*Kids Cartoon Depicts Merger of Transhumanism & Mysticism.

Posted: December 12, 2009 in 2009, Exclusives, Videos
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Ignorance Is Futile Exclusive:

A while back I was at a friends while out of town and he put the cartoon “Justice League Unlimited” on the TV. It’s not too often I see TV, but sure enough there it was. In the episode titled “The Return”, a nanotechnology based ‘android’ returns to earth to settle an old score with (the reformed) criminal mastermind Lex Luther.

The android is the ultimate god like being, able to ‘destroy’ planets (teleport them to different dimensions actually), communicate across outerspace using telepathy, absorb attacks by any superhero, and so on. The creature smashes through every line of defense of several worlds in its path to earth.

While at first it seems the being is on a war path, it ends up that it was on a sort of soul seeking quest to have Luther advise it what its purpose is. Meanwhile a mutant that embodies mysticism interjects against attempts to destroy the android, and in the end they teleport off to wherever via the mystics’ ‘ahnk’ symbol superpower.

Between the rhetoric and the symbolism the episode is obvious propaganda promoting Transhumanist ideals and New Age symbology. Aside from the obvious ahnk symbol (which stands for “eternal life”), it could also be argued that the end scene depicts a Masonic “point within a circle” symbol. While there are two characters inside the circle, the ahnk event happens in the middle of it. Therefore it’s still worthwhile to cover the meaning of this symbol. Freemason Albert Mackey describes the masonic ‘meaning’:

The point within a Circle is another symbol of great importance in Freemasonry, and commands peculiar attention in this connection with the ancient symbolism of the universe and the solar orb. Everybody who has read a masonic “Monitor” is well acquainted with the usual explanation of this symbol. We are told that the point represents an individual brother, the circle the boundary line of his duty to God and man, and the two perpendicular parallel lines the patron saints of the order–St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist.

He continues on to explain the ancient meaning:

Perfectly to understand this symbol, I must refer, as a preliminary matter, to the worship of the Phallus, a peculiar modification of sun-worship, which prevailed to a great extent among the nations of antiquity.

The Phallus was a sculptured representation of the membrum virile, or male organ of generation, 76 and the worship of it is said to have originated in Egypt, where, after the murder of Osiris by Typhon, which is symbolically to be explained as the destruction or deprivation of the sun’s light by night, Isis, his wife, or the symbol of nature, in the search for his mutilated body, is said to have found all the parts except the organs of generation, which myth is simply symbolic of the fact, that the sun having set, its fecundating and invigorating power had ceased. The Phallus, therefore, as the symbol of the male generative principle, was very universally venerated among the ancients, 77 and that too as a religious rite, without the slightest reference to any impure or lascivious application. 78 He is supposed, by some commentators, to be the god mentioned under the name of Baal-peor, in the Book of Numbers, 79 as having been worshipped by the idolatrous Moabites. Among the eastern nations of India the same symbol was prevalent, under the name of “Lingam.” But the Phallus or Lingam was a representation of the male principle only. To perfect the circle of generation it is necessary to advance one step farther. Accordingly we find in the Cteis of the Greeks, and the Yoni of the Indians, a symbol of the female generative principle, of co-extensive prevalence with the Phallus. The Cteis was a circular and concave pedestal, or receptacle, on which the Phallus or column rested, and from the centre of which it sprang.

The union of the Phallus and Cteis, or the Lingam and Yoni, in one compound figure, as an object of adoration, was the most usual mode of representation. This was in strict accordance with the whole system of ancient mythology, which was founded upon a worship of the prolific powers of nature. All the deities of pagan antiquity, however numerous they may be, can always be reduced to the two different forms of the generative principle–the active, or male, and the passive, or female. Hence the gods were always arranged in pairs, as Jupiter and Juno, Bacchus and Venus, Osiris and Isis. But the ancients went farther. Believing that the procreative and productive powers of nature might be conceived to exist in the same individual, they made the older of their deities hermaphrodite, and used the term ἀῤῥενοθέλυς, or man-virgin, to denote the union of the two sexes in the same divine person

This symbol can be found in the Washington Monument that was built by Freemasons, and in front of their supposed enemies at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square.

In any case, I warned of this combinatorial idea in my video “They Want Your Soul”, that I made in 2006, back when I used to dabble in ideas of religion. It turns out that 2012 New Ager types often claim that in 2012 when the Mayan calendar “ends” there will be a “transformation of consciousness”, that will include ‘hive mind telepathy’. They make these claims without any evidence whatsoever, as there exists no Mayan artifacts that actually tell what 2012 means.

Meanwhile, my other findings back then included DARPA & NASA programs that had their Skynet’esque AI programs as being operational in 2012, and there already exists non-invasive brain-computer interfaces. So in my view, it would seem that these 2012 New Agers are unwitting self-fulfilling prophecizers of the Transhumanist goal of a technological transformation of consciousness.

  1. sara says:

    that cartoon both fascinated and terrified me..my son was terribly interested too.

  2. Tin Machine says:

    Wow, interesting how you have this uncanny ablility to make connections where none exist.
    I have warned others that wearing tinfoil hats will just amplify the mind control! Please wear stainless steal headgear only.

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