Do NOT buy Western Digital hard drives, ever!!!!!!

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Internal Affairs

The Good News: I just invested a bunch of money into getting my video editing PC back to operational. A new CPU to replace the one that burnt out awhile back preventing me from using my killer motherboard/cpu/video card/6GB of RAM. Replaced buggy old (backup) sound card with a better one. Bought a new 60GB Solid State Hard Disk to replace my OS / program launch disk (ultra fast computation!!). Finally XP 64 Bit to fully utilize my dual core 64 Bit CPU. Sent both of my 22″ widescreen dual monitors off to be replaced (hopefully) one week before my 3 year warranty expired. I’m all fired up to get caught up and beyond in my endeavors.

And… I bought another 1TB hard disk…

The Bad News: A couple weeks ago I had another HD crash (DIE!!!), another damn Western Digital (WD). Read the title! I’ve been having these go down one about every 6 months for some time. This was the last of them! I run 8 HD’s, and had forgotten the important drive set I had on this one…

Usually I get some warning, and shift important stuff around off of the older POS WD junk. Not this time. I have several HD’s at all times. 2 are always dedicated to my film stuff (actual project files) not just data stores…

Well my ‘AUA’ film project drive completely died. What I once called ‘AUA’ is now more like many different films of different lengths and scales, but all loosely related. I do have the video editor project files backed up, and soundtrack, etc. But the media files themselves are gone, and a bunch of other stuff. I do have a lot of the media files on dvd all mixed up thru my extensive data archives, but not everything, let alone non-video files I had gathered for some time. NOT the script, NOT the editor project files, NOT some other irreplaceable stuff, but a LOT is gone. About 2 months of catch up it will take to have what I did. Might have to cut some corners eventually, like when you’re debating in a forums and writing out a huge argument and then the IE window crashes and you have to write it all over again.

Called around, $400 – $2400 to recover the data. Probably about $750. Cant afford it. If anyone knows anyone that works in data recovery and can help out shoot me a line. I might just have to fix the damn thing myself…

One of the data recovery specialists I spoke with said that WD disks are only meant to last about 18 months. And I can tell you this: they roll off the same assembly line as dirtbag brand Maxtor disks. WD used to be the name in HD’s, many years ago, but now they’re in the gutter.

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