On my films that are in ‘development hell’.

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Internal Affairs

So I have mentioned and even trumpeted several films in progress in the past that have never come to fruition. I have the tendency to get over-ambitious in my projects. For instance with Neocon Wars it was originally only to be a 2 minute spoof flick. I ended up having a hard time keeping it under 2 hours. But it was easy to make, merely mashing up hundreds of different segments extracted from hundreds of clips of primarily existent footage, and laying over an already prepared music score.

There was some custom created material in there to ‘compost’ it all together, but its not like trying to make a full production with a complete narrative. Getting over-ambitious in this sort of production gets out of hand. Long ago I had the idea to make and release lots of segments that eventually interlock into a greater and ever growing compilation. Tonight I recalled this concept, and that’s how I’m going to have to do it.

For instance, my most recent Climategate video went from idea to Youtube release in 48 hours. Now this would take longer, writing and solving narrating etc, but none the less the Climategate clip would take eons to make if trying to wrap an entire ‘new’ documentary around the entire climate issue. Despite the  my recent burst of climate change noise, its far from my biggest focus, but it is a key facet in ushering the system I’m trying to warn of.

So I pledge to try to focus my efforts into this ‘new’ framework, and try to get stuff done in pieces to make up for lack of progress and for any I’ve disappointed in not following thru. One thing I’ve learned is to not even mention a project until its actually ready, so I wont say now what I intend to cover first. A year ago let on about a film that was in focus and in production.

I have a mostly complete script, although events since then alter it in many regards. Making a film of this nature is hard, as daily news only expands on or alters it. But the script is mainly composed of segments anyways. The project was called An Unholy Alliance, so now perhaps it will be an ever expanding compilation of separate segments, that combined build upon the ‘unholy alliance’ motif.

This will allow me to put better effort into each ‘segment’, and not be pressed to cut corners due to duration constraints. After all, there are so many facets that to attempt to smash them into one films-length of a narrative would be to lose much perspective and reality. I figure I can tool each clip to interlock, ala a certain ‘tv emulator’ film concept my older readers might remember, and upload the segments individually to archive.org, allowing anyone interested to take my segments and combine them as desired into dvd’s or whatever. Even make your own segments and add them in perhaps.


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