HR 5175 — The bill to silence citizens.

Posted: July 5, 2010 in 2010, Articles

Veterans Today:

Congress is currently attempting to ram another bill down our throats that will silence groups (and bloggers) that speak on political matters within 60 days of an election.

One of the common interpretations is that the bill will require groups and bloggers to disclose their membership lists if they mention public officials in mailings, articles, or advertisements.

Of course, labor unions are exempt from this bill.

The NRA was fighting this bill to help protect the First Ammendment rights of Americans.  This week, in a disappointing turn of events, the NRA convinced House Democrats to agree to exempt them from the bill.  As a result, the NRA publicly announced on Thursday that they will no longer oppose this bill that limits free speech.

Since the NRA stopped fighting for us, I need to ask you to help fight this bill.  Specifically, I want to ask you to do 3 things:
1.  Go to–disclose-act–now/ and fill out the online form to send emails, faxes, and or letters to one or more of your representatives.
2.  Copy the email on this page–disclose-act–now/forward/ and send it to anyone you know who is concerned about First Ammendment issues.  (If you have any troubles, please let me know)
3.  If you’re on social media, please send people to–disclose-act–now/ to let their voices be heard.

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