*Dear Alarmists, how far is too far to stop global warming??

Posted: December 30, 2009 in 2009, Exclusives

Lets pretend that ‘Global Warming’ is everything they say. Despite the deterioration of Alarmist talking points, it seems Alarmists still push on. But here I’d like to skip all that and play along in the concept of Alarmist truth. Here we’ll overlook flaws in computer models that make all the predictions, and so on. How far is too far? What is is worth to stop what you believe is going to happen?

These questions may sound cynical, but Al Gore claims its pretty much already too late.

How many trillions of ‘monetary units’ is it worth?

What percentage of your annual income should be taxed for this?

What percentage of your annual income should you be required to personally invest in reducing your carbon footprint?

How high should energy prices be artificially increased in order to get you to use less energy?

How many vacations should we be allowed to take each year, if any?

Should we all be required to use laptop PC’s (or smaller) that use less energy?

What’s the largest TV screen we are allowed to have?

How much privacy do we need to lose, in order that the (world?) can be sure we’re not committing carbon/etc sins?

How many gallons of water per day total should we be allowed to use?

How much in price increases in all things used by humans is too much?

How many days in jail should we face for having a bonfire with friends?

How much jail time should we face for having more than one child?

How much human suffering in general is it worth?

Is it really worth having a communistic dictatorial global government take over the world?

How many humans can die now each year by diverting funds into global warming research and programs?

How many humans can suffer blight and blindness from lack of vitamins now each year by diverting funds into global warming research and programs?

How many humans should be exterminated right away in order to stop global warming?

What percentage of the population should serve as citizen snitch brigades? All?

Should all space travel be put to a halt?

Is Artificial Intelligence (i.e. ‘Skynet’) and the threats it poses to the total existence to humans worth stopping global warming? I ask because that is literally the case right now.

Is it worth near-abandoning the use of most modern plastics in order to stop using petroleum? I ask since we get our plastics at the same time we get our fuel.

What facets of our daily lives should be exempt from global warming policies, if any?

Should technological elitist scientists really be able to over-rule democracy?

Should wars be raged today in order to stop global warming?

Should the eating of ‘farting meat’ be outlawed? If so, what penalties should be imposed on the guilty?

Should large farting animals such as cattle be exterminated?

If beans replacing meat in human diet produces nearly as much methane, how many humans should be eliminated in order to curb methane emissions?

Should air conditioning and furnace units be outlawed? Or what is the highest or lowest temp deviation from the outside environment can be offset by such appliances?

Should we be forced to be strict vegetarians?

Should we only be allowed to buy local vegetables, which subjects us to seasonal availability issues? Dont forget, if we have to become vegetarians we’ll be desperate for variety.

How far should the industrialized world be deindustrialized?

Should we only be allowed to buy a certain amount of clothes, or other items (please list) per year?

What, if anything, shouldn’t be considered in all of this?

To what extent should other everyday real life environmental issues be ignored in order to stop this? It seems most already are with all of the focus in global warming.

While we’re at it, why don’t you scream as loud about mandating industrial hemp for all paper use, as loud as you scream about global warming?

What fine for getting caught using incandesant lightbulbs?

Should we not be allowed to upgrade our PC’s unless the parts actually break?

Should we not be allowed to waste electricity doing things like playing videos games and using our devices for other entertainment purposes?

What are the largest speakers we can have in our homes, our cars?

Are we allowed to drink pure reverse osmosis water? In the RO process, more water is rejected than allowed thru. Municipal water pumping stations use energy.

What are the maximum lumens (measurement of light), or wattage, per cubic foot allowed at night (or day) time inside dwellings?

What do you have against one having brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts or uncles?

How many grams of food per day should anyone be allowed to eat?

Arcades: a good thing?

What sports should be outlawed first? Last?

Are allowed to have a pool, a hot tub?

What should be closed first, waterparks or rollercoaster parks?

Argh. Thats all I have time for.

  1. Dorothee Krien says:

    The most important questions are:

    Will be be allowed to breathe?
    Will we be taxed if we hyperventilate?

    The fact that CO2 is necessary to make use of oxygen in hemoglobin (so-called Bohr effect) should be general knowledge but is more or less unknown to those who accept the propaganda that carbon dioxide is “dangerous”.
    Most modern diseases are caused by hyperventilation i.e overbreathing.
    See more on how to increase your carbon dioxide level and oxygenate the body at http://www.normalbreathing.com/

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