*Neurogrid Neuron Chips.

Posted: May 20, 2009 in 2009, Articles, Videos
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This is a National Institutes of Health funded Stanford project. Each ‘Neurocore’ has
65,536 programmable neurons, and 16 of them connected together equals over one million neurons operating in real time. They’re not quite finished building it yet, but they seem confident that soon a 16 core Neurocore array will fit into a device about the size of an iPod costing $40,000 dollars. Now one of these 1st generation devices aren’t going to take over the world, but it will put a radical development tool into the hands of the AGI related community to help accelerate their goals.

This sounds like an extrodinary feat, as the following BlueGeneL supercomputer containing some 4,000-8,000 IBM CPU’s can only handle something like 10,000 neurons:

The current Blue Gene driven “Blue Brain” project claims to be able to handle up to 10 million neurons and half a billion synapses. It would cost Neurogrid roughly $400,000 to match it. They say a human brain is 3,000 times more complex than the Blue Brain, meaning it would cost $1.2 billion to match those raw numbers using Neurogrid.

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