*Witness Nazi’esque Irony.

Posted: November 25, 2009 in 2008

Wow. ClimateGate has been off the hook. I have so much to say, yet far more to paste. I’ve been following this closely, and heavily involved in research and debate since it broke Friday, just not here, instead at abovetopsecret.com. I’m nearing posting master compendiums of all the nasty. This is so big, and has been such an important event, that I wasn’t about to just repost some other summarization of a story that will be unfolding all the way into next year. Between ClimateGate, and RonPaul’s Federal Reserve Transparency Act, to audit the Fed for the first time in 95 years, I’m motivated again. I never gave despite, lack in original research and puiblications, I was amongst the first to know about the ClimateGate. In the meantime, I had to post something after watching this clip:

After about half way, they have an Environmentalist extremist commentator who would be a dictator had he the power:

For the record, one could hardly be much more of a critic of Fox News than I, but honestly, I find little fault in the comments and reactions of the very proper Brit doing the interview.

So for comparison, I’ll provide an example of a Zionist extremist, attacking true Jewish Rabbi’s, for opposing the Zionist political movement:

“Your children should piss on your bones”, the Zionist extremist said, to the Jewish Rabbi’s. Note the pointing finger chaoticly towards the face, as presented by the rabid environmentalist in the first clip.

Oh, dear, according to this video, for using the Nazi argument, I might be a Nazi. The irony is that Hitler the Nazi was a progressive, but I dont disagree that O’Reilly is also heavily Nazi’esque in posture. In fact, I have in mind for some time now a major anaysis comparing the propaganda of today’s US Republican & Democrat schemes to the ultimate in Nazi propaganda, referencing things I’ve written against the Neocon’s during the BushCo. era, but that is for another day.

The irony here is that in searching for ‘nazi debate’ or ‘nazi argue’ I didn’t find many results to correlate my argument here. In fact, thsi is the bes tmy search results came up with:

Irony goes into overdrive, as if anything today’s Obama is the closest thing to a ‘national scoialist’ the US has ever had, yet they would denounce him for being half black. Liberals would laugh at these people as dumb rednecks, silly sheep following Hitlers dream, but the irony doesnt escape this instance either, as todays Liberals worship Obama the progessive as bad as the Bush worshipping Neocons ever did. Humanity is like a trainwreck in hypocrisy and subservience.

But wait, this collection of Nazi’s are actually milder tempered than the others in theother video examples I posted.


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