! The problem is I’ll now need to completely (and manually) rebuild the number counters on the bottom, and then spend a week or more reviewing all of the Iraq video happenings since Obama took office. Those counters were a pain, and with the methods I was using with all of the rest of the elements (side bars especially), the best I ever had it look ended up being a file that was about 1GB for 15 seconds of film.

I lacked the HD space back then. I might have been able to able to render a reasonably sized end product, but all of those layers of video had to be rendered individually as HD gorging RAW uncompressed data. Using non raw elements kept giving me videos artifacts and other quality issues that bothered me and made it hard to actually get the full presentation. Thinking ahead, rebuilding the counters are a major deterrent. What a tedious process, the best I could figure out how to do it even. Now I’m more concerned with my flagship, “AUA”. But as long as the Iraq war continues this film will be on my action item list. I really want this thing done!

“An Unholy Alliance”

This is a direction this blogsite will be taking from here on, especially during hiatus from filmaking. This entry isn’t the actual HowTo, but those pages are upcoming and long overdue. The direction my life has taken during this economic collapse and film hiatus has me now having too much needed to be said in similar vein to the technological totalitarianism that usually dominates my work.

It’s all about preparing for the “Barter Economy”, and in the past 5 months I’ve got it down pat. I’m actually living in a sort of “NWO Survival” training grounds. As the last man standing in my company, with the offices having been moved out of the high-tech-industry work-compound over a year ago, I’ve taken up lone residence with round the clock free run in such facilities. I’m surrounded by my work, and by my GTFO (get the fuck out) survival projects. So the lessons I have to offer aren’t merely ideas that I think sound cool, they’re first hand routines.

You see, when the October Panic came I was caught with my pants down, completely unpreapred for anything, yet I still chugged on in working on my film. When the December busy season at work never came, I was caught once again unprepared for anything, only this time countinuing on my film 24/7 was no longer an option whether I liked it or not.

Here at the WordPress site I’ve changed the “NWO Hacking” tag to “NWO Hacking & Survival“. I hope to get an Internet radio show with 2 different themed nights per week, one on my rather exclusive outlook on Technological Totalitarianism, and the other on NWO Survival. Since ‘work-work’ is still not not enough to make ends meet, preparedness has interwoven with immediate day to day prosperity, and I don’t have enough time to do all of my text-driven Internet soapboxing.

In preparing for the barter economy I’ve found short term opportunities as well, as you likely will on your own if you become a survivalist 27/7. In regards to becoming a Mad Max Millionaire, it’s all about stockpiling key items that would ‘be worht their weight in’ silver or gold or better in the total New Great Depression / Mad Max Scenario.  There are many widely recognized items of such value (such as ammo) which you cannot likely get ‘for a few dollars’, but I’ve developed a list of items and techniques with which you can accumulate ‘vast wealth’ for even as little as the time it takes to do it…