*Illegitimate 4th of July celebrations.

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Exclusives, Timeless

Hate to be the party pooper, but I can’t fathom what people are celebrating. This isn’t even about those who don’t even know what they’re celebrating, it’s about those who do.

The fact is “America” is over. The tyrants who own us now are far worse than King George, and it gets worse everyday.

Taxation without representation: We pay 50X the taxes the colonialists did.

The Bill of Rights: Dead.

The Constitution: Oh dear.

Future generations: Already bankrupt at birth.

Liberty & Freedom: Please do specify how free you believe you are. Please.

US Sovereignty: On the ropes.

Fireworks: Made in China.

You support the Constitution: You might be put on a terrorist list.

And then there’s the people who don’t even know the first things about the 4th of July:
26 percent of Americans have no clue what country US fought to gain its independence.

It’s still the 4th of July as I post this, and for those of you who are seeing it on this day, don’t feel bad, that you didn’t light some Chinese fireworks in an illegitimate celebration. A celebration as illegitimate as the government that enslaves us.

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. I honor the troops this weekend. I honor those that serve. That’s all there is left it seems at times.

    70% of the people in this country think the world is coming to an end.

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