*Drugs, hormones in tap water… and bottled water.

Posted: November 5, 2009 in 2009, Articles

Think of all of the things that all people within this thing we call a civilization put into their own bodies. EVERYTHING. It’s all in the water. Plus all the rest that is dumped into it from every source imaginable. I’ve been on reverse osmosis water for about 10 years, long before I had any concept of the sorts of nasty things in the water. Drink it for a month or so and I can’t imagine how you could ever go back.

That also includes arsenic, radon, lead, mercury, fluoride, etc, bio-contaminants and last but not least radioactive isotopes.

I even used to own a “TDS Meter”, which measures total dissolved solids, in parts per million. Tap water measured about 220, about 5 years ago. Reclaimed water was only about 40 ppm’s higher. A few months ago I measured tap water at my local RO water ‘store’, it was way up over 300. For perspective, POND WATER weighed in at something like 30 ppm’s of TDS. I had a chart with all of my results, but it was long ago and it is lost after moving a few times. Really need to get a new TDS Meter (only about $20).

I would buy different types of bottled water just to test them. Believe it or not, although I could tell you just by tasting it,  Coca-cola’s Desani water was about the best you’d find in the average store across the nation.

If they make their Coke Classic with that water then that’s remarkable, except fountain drink water is fed off the tap water lines, as well as the ice, water, in majority of places you’d find tap water. Plus they cook the food with it. Do you? I’m sure you shower with it, submerge your body in it, etc. There’s hardly any escaping it, but you have to cut it out the best you can.

But all bottled water is overpriced. Proof is when you go and fill one gallon of RO water for 20-30 cents from any RO vendor.

Bottled water contains disinfection byproducts, fertilizer residue, and pain medication

AP: Drugs show up in Americans’ water

Tons of Released Drugs Taint U.S. Water

Cocaine in the water

Pharmaceuticals Pollute U.S. Tap Water

Fewer Regulations for Bottled Water Than Tap, GAO Says


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