-Google Wants You to Profile Yourself.

Posted: May 20, 2009 in 2009, Articles
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Google’s information appetite is never-ending , and now the search-and-advertising giant wants your help in building a profile page that will show up anytime anyone searches on your name.

Be afraid.

The Google Profile service is intended to let you tell Google how to index you. You tell it (or hide from it) your picture, your bio, and links to your pages around the web — such as your Facebook account, Wikipedia page or your Twitter feed. It also includes a handy feature to let people email you, without actually giving out your email address.

Right now, those profiles show up low in regular search results, but as people begin to fill them out, Google will likely make them the top result for your name.

That puts Google even more firmly in control of the index of your online life. In fact, Google’s power will make it imperative for you to fill out your profile, lest you give Google all of the control over what people find about you on the net (see Google’s profile search, for instance)

  1. Udi says:

    Creating a Google profile is a good idea but it doesn’t guarantee your appearance on the 1st page. If you want to guarantee your visibility, you can always buy sponsored ads that show up whenever your name is searched and refer to your website. That way you can give some more money to Google – I’m sure they need it 🙂

    Visit LookupPage

  2. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    “Good idea”??

    I really wish people would take a deeper look into the other contents of my site here before commenting on reposts.

  3. my name is zick im frm nigeria and im a chelsea fan

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