*The craziest photo I’ve ever seen! (which says alot!)

Posted: May 18, 2010 in 2010, Articles, Exclusives
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And also the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to write a headline or caption for. This was titled “THE SINGAPORE SOLUTION” by National Geographic (emphasis theirs), and it did not include a question mark after the title.

The photo:

The Singapore version of The 4th of July, the National Day ceremony.

Picture Bush or Obama up there in the eyeball shaped display!

Happy 4th of July!!!

I have the National Geographic magazine the photo came from. In the book, the photo is 2-page with more detail, and under it across both pages is a thick red border that says “THE SINGAPORE SOLUTION”. The article goes on to explain all the benefits of the worlds most sci-fi corporate police state.  I could really use some video footage of that event.

After all, LKY, as he is known in acronym-mad Singapore, is more than the “father of the country.” He is its inventor, as surely as if he had scientifically formulated the place with precise portions of Plato’s Republic, Anglophile elitism, unwavering economic pragmatism, and old-fashioned strong-arm repression.

I’ve seen just about every dystopian sci-fi movie out there, and this madness is even more creative. And to think that is the proceedings of their form of 4th of July.

Lee masterminded the celebrated “Singapore Model,” converting a country one-eighth the size of Delaware, with no natural resources and a fractured mix of ethnicities, into “Singapore, Inc.” He attracted foreign investment by building communications and transportation infrastructure, made English the official language, created a superefficient government by paying top administrators salaries equal to those in private companies, and cracked down on corruption until it disappeared. The model—a unique mix of economic empowerment and tightly controlled personal liberties—has inspired imitators in China, Russia, and eastern Europe.

Now take a closer look at that image:

And on top of that there are 12 people standing in front of the eyeball.

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