-Boy Scouts being trained by Homeland Security for ‘anti-terror’ operations.-

Posted: May 18, 2009 in 2008
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*Why a pro-draft Chief of Staff is a big deal.

-”America’s Army” war recruitment tool video games going to US high schools.

The story didn’t surprise me when I seen this the other night, but I found these NYTimes photos mindblowing:

“Before it was more about the basics,” said Johnny Longoria, a Border Patrol agent here. “But now our emphasis is on terrorism, illegal entry, drugs and human smuggling.”

“Put him on his face and put a knee in his back,” a Border Patrol agent explained. “I guarantee that he’ll shut up.”

Ten minutes into arrant mayhem in this town near the Mexican border, and the gunman, a disgruntled Iraq war veteran, has already taken out two people, one slumped in his desk, the other covered in blood on the floor.

That said, the Explorers have faced problems over the years. There have been numerous cases over the last three decades in which police officers supervising Explorers have been charged, in civil and criminal cases, with sexually abusing them.

The law enforcement posts are restricted to those ages 14 to 21 who have a C average, but there seems to be some wiggle room. “I will take them at 13 and a half,” Deputy Lowenthal said. “I would rather take a kid than possibly lose a kid.”

Of course they make children being trained as domestic military officers as a good thing:

“This is about being a true-blooded American guy and girl,” said A. J. Lowenthal, a sheriff’s deputy here in Imperial County, whose life clock, he says, is set around the Explorers events he helps run. “It fits right in with the honor and bravery of the Boy Scouts.”

“Our end goal is to create more agents,” said April McKee, a senior Border Patrol agent and mentor at the session here.

They have 2,000 “law enforcement posts” nationwide, with 35,000 stooges.


Given recent concerns over the DHS definition of “right wing extremists” and the agency’s penchant to affiliate veterans, gun owners, Ron Paul supporters and even those who question the mainstream media with terrorists, one wonders exactly who the boy scouts are being trained to target.

The Explorer program also touches close to home with recent concerns regarding President Barack Obama’s promised “civilian national security force”.

In Nazi Germany, the Hitler Youth succeeded the Boy Scout movement. Hitler Youth training was militarized in comparison to the Boy Scout network, which was largely based around education. Boys aged fourteen and upwards, as well as a separate branch aged 10-14, were trained at preparatory schools to become future Nazi leaders. At its height in 1940, and after it had become mandatory to join, the Hitler Youth boasted no less than 8 million members.

Apparently in a shift away from the traditional Boy Scouts activities of sports, camping, survival skills and team leadership, the government is now training children “to confront terrorism, illegal immigration and escalating border violence” under the banner of the Explorers program, with the aid of military-style exercises aimed at subduing insurgents.

The 2007 film, Riddles In Stone” sheds interesting light on the founder of the Boy Scouts of America.


Boy Scouts Train to Become Homeland Gestapo

  1. Gary says:

    What a bunch of bullshit. The Boy Scouts have had law enforcement explorer posts for decades. Exploring is a way for youth to explore careers they are interested in. The government has nothing to do with the BSA. It is a private non profit organization. There is no shift away from the traditional programs with an emphasis on sports, camping, and survival skills. That is a part of the traditional program. Explorer posts have a totally different emphasis. There are many different types of explorer posts. Saying that Boy Scouts are being “trained to target” someone is such a gross misrepresentation of the facts is laughable. I was an executive for the BSA for years. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Urban1095 says:

      For a website called ignorance is futile this is ironic.. The scouts involved are not Boy Scouts but Explorer Scouts. Explorer Scouts are an offshoot of Boy Scouts and are affiliated with Law Enforcement / Emergency Rescue Services designed to expose boys to what a career in law enforsement or as an EMS Firefighter would be like. Do a little more reasearch before you jump on a “story”.

  2. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    “The government has nothing to do with the BSA.”

    They do now. Please look back up to the Homeland Security bus photograph. Case closed. But I do ask: are the ‘Explorer” programs known to the average Boy Scout? Are pamphlets for each or an overall program listing all the programs circulated amongst the BS’s? My guess is that although every Boy Scout member doesn’t join the Explorers, most end up knowing about it and face being enticed.

    • Gary says:

      A government agency can sponsor an explorer post, but they have no involvement or influence in the BSA as an organization. Explorer posts may or may not be known to the average Boy Scout depending on the area he lives in and what posts are available to him. Exploring is not a primary program of the Boy Scouts. It is offered as an additional experience if the program is available in his area. Again, YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! I was a professional and an Eagle Scout as a youth. I know the program and the organization much more than you ever will.

      • michael says:

        quiet honeslty fuckin boy scouts have zero rights in anti terrist training,and kid your using airsoft guns..have u ever fired a real rifle or hand gun or ever been in a fight b4? or a combat situation? iam a spc in the army national gaurd of orgean,iam a special operations weapons sergeant,and this a joke and teaches kids something thay need not know..becuase if something were to happen inside the country the guard,city police and other officals would take care of it not the fucking boyscouts sorry but i disagree with this entire program stick to fishing and camping kid and let the trained pro’s handle this

    • John says:

      Ignoranceisbliss, gary is right, your are absolutly full of bull. I’ve been a Law Enforcement Explorer for almost 3 years and its assholes like you who give us a bad name. I’m not some brainwashed, counter terror, child soldier as you seem to be leading on. I’m a 16 year old who is smart enough to know that the world is a dangerous place with dangerous people and to be a good officer in the modern world you have to be prepared. No one forced me into this, I joined because I want a job were I can go home at night knowing I made a difference, not a job that envolves spreading fear and meaningless speculation into the public. I suggest you attend a meeting, taining, detail, or competition and see what we REALLY do. Its nice to know you avoided scenarios like written exam, oral interview, medical, and focused only on this competition which is a specialty. Don’t bother adding that we are active in our community, helping the elderly, fundraising for diseases, and working toward a better community. Per my ‘counter terroist training’ I’ve been taught to respect adults so sir, I respectfully request you do some REAL research before you go and drag mine and every other Explorer Scout and Explorer Advisors name through the dirt.

      • Greg Kombs says:

        I hate to tell you this my good man but I infiltrated your organization many years ago and you are absolutely right there are teenagers and young adults like yourself that think they are making a difference in the world but as far as you being brainwashed there is no doubt, I know for a fact that homeland security and the F.B.I. list people as terrorists that vote a certain way that believe in property rights or gun rights or are against abortion! I do know that if I have a Ron Paul sticker or an End the Fed sticker on my bumper I am considered an extremist and a militia nut or a terrorist! The F.B.I. passes out brochures to local police to call a certain homeland security # if anyone is seen with these stickers! Nice job your a Traitor get out of our country your the danger! These people are training you guys to use guns but yet there the same people that are taking are gun rights away do the math genius! Why would they be trying to take our guns away and at the same time teaching our kids how to use them? think about that one genius

  3. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    “A government agency can sponsor an explorer post,”

    No shit.

    “they have no involvement or influence in the BSA as an organization.”

    I guess we’ll all just take your word for it.

    “It is offered as an additional experience if the program is available in his area.”

    So the HLS doesn’t have 100% coverage of BSA, yet…


    A picture speaks a thousands words, and nothing you can say will ever trump the fact that HLS is moving into your little realm and training children to be ‘terrorist fighters’. Couple that with the whole ‘Obama’s Youth’ draft concepts (see elsewhere in this site), and we’re in deep shit.

    “I know the program and the organization much more than you ever will.”

    Yeah, and most FBI & CIA people thought they knew their organizations until the Church Committee Hearings blew COINTELPRO & OPERATION CHAOS / MKULTRA wide open. Hundreds of millions of Americans STILL think the US is “good”, despite overthrow agendas such as OPERATION CONDOR being public knowledge for many many years. So YOU were a part of ‘it’. Surely you know the entire organization inside and out, then and now…

  4. Gary says:

    You are a joke to to professional journalism. Yes, I do know the program inside and out, then and now. You are part of the problem in America, not the solution.

  5. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    Funny. I’m not a professional journalist. I dont get paid. My work here has always cost me money and pleasure via sacrifice, for 4 years. Somehow you happen to know every single dimension and aspect of that organization from top to bottom, then and now. Ok, sure, even if you’re 100% right, 95% of the rest of the contents of my site are spot on on. SO even if we shouldn’t care that HLS is using some degree of your organization to train children to conduct operations against their own peoples, you need to take a better look at the contents of my site. Thanks for your input.

  6. Gary says:

    I did look at the contents of your site. It’s full of absolute bullshit. You need help. I can believe that you don’t get paid. No one would pay you for all the horse shit written here. Can you say paranoid delusional?

    • ignoranceisntbliss says:

      Please do comment on some actual points instead of just flat out rejecting all herein.

    • jake says:

      Gary, you are without a doubt, the most programned person I have ever read about. You and people like you represent the most dumbed down people in america. you are the reason why america is the most hated nation in the world, you are the reason everyone in the world thinks americans are stupid red necks. please go back to watching CNN, sports, and spending time at the range. let us thinkers do the thinking. Good job ignorance is bliss … dont let this guy bother you. everything you said can be proven you and I and millions more know it… Gary is grasping at straws

  7. Roy says:

    I sure hope someone pays attention to HISTORY.
    Unlike some folks I do my best to think OUTSIDE the box and use common sense.
    Twenty six years experience in the Military proves to me that there are many, many secret projects being developed that would appall the general public if known beforehand, likewise, my nearly 40 years of experience in Scouting prove to me that SHEEP CAN BE LEAD IN ANY DIRECTION.
    I am writing this because many years ago when I became involved in the Scout organization I found out that the German Government did convert Boy Scouts of Germany to the Hitler Youth. “DUTY TO COUNTRY”
    When commenting to one of the council Professionals about Hitler Youth he told me that the Cuban Council Executive removed/destroyed inventory of registered Scouts so Castro could not get his hands on a ready made group like the Germans did.
    My Mother was convinced (in the German school system) that Hitler was the best thing to happen to Germany and the world. As a matter of fact, she intended to turn in her dad because he did not register and turn in his gun. Many other youth, convinced in the GOVERNMENT RUN SCHOOL SYSTEM did rat on their parents causing pain and sometimes death.
    My Grandfather did turn in his gun to appease Mom so she would willing to move to America. She did not like America and had street fights regularly. Only after receiving news that some of her relatives were beaten, arrested and killed, did she see the truth of what was happening in Germany.
    My Uncle, Mom’s Brother, joined the Hitler sympathizers
    in Philadelphia, Pa. When his dad found out he nearly killed him (they never got along for the rest of their lives).
    I’ve been a registered Scouter for nearly 40 years working on Unit, District, Council and regional Staff’s.
    I feel that I know the program as well as or better then most. “ON MY HONOR” “DUTY TO MY COUNTRY” what is duty to country? As history proves, the youth are the future, convince them and what you knew, changes.
    I know that not all members of the BSA are SHEEP, but I also know that many will follow where the sheperd leads just like they did in Germany.
    Why Do Sheep Need a Shepard?
    Sheep are naturally very gentle creatures making them prey to many carnivorous animals (drug dealers, molesters, etc). Sheep need a sheperd to keep them safe and watch over them. They are usually oblivious to any impending danger. As sheep eat grass (play games, watch TV, hang out, etc) they tend to wander without really paying attention to where they’re going or what’s happening. The sheperd keeps the sheep in a safe area where they can eat and be safe from becoming food for wolves.

    • Eagle Scout For Life says:

      Real quick, the Boy Scout movement was banned in Germany, not absorbed

      (sorry historian i tend to meddle into these things), sorry to be a bother

      • hamstezzy says:

        it was abolished so that the HY could brainwash the kids. the bsa educates that one should follow just laws. I belive that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly. with that said i’m going to pass on a lil bit of info from my dad who was a historian. btw I’m an Eagle and my dad is an Eagle so we have about 30+ years in the scouting program. now some historians say that it was abolished and some say it was absorbed, it really matters who is saying what. the ss documents say that the bsa was absorbed and the bsa says that it was abolished. As an Eagle that has recently gave up the fight aginst the drug war to fight communism in america. I find it disturbing that you people don’t realize that this is just like the dare program which was designed to make young 8 yr olds know what drugs look like so that they can slip up and report there parents to the police so that the machine can justify it’s new prisons and shiny agents with their shiny new guns. wake up people dhs just commisioned 450 million hollow point rounds and fema bought 500 million casket liners cowincadence i think not. (Don’t hate because i didnt spell check)

  8. luxtor says:

    good training war against terorist bang!

  9. Kohl says:

    It would be a good idea to see where the BSA Explorers are getting their Merit Badge foe this. Scoutmaster Sam?

  10. ignoranceisntbliss says:


    I guess now the idea is that the Boy Scouts will help FEMA and Homeland Security round up the dissidents, while the Girl Scouts will help feed and outfit the enforcers.

    John, think what you will about the indoctrination you’ve been undergoing via the BSA, and the rest you’ve experienced your entire life via the government and media. But please do look up the word indoctrination, and take a good browse thru the rest of my page. PLEASE comment in on some other things to attempt to debunk things, instead of state that you know the inner workings of an organization just because you happen to have been under such a program.

  11. Sally Forth says:

    “Gary’ is lying. He’s NOT a 16 year old boy and if you read his posts you will see that the style and maturity of the language he is using is certainly that of a much older adult. Nice trick, Gary, but no cigar!!!

  12. jake says:

    gary is most likely a gov agent

  13. Randy says:

    This is to ignoranceisntbliss: You said “Gary’ is lying. He’s NOT a 16 year old boy”…..All I can say is “Duuuh”….If you ever really DO read his post you’ll see he’s an adult and an Eagle Scout and it appears he worked for the scouts as a paid professional Scouter. You really should proof read your own site.
    I’m still trying to figure out if this is a serious site or just a spoof. Either way your take on the Boy Scouts and law enforcement, explorer posts is funny. I see so many “people” posting that they will just have to believe their own eyes and then go about referencing that ONE photo from HLS. You folks are THAT MUCH into conspiracy theories and you’re going to base your entire ideal on a single photo? Comments like that are what lead me to believe this is a spoof site. The Explorer program has had law enforcement posts for decades now. I belonged to an aviation post. We learned how to pilot small planes. Ohhhhhhh, how does THAT fit into the conspiracy?
    You think the government now controls parts of the Scouting organization. Ok, just for giggles let’s say they do. If the government controls the Boy Scouts why would it let federal courts constantly sue and harass the Scouts, taking away operational funding from private sources? I have to admit. These days the Scouts are the only group still teaching firearm safety and use outside of rural hunter safety classes but to think that they are being used to train HLS agents?
    Hey guys. Paper routes are government-training programs for postal workers. Hall monitors are really IRS agents in training. If this is a spoof site….WELL DONE!!!!! Very entertaining. If not…….Ummmm, move out of your mom’s basement…..soon.

  14. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    You should proof read your own comments: I didn’t say Gary is 16!!!

    FACT: HLS is hijacking the Explorers. FACT: Obama said right before that happened that he’s going to build a “civilian security force, just as large, just as well funded as the military ” (which has a $1 TRILLION $$$ budget), that includes youth. What else is there to say?

    I’ve talked to a man who actually heads an Explorers unit. The scenarios he described to me as being retro sounded absolutely nothing like this HLS ‘take down the disgruntled armed Iraq War veteran’ scenario using mock machine guns and SWAT team gear. Times are changing and its time for people to WAKE UP. Just because you were once part of something doesn’t mean you defend it for ever, no matter what happens. That’s what happened in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

  15. randy says:

    What a complete load of BS. LOL. Seriously. Youy’re siting unsubstanciated sources as absolute truth. What a joke.

    • ignoranceisntbliss says:

      Huh? Video quotes of Obama, and his staff? Ney York Times article with photos of kids in front of a HLS trailer? You’re kidding me right?

  16. Randy says:

    There are pictures of me as aBoy Scout on an Army obstacle course at Fort AP Hill, doesn’t mean I was being trained for military service. As foir what Obama says…..I doubt he’d include an organization like the Scouts in his plans. Goes against most of his core ideals. . I’m all for a good conspiracy but this one seems a bit far fetched.

  17. Pissed Off Veteran says:

    Well now isn’t this just fucking cozy! Little U.N.Constitutional facists in training! As a former US Army Infantry NCO I will be frank in saying that IF DHS or their” kleine Hitler Jugend” should show up in my neck o the woods playing cop? The body count will be very high indeed! Whose hands will their blood be on?Great stuardship of youth there! But the welfare of youth in such a program isn’t really a factor now is it? And btw, The indoctrination of youth was my god damn job! We call them privates!To the likes of “Gary”, while you pull your pud and back this little DHS/BSA love fest? Guys like me hunt Tangos in country 24/7! You and your boys are in deep shit if you even think about playin hardass with the likes of the MEN I have had the privellege to serve with! You want to be a servile little bitch for those who would act in treason to our nations constitution and bill of rights? Fine but don’t meet me in an alley you metrosexual piece of shit! Doesn’t really matter as a second American Revolution is coming hard and fast! The likes of the party hacks in DC, and their minions and masters alike will assure that one way or the other. And if this is a DHS false flag op? Well you can still kiss my libertarian working class, gun owning ass! Billions in bailouts for Billionaires while working folks pay for it?And we are supposed to cheer and support this? Not on your fucking worthless coercive collectivist lives!We the people won’t tollerate much more. Fuck with our liberties that are paid for in blood and find out!Anti Government?Your god damned right we are! Maybe, just maybe government should stop giving us so many reasons! Yeah Gary or whatever your name is Just so ya know its Posse Comitatus , don’t want you thinking pussy when you hear it for the first time! We all know how sexually confused you scout leaders can be! Ha kind of like Ernst Rohm with his brown shirts now that I think about it! I took an oath and I will will march thru hell to keep it! ALL ENEMIES FORIEGN AND DOMESTIC! Have to worry about men who prefer the company of young boys! But then elitists like Baden Powell had some skeletons to hide didn’t they?

  18. Eagle Scout For Life says:

    well, i got to tell you 1st i have NEVER in my life seen more then 1 explorer at a time.I have met 3 i have a troop of over 50 members, i have a crew of 10 Explorer is not a big thing in the boy scouts, you really should say “Explorer program”.

    Second the Boy Scouts does not brain wash kids, i am a Eagle Scout a Adult Leader in my troop, i serve with other leaders made up of father and mothers of the sons in my troop, most of them would love it if their kid would do the dishes. we not loyal to some sort of Evil political leader, some are Active politically, and some are not, we have made up our own minds, the only thing the Boy Scouts had told us is that it is important to know what is going on around you in the world.

    you have the right to you opinion, ignorant as it may be, but who exactly do you think we are being trained to serve? the President? the US? the Scouting President? i dont get how your insane youtube video never seems to say who this shadowy puppet master is exactly…

    frankly your a insane nut job who would have been killed in Nazi Germany so be glad you have freedom loving people like the BSA who are just fine with your insane ideology, it just shows were truly free, and we dont live in Nazi Germany — now please wake up, go to a real boy scout meeting or two, see a bunch of kids just sitting there bored as a Senior Patrol Leader tell them for the 100th time they need to know how to cold weather camp, or to change their socks before they sleep.

    were not being trained as commandos (as much as i would have liked that as a child) were bring trained to be active in our community….

    Scout Oath
    On my honor I will do my best
    To do my duty to God (God before country) and my country
    and to obey the Scout Law (see below)
    To help other people at all times (others before self)
    To keep myself physically strong,
    mentally awake, and morally straight.

    Scout Law

    A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
    courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
    brave, clean, and reverent.

    Happy Trails

  19. walkingwolf says:

    where did all the content go?

  20. John Lucier says:

    Yeah, where DID all the content go? No matter, I know it’s legit.

    To our 16 year old Webelos out there “making a difference”: Yeah it starts out that way but then you find yourself in your career justifying trampling peoples’ rights, fabricating testimony in court, kicking in doors and back shooting grannies running to flush baggies of cancer medicine down the toilet and the family pet for following their instinct.
    But hey you’ll be able to sleep just fine every night, just keep mindlessly mumbling “I’m just following orders” or “I’m helping keep America safe” as you march as a foot soldier of TPTB to their future of tyranny and totalitarian oppression.
    Hey, 20 and out, you could do much worse.
    You know we were told when we were kids long ago, if you need help find a policeman. They protect and serve us. Maybe for some uniformed local units that is still the case. For the larger agencies, especially operating undercover in our communities for missions where public interest ends up second to their own? It’s us vs. them. We are the enemy.

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