*Obama scrapped Moon, privatized space travel, to elevate nuclear war.

Posted: May 5, 2010 in 2010, Articles

Getting caught up on all the Wired Danger Room posts I’ve missed the past several months, I’m shocked by this new level of lunacy.

Obama is scrapping NASA-run space flight (even though the Air Force launches their own satellites in their own rockets), to instead pay corporations to take our crew to the ISS and beyond. Unless I missed some major headlines, “private” spacecraft docking on the ISS is unproven. There aren’t any space trvael corporations that have been in business for 60 years. Or have there?

Actually, Lockheed and Boeing have been manufacturing for NASA all along. I’m actually a critic of these corporations, but it is interesting that he’s breaking the contracts with them in building the replacement for the Space Shuttle. It’s real interesting considering they’re getting paid a better part of $2.5 Billion for the breakup. It’s too bad the Constellation program was to get US to the ISS and the Moon. Now they’ll pay unproven corporations about the same price just to hit the ISS.

I haven’t read enough deeply on all of this to discern whether or not the $2.5 Billion to go to the broken contracts isn’t extra, but it all stinks regardless. Besides, how can there be for profit space travel but not for profit healthcare?

Meanwhile, Obama is accelerating trends from the playbook of Don Rumsfeld, such as equipping ICBM’s with conventional warheads and launching them at “terrorists”, which could trigger global nuclear war, and pursuing radical new launch systems that could strike anywhere on earth in an hour or so. Talk about global “warming”, and these projects could easily cost as much as a going to the Moon.


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