*Police Cameras now in Tampa Neighborhoods.

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Someone told me about this story today, and sure enough it’s real. This is how it happens: they put cameras up in intersections and everyone gets used to it. Then they put them in crime ridden areas, and people get used to that. Next thing you know cameras are everywhere, including hundreds of hidden cameras in every neighborhood in the US, like in the UK or as being proposed by “HoodEyes.com”.

This spring, deputies will begin using 20 cameras mounted on utility poles to zoom in on the University Area’s trouble spots.

The cameras can provide clear images of license plates three blocks away. They can show whether a quarter on the sidewalk landed heads or tails. And they can see into darkness using infrared technology.

Even when not monitored by humans, they will record around the clock, with the video stored for review days or weeks later.

“Who wouldn’t want a cop standing on your corner?” said Maj. J.R. Burton, the commander for the sheriff’s district covering the University Area. “That’s essentially what you’ve got now with the video camera on that corner.”

A $1.3 million federal grant paid to install the cameras, a first for the Sheriff’s Office, in an area bounded by N 23rd Street and Fowler, Bearss and Nebraska avenues. www.tampabay.com…

While trying to find this story I stumbled upon this “HoodEyes” outfit:

The neighborhoods of Tampa have to be protected and it’s always important to have eyes all over the neighborhood. Notify your neighborhood association about having these eyes installed throughout your Tampa neighborhood. With one life to live, it’s important to protect yourself as well as your neighbors.

Hello Tampa! It just takes one time for someone to break into a home, destroy the home, and commit murder. Once this is complete, it’s done, no going back and saying, Gee! I wish I had protected my home, myself, and my family. In Tampa, neighborhoods have to work together and do what it takes to protect their home. An Tampa home is the same as any home in any neighborhood across the Country and it needs to be protected. Come on Tampa, it’s good to have a home security system, but is this the final answer? No! We need to protect our Tampa streets and Tampa neighborhoods by installing our Hood Eyes around the whole neighborhood. These eyes will give everyone the opportunity to feel better and safe.

Here’s an example Tampa! Let’s say there’s a bunch of teenagers in the street fighting and it’s getting worse by the minute. Well, first thing you do is contact your local Tampa police department. Well, if it’s not a murder or a cop hurt, then there’s no telling how long they’ll take to get there. With hood eyes installed all around the neighborhood, this will be monitored by a local representative and the neighborhood hoodeye security will get there within minutes. Not only is the best way to do it but everything will be on camera! When the real police get there, all problems have been solved.

The people of Tampa asks, How is this paid for? Well, with neighborhood association fees, a couple of dollars here and there will pay for what’s needed to make the neighborhoods of Tampa safe. We need these camera devices and security patrol in every neighborhood across the Country. If a murder or crime is committed, then it’s too late! You cannot do anything about the situation if it’s already occurred. These hood eyes will prevent the crime or murder from ever happening. We need to stand up to the associations and demand that security is needed in every neighborhood, no matter how fancy, how rich, how poor, or how run down it is! Wake up Tampa and have the hood eyes in every neighborhood!

Whether it’s nighttime or daytime, crimes will always be committed. Security systems do work, to a certain extent! With our camera eyes placed in hundreds of locations, we’re always watching your neighborhood. If a crime is being committed, we will no about it, within seconds.

With contracts with neighborhood associations across the Country, our system allows everyone the convenience of having this 24 hour a day security without any hassles and just costing dollars. Any suspicious activity within a neighborhood will be reported within seconds as well as recorded for future evidence. We have become the top neighborhood watch across the Nation.

When you browse through their site you see every state and city listed, where they’re trying to get this in place.

Hoodeyes.com WHOIS information:

Domain name: hoodeyes.com
Registrant Contact:  EE Nation
Patricia Maggio ()
11511 Katy Freeway, ste 383
Houston, TEXAS 77079

“EE Nation” is some inconspicuous ‘spam’ looking site that is linked to a ton of other sites:

But another interesting one is “ReaperEyes.com:

Whether it’s in a nightclub, restaurant, or casino, Reaper eyes will be watching you! With partners across the Country, we’re able to put cameras in spots untouchable and not noticed. These cameras will have a live stream, allowing dispatchers to notice something out of the ordinary. If someone looks intoxicated, the police will be notified and they will be going to jail! www.reapereyes.com…

Hmm. Perhaps the HoodEyes thing is a dead end, but the fact is Homeland Security is now creeping into residential neighborhoods via these police cameras and it won’t stop there with the public so limber.

Now in case you’re saying to yourself  ‘so what I don’t do anything wrong let them watch me’, hold your breath.

You say good, but how much have you thought it through? Where should it end? Since a few blocks of a metropolitan area are crime ridden then that justifies when in a couple years they’ll have these creeping in everywhere? The criminals will just move over to areas with no cameras.

You don’t mind one of these outside your house able to look into your windows and see what’s going on even in the dark, being watched by both the local police and the federal Homeland Security?? You don’t mind having cameras track you from the time you leave your driveway until you get to wherever it is you’re going, including unflattering things / places?

How far is too far? Apparently you don’t mind being monitored and tracked every moment you spend outside of your home… how about listened to? Should they also listen to every possible thing you say? What if you want to talk dirty to your lady/man? You don’t mind perverts listening in on it? And never mind hackers.

And what about tyrannical laws? In a free society, where we’re told we’re free but we’re not, people shouldn’t be able to use their own judgment and risks about laws they don’t agree with as long as they aren’t hurting other people?

These are our HOMES we’re talking about here. This isn’t the sidewalk in downtown anymore. This isn’t the intersection. People should have the dignity to do unflattering things with total privacy.

What about inside your home? Have cameras and microphones in there listening and watching that? Which rooms are sacred? What is to remain sacred, anymore? And is it worth it? How many times were YOU mugged before and after the cameras? Out of your entire population, what percentage died per year from terrorism?

You don’t mind police and feds being able to look into your windows in the dark and see you or your family members nude??? Oh, and in case you try to argue that you don’t mind black & white cameras seeing you naked through a dark window, guess again:

Color Night Vision

The Contrast Enhanced (Retrofit) goggle configuration (CANVS Patent-Pending) represents a unique capability. It allows immediate insertion of the core CANVS Color Night Vision Goggle technology into all areas of operation currently utilizing binocular night vision goggles. This technology can be retrofitted into all existing binocular systems, including but not limited to: AN/AVS-6 and 9, AN/PVS-5A, B, and C, M908, M909, M915A, AN/PVS-15, AN/AVS-502 low profile goggle, Wide Field of View, and Panoramic Goggle configurations. www.canvs.com…

Hey unless voyeurism is your thing that’s cool. Everybody wants to be a celebrity these days. Watch me! Watch me Uncle Sam!

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