*Send secret messages via digital Steganography.

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Articles, Timeless
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Steganography is the practice of hiding messages within media. The picture below is a form of physical steganography, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be both an artist and an expert in exotic ciphers to be able to encode messages. Modern digital steganography tools make this process a snap.

Steganart example. Within this picture, the letter positions of a hidden message are represented by increasing numbers (1 to 20), and a letter value is given by its intersection position in the grid. For instance, the first letter of the hidden message is at the intersection of 1 and 4. So, after a few tries, the first letter of the message seems to be the 14th letter of the alphabet; the last one (number 20) is the 5th letter of the alphabet.

With online photo encrypters such as Mozaiq, you simply upload your image, type in the message, and select a password that the recipient will need to know to be able to decrypt the hidden message.

Here are some more resources:

  • Antiy Labs – Info Stego software is used for embedding files within other files and encrypting them with a 128 bit secure algorithm.
  • BitCrypt – Stego-encryption for text hiding or unseen communication.
  • Concealogram – Steganographic tool for encrypting data in images. Product information, profiles of directors and contact details.
  • CryptoBola – Supports hiding data files in JPEG image files. FAQ, downloadable trial version and user tutorial.
  • Hermetic Stego – Supports hiding data files in one or more BMP image files. Usage instructions, pricing and downloadable evaluation copy. [Windows]
  • Mail++ – Email service for hiding confidential text messages, file attachments, web pages or Windows applications in images. Has a limited-functionality free version.
  • OutGuess – Freeware steganographic tools for hiding and detecting hidden data in PNM and JPEG image formats.
  • Reasonably Adequate Privacy – Steganography technique which uses the tendency of dried vegetable juices to become colored when heated as its base technology.
  • Safe Soft Corporation – CHAOS Universal tool allows the hiding of encrypted data in sound, image, and text files.
  • Steganography and Digital Watermarking – Collection of papers on data hiding and digital watermarking, including countermeasures.
  • Steganography explained. – Digital Steganography and basic Steganalysis explained. Interactive examples, along with a Python based framework to develop your own Steganography tools.
  • Xidie – Offers multiple file steganography and encryption and secure file deletion. Product technical details and ordering information.
  • ACM Queue – Article discussing steganographic techniques and methods for detecting data hidden by them. (December 1, 2004)
  • Securityfocus – Article covering what Steganography is, its applications, tools available and possible approaches to detecting where it is being used. (April 9, 2003)
  1. toty says:

    it is a good way for sending secret messages. i think it is hard to understand well.
    i try ( spy message ) program that i found on site: ( AUDIO-VIDEO.WS ). i sent secret messages to my friends in an easy and private way.

  2. peter says:

    Many thanks , i used this program (spy message) and it helped me a lot in hiding any Private text under the image file easily

  3. shiva chaitanya says:

    can u pls help me how to write dis code..and wat r da req for dis to do..in a easy way..

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