VIDEO: Media Coverage Glorifies And Encourages Mass Shootings.

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Timeless, Videos
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It’s quite simple. Many of these people, such as the example child cited in the piece, do their mass shooting for attention. Many serial killers are the same way. In LA (‘Hollywood’), its well understood that the virtually daily high speed police chase is often motivated for the 15 minutes of ‘fame’. Get on TV and a great story on your way to jail and you’ll be the celebrity.

The film Natural Born Killers, as originally written by Quentin Tarantino, was specifically about the effect of media sensationalist reporting in motivating mass murder. While Oliver Stone changed it considerably, enough that Quentin disbanded his name from the film, much of this concept remains in the film.

The expert in the following video even warns “Every time we have intense saturation coverage of a mass murder, we expect to see one or two more within a week.” And as pointed out by the host of the show, more mass shootings is good news for the Media, as their obsession is in reporting more bad news.

(at about 6 minutes)

  1. JR Richmond says:

    I believe this is an area of criminal neglect in modern communications. The human eye processes visual stimuli at(est.) 10 million bits per second, which is only 80% of sensual accuity. The estimates for the processing speed of the human brain (240 words per minute avg. reading speed)look the wrong way for the actual processing capability. Even if you can break words down to their binary constituents this fails to take into account that the great bulk of mental activity is refining total input to what is primary, secondary, etc. importance.(A.N. Whitehead) A charging sabre tooth immediately takes precedence over a beautiful multi-colored butterfly floating past. Children were endowed by their Creator with a huge appetite for charting and replicating the activity and behavior of those primary parent figures upon whom they depend for survival. As one brilliant young wag put it to me in a past ion, “Monkey see, monkey do.”
    The abstract notions of moral or ethical decision functions are reduced to “good” or “bad” in the post infant persona, the primordial binary code. And considering language as the primary vehicle for teaching discerned values, it is 80 to 20 at best for what the child observes. He isn’t stupid, only in procedural ignorance. If you say “Don’t Hit!” and then strike him, what do you think he will take away from that experience? As children mature, these encoded actions and reactions become more habitual, the struck child will strike his child. I am not speaking against corporal punishment, but against contradictory demonstration that confuse and imprint the individual with varyiable criteria to interpret visual or spoken processes. Be straight.
    The public media takes on the color of authority in the absence of any other teaching, ‘might makes right’, ‘the end justifies the means’, ‘it’s up to you’ become part of the fabric where visualized bloody deeds of violence have subtly implied coincedant motivations, if not ‘ideal’, that are situationally ‘necessary’.
    If you attached an 18 inch pipe to the city sewer and pumped that into your living room, what impact do you believe it would have on your child’s physical health. But how many of us have permitted a 19 inch or larger conduit, unfiltered or defined, into the moral and spiritual psyche of our children’s souls?
    I think it is a testimony of the quality of the infant product that he/she is endued by its Maker with resistance and resiliance in these dark areas or “Natural Born Killers” would be the typical state of most Western youth.
    Teach love and respect for your fellow being and peace will follow as surely as morning does night.
    One mans opinion, JR Richmond

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