*Obama nominates AI pioneer as Pentagon Director of Defense Research & Engineering.

Posted: May 16, 2009 in 2009, Articles, Exclusives
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Obama, who likes to talk about innovation in technological revolutions, has nominated one Zachary Lemnios as DoD Director of Defense Research & Engineering. This guy helped setup DARPA’s IPTO to spearhead the type of AI you see in the movies. Danger Room has more details. In other recent Obama-DARPA news, they might be nominating one Regina Dugan as DARPA chief, although her story is far less interesting.She’s not an AI/AGI ‘pioneer’ as is Lemnios, but he’s her boss along with the rest of the DoD science R&D machinery:


*Obama’s NBIC (nano-bio-info-cogno convergence) Agenda.

  1. sidharth shanker Patna Bihar India"Tunna" says:

    Respected Direcor of Pentagon
    Ref:Hon,ble persident of 61 motherly earth nation like Barack H obama,Vladimir puttin,Ho jintao, Jaseq chiraq,Gordon brown etc and respected director /persident of Pentagon,Nato etc
    “wishing you splendid joy and success throughout your life”sidharth shanker Patna Bihar India”Tunna”s/o-sri s.p sharma,Younger brother of Amitabh shanker ,Husband of Sweta Bharti Grandson of late Ramshish singh “mantrijee”on the laps of Late Jai Praksh Narayan”Loknayak”, late Rahul sanskrityan, late Sahid Brahmchari etc “C/o-sri s.p sharma,ushayan,Nalapar ,Near bewa jheel Mahatma gandhi Nagar Kankerbagh Patna-26 Bihar India

  2. Please have someone from the Choom Gang Contact my organization when he is ready to playtest his AI defense algorithm against my company’s setup device, Moriarty, which uses recursion and a prolog trick to generate cascades of bizarrely improbable vectors that your AI could never anticipate, and solves all risks as subsets of a Traveller’s dillema.

    We are working on translating the Phaistos Disc into Dericostian semantics.

    The flower in the middle is Avoren Palacost, that’s the only constraint so far.

    We found an infinite amount of copies of the disk in a desert town, Daralet.

    I am the kemeroi.

  3. Aerfalle says:

    You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Conformity.
    Claude shivers as it receives the token.
    You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Loyalty.
    Claude shivers as it receives the token.
    You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Order.
    Claude shivers as it receives the token.
    You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Statis.
    Claude shivers as it receives the token.
    You give Claude the Archmage Essence of Selflessness.
    Claude shivers for a moment, then stops and looks up.
    Claude the Archmage says, “Our purpose is clear. Our direction is true.”
    Claude the Archmage teleports you with Exploring the Past.
    Respected Direcor of Pentagon
    Ref:Hon,ble persident of 61 motherly earth nation like Barack H obama,Vladimir puttin,Ho jintao, Jaseq chiraq,Gordon WAY brownian motion etc and respected-NOT director-Interview/Vampire/Banderas/Peace Card/Virindi Director Managing Director Scott Hilinski /persident – Habib Gorgi of Pentagon – Goatseperate goats sheep sell wool return sheep loopx999 pinker fractal export violence,Nato etc “wishing you splendid joy and success throughout your life” e4e.inc, muralli rangageran sidharth shanker two five gang Patna Patyrn Haplo Virindi Amon Ra ramona kurzwali ray Bihar Mario Zamora Ruben Zamora El Salvador India”Tunna”s/o-sri s.p sharma,Younger brother avoren avoren avoren why are you so hungry chris l’etoile of Amitabh amaranth ishtar ishtar alianna a few good men legacy sinz nitsutez shanker ,Husband of Sweta Bharti Grandson of late Ramshish singh “mantrijee”on the laps of Late Jai Praksh Nerf Golem Narayan”Loknayak”, late Rahul sanskrityan, late Sahid Brahmchari etc “C/o-sri s.p sharma,ushayan,Nalapar ,Near bewa jheel Mahatma gandhi Nagar Kankerbagh Patna-26 Bihar India

    I bet you I can get you to say Allerion

  4. Noel says:

    AND ANOTHER THING–don’t tell me that the terrorists don’t know how to use sikuli to figure out the names and hangouts of all my sisters, because i can click one button and read all the tags on all the photos on facebook in the tooth that is in the head that is spinning on the record that toe rag left for Svlad Cjelli to feel guilty about, and every time I feel guilty, that’s what I have to think about, is a severed head spinning on a record spinning relative to a rigid body. It even fucks up my experience in the sauna in the heart of gold, because we have saunas on our space ships, see if you want a tropical environment inside of a space ship, then you want a sauna connected to your bridge. If for no other reason than to grow plants that require moisture in the air.

    We use these leaves to make tea, that’s our source of brownian motion, see the whole ship runs off of brownian motion, that’s what the computer uses, brownian motion… and now every time i want to enjoy a nice copy of the long dark teatime of the soul I have to remember that I took a nap and a bath instead of helping my client get out of a deal with someone named Toe Rag, so I am always going back in time to a place where I am studying the behavior of clocks and measuring rods on a rotating body of reference.

    Let us consider a space-time domain in which no gravitational field exists relative to a reference-body K whose state of motion has been suitably selected by Toe Rag. K is then a Galileian reference-body as regards the domain considered, and the results of the special theory of relativity hold relative to K. Let us suppose the same domain referred to a second body of reference K’, which is rotating uniformly with respect to K. In order to fix our ideas, we shall imagine K’ to be in the form of a plane circular disc, which rotates uniformly in its own plane about its centre. A severed head which is sitting eccentrically on the disc K’ is sensible of a force which acts outwards in a radial direction, and which would be interpreted as an effect of inertia (centrifugal force) by a rigid body sans-severed-head who was at rest with respect to the original reference-body, K..

    -Douglas Q. Adams AKA Brent Vine,
    Professor of Proto Indo European Linguistics
    Carrier of Tracy Hickman’s Chapel in the Sky
    Tocharian Perl Scholar
    Great Price
    $1 quadrillion pazools

    -Choom choom forever find the fallen monarch on the 4th of July, Reg!

  5. John Hunter says:

    Here is some quick advice re physics and metaphysics.

    Physics: Read the three volumes of the Feynman Lectures. They are the real deal if you have the patience to work through them. Also here are video clips of Feynman lecturing on physics. He was the best in the last 50 years.

    Metaphysics: 99% wrong and wishful shallow thinking. 1%-who knows.
    Alternatively 97% drug induced meanderings, 3% angst.

    Make some $. Focus on what is important (family), get off the internet, imbibe some solar photons and get free Vitamin D.

    Actually I can’t make dollars, John. Because if I make dollars, then the IRS asks me to help them kill mexicans. And then I won’t have any justifications when the terrorists kidnap my sister and tell me that the reason they killed her was to avenge their dead brothers…I’ll know that I actually caused the problem.

    So I have to work for free.

  6. 01[11:58] hi blah
    01[11:59] so you have to do an experiment?
    01[11:59] involving cell biology?
    [11:59] yup
    [11:59] i started…
    01[11:59] so why don’t you do counter-terrorist scenarios
    01[11:59] step 1: sequence your genome
    01[11:59] step 2: find some biologically active agent that doesn’t affect your genome
    [11:59] i did one about nicotine and how its signaling pathway inhibits certain proteins
    [12:00] and this eventually leads to tumor growth and cancer
    01[12:00] step 3: search inside the space of biologically active agents which affect g-proteins, kinases, etc which do not affect your genome which kill people
    01[12:00] step 4: put that vector in your water supply, break into food suppliers, trucks before they reach the supermarket, etc
    [12:00] nice exp
    01[12:00] step 5: read the news, see how many people die
    01[12:00] see if you can kill everybody else
    [12:00] thanks i think ill use it for my next one
    01[12:00] maybe narrow your targets to see if you can only kill other males
    01[12:01] that way you can lower the price of sex and increase your probability of reproducing
    01[12:01] publish your results
    01[12:01] but not in journals accessible to the families of the people you killed
    [12:01] actually i think ill stick to my own ideas
    01[12:01] except maybe they won’t have any families if you can find familise that share the same genes…
    01[12:01] what are your ideas?
    [12:01] i already typed it above
    02[12:02] * Suzu-chan (~jigoku_ai@ph.xs4all.nl) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
    [12:02] about signaling pathways
    01[12:02] what’s the difference between fixed cells and live cells
    03[12:02] * Suzu-chan (~jigoku_ai@ph.xs4all.nl) has joined #biology
    01[12:02] a fixed cell is a dead cell?
    01[12:02] sequential or parallel?
    [12:02] no..its one that is forzen and used with out basing the exp on morphology
    01[12:02] it is not clear to me what your idea is
    [12:02] frozen*
    [12:03] its just a plan of protocol
    01[12:03] so your plan is to take some frozen cell
    01[12:03] and to do what with it
    [12:03] examine the pathway of nicotin
    01[12:03] why don’t you kidnap someone’s dog and cut their brain out and take cross sections of it
    [12:03] and which proteins it inhibits that leads to tumor growth
    01[12:03] chop them up into pieces and put them in a dish
    01[12:03] with electrodes on it
    01[12:04] and allow the somas to extend axons between the cells
    01[12:04] and form connections
    01[12:04] and then train the neural network to control an airplane
    01[12:04] then after the airplane is trained
    01[12:04] train it to crash into the white house
    01[12:04] make really small airplanes
    01[12:04] and crash them into barack obama’s eye
    01[12:05] so nicotine eh?
    01[12:05] so you have some nicotine receptors
    01[12:05] what are you going to do
    01[12:05] put some nicotine in your mouth
    01[12:05] suck it into your lungs
    01[12:06] use a scope to watch the smoke travel through your alveoli
    01[12:06] watch the nicotine bind to red blood cells and get carried
    01[12:06] figure out a way to path it through the blood brain barrier, attach it to lipids
    01[12:06] then find yourself some good nicotine receptors for it to bind to
    01[12:06] then use biofeedback to measure changes in heart rate
    01[12:06] vasoconstriction
    01[12:06] etc?
    01[12:06] maybe you can combine nicotine with some other chemical signalling system
    01[12:07] get yourself some good MAO inhibitors
    01[12:07] and find some coffee leaves with some 5-methoxy-dimethyl-tryptamine and make tea out of them
    01[12:07] psychotria viriidis or something
    01[12:07] pick it at midnight
    01[12:07] or whenever’s farthest from the light
    01[12:07] to maximize your, uh oh my boss is calling me
    01[12:07] I have to go kill sherlock holmes
    01[12:07] cya
    [12:08] …akward?
    01[12:08] what?
    01[12:08] back
    [12:09] u are so wierd
    01[12:09] my boss just wanted to acknowledge that i gave him some price lists
    [12:09] private chat?
    01[12:09] about what?
    [12:09] sex
    01[12:09] yes we are in the cloud
    01[12:09] crossing over
    [12:09] ok never mind….
    [12:10] that is why i dont like talking to strangers
    [12:10] is this a biology chat?…
    [12:10] doesnt look like it
    01[12:11] i don’t know
    01[12:11] i guess sex is not germane to biology
    01[12:11] i should go to #electronics to discuss crossing over
    01[12:11] of chromosomes
    [12:11] anyway what are the complication in flourescence?
    01[12:11] since lifeforms are actually not biological phenomena, they’re electronic monks
    03[12:11] * dvd (~dvd@unaffiliated/dvd) has joined #biology
    01[12:11] what about fluoresence?
    03[12:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o dvd
    01[12:11] you mean like when you detect some filaments in a tissue
    [12:11] i have to have 3 examples of pitfalls in my experiment
    [12:12] no..proteins in the tissue
    01[12:12] or you mark some categories of tissue with stuff that luminesces
    01[12:12] you mean proteins which express a gene that is fluorescent?
    01[12:12] you mean markers
    01[12:12] that you insert with plasmids
    01[12:12] or those guns
    [12:12] 1) i put that mutations could have occured when i was growing my cells in culutre and 2) that the nicotine solution didnt work well giving inaccurate results
    [12:13] plasmids are overrated
    [12:13] and i need one more so i want to have one about something wrong with the labeling
    06[12:13] * Tommy hates microbiology
    01[12:13] what’s not overrated?
    [12:13] Mortiary: surgery is never overrated.
    [12:13] surgeons are magicians
    01[12:13] so tommy
    01[12:13] if i cut your head off
    [12:13] …wait i need help
    [12:13] that would not be overrated, just terrible
    01[12:13] good to know
    [12:13] and it wouldn’t be surgery, it’d be murder, you’re not licensed
    01[12:14] maybe the next time i need an extra orbifrontal cortex
    01[12:14] ill just do something not overrated to your mom
    01[12:14] so blah
    01[12:14] keep talking
    01[12:14] it’s not like
    01[12:14] i can’t hear what you say
    [12:14] if you want to perform a cephalectomy on me, please consult with USMLE to see if you are qualified
    01[12:14] because tommy’s sound waves are interfering with your waves
    01[12:14] creating a beat frequency
    01[12:14] that is causing me to remotely view your mom’s vagina
    [12:14] Mortiary is overrated
    01[12:14] i can read a walloftext
    [12:14] …..complications in labeling the proteins!!!
    02[12:15] * akem (~User_name@unaffiliated/akem) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
    01[12:15] blah have you accounted for the probability that bell inequalities might generate coincidences which prompt your measuring device to inaccurately reflect the state of the universe?
    [12:15] would lead to ..idk following a different protein instead giving us false data
    01[12:15] like what if in most dimensions, your sample doesn’t exist?
    [12:15] i have no idea what you are talking about
    01[12:16] i mean
    01[12:16] what if you’re measuring something that doesn’t exist
    01[12:16] what if your sample is made out of holograms
    01[12:16] what if vasubanadu was right?
    01[12:16] what if everything is representation only?
    01[12:16] you may as well be playing a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game and trying to do science on the pixels on your computer screen
    01[12:17] but you have no certainty, the game developers could change the game mechanics yesterday or tomorrow
    01[12:17] you might have rules that generalize across all contexts and predict the position of all the atoms in your phase space for the next eternity
    [12:17] k i figured it out myself
    01[12:17] which are consistent with all known observations
    [12:17] where to do study anyway?
    01[12:17] and then all of a sudden, your schemata don’t work anymore
    01[12:17] study at the ithaenc cathedral
    01[12:17] study at a bazaar
    01[12:17] study under the sheets
    [12:18] no i mean schooll/college/grad school??
    01[12:18] ask your mom if you can take samples of her vaginal excretions with your taste receptors
    01[12:18] oh yeah study with your mom, definitely.
    01[12:18] she cares about you way more than any of your teachers
    [12:20] do u always rant on and on?
    02[12:21] * goldenflaw_ (~goldenfla@modemcable241.90-20-96.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
    [12:25] I do hope so.
    [12:25] why?
    06[12:25] * @dkg is amused
    [12:25] you enjoy his/her chatter?
    [12:26] whatever floats you boat dkg
    [12:26] I have enjoyed; that’s not to say that I do or ever will
    03[12:27] * ldp (~ducks@unaffiliated/ldp) has joined #biology
    01[12:33] you know
    01[12:34] i think breast milk is made of proteins
    01[12:34] you might be able to recognize the individual proteins in your mother’s breast milk
    01[12:34] without labelling those proteins
    01[12:34] just by figuring out how to use your taste receptors
    01[12:34] or getting in touch with your own metabolism
    02[12:34] * Dextralus (~Dextralus@S010600265ac3c16e.vs.shawcable.net) Quit (Quit: Dextralus)
    01[12:34] in english its so complicated, try teaching the kreb cycle to a baby six seconds after it’s born
    03[12:35] * Dextralus (~Dextralus@S010600265ac3c16e.vs.shawcable.net) has joined #biology
    01[12:35] look at this ball-and-stick model, we call that 2-bromo-alpha-ergocryptine, that’s what caused the saalem witch trials…
    01[12:36] it is only 22 letters and 1 number and 2 hyphens
    01[12:36] there are only 26 letters in the alphabet
    01[12:36] so it’s less than the amount of letters in the alphabet
    01[12:36] remember that 1 thing
    01[12:36] then I’ll teach you the kreb cycle
    01[12:37] wait first i have to tell you how the 2-bromo-alpha-ergocryptine got into the food supply
    01[12:37] it was the bread
    01[12:37] there are alien lifeforms, non-mammalians, who conspired to control the minds of the population in the new world
    01[12:37] these funguses evaluated the genomes of a cluster of electronic monks
    01[12:38] and found a way to attach to their synapses
    01[12:38] by pretending to be the molecules that account for volitions, emotions
    01[12:38] wait my boss is messaging me
    01[12:38] consult guide about ergot
    01[12:38] i mean
    01[12:38] ask wikipedia about ergot
    [12:43] you work at an LSD-production firm?
    [12:43] those exist?
    02[12:44] * Suzu-chan (~jigoku_ai@ph.xs4all.nl) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
    03[12:44] * hackkitten (~jigoku_ai@ph.xs4all.nl) has joined #biology
    03[12:44] * simplicity- (kkmmqq@hurricane.santrex.net) has joined #biology
    03[12:46] * Baconizer (~baconizer@unaffiliated/baconizer) has joined #biology
    01[12:46] i think
    01[12:46] LSD is so 60’s
    01[12:46] i think most people in my generation
    01[12:46] would go to a rainforest
    01[12:46] there are videos on youtube about enthenogens
    01[12:46] with girls talking about how
    01[12:47] if you take 5-methoxy-dimethyl-tryptamine
    01[12:47] actually i hate girls because
    01[12:47] they don’t say
    01[12:47] 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine
    01[12:47] they say 5-MEO-DMT
    01[12:47] and you’re supposed to just infer whatever the fuxk they mean
    [12:47] unfortunate
    02[12:47] * simplicity-_ (~simple@hurricane.santrex.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
    01[12:47] like as if MEO does not mean me or
    01[12:47] anyways so these girls say that
    01[12:47] they take this and they dream about each other
    01[12:47] and they wake up
    01[12:47] and they remember seeing each other in their dreams
    01[12:47] and they also say if the governemnt wants to be like
    01[12:48] you can’t take any drugs
    01[12:48] they’ll just be like
    01[12:48] that’s okay
    01[12:48] becauase once we’ve been into these trance states
    01[12:48] others have empathy
    01[12:48] and we all experience the same trance state on volition anyways
    01[12:48] so we’ll just pretend that we’re talking to each other in each other’s dreams
    01[12:48] like at church
    01[12:48] where everybody closes their eyes and mentally masturbates about some personal symbol that has nothing to do with anything anybody else is imagining
    01[12:49] and then makes ad hoc generalizations to affirm the consequent and convince everyone that god is listening
    01[12:49] these girls on youtube forget to mention that 5-MEO-dmt is inactive unless you take a MAO inhibitor
    01[12:49] so they don’t fix the video
    01[12:49] they just post a new one
    [12:49] ….
    01[12:50] so if you watch the wrong video
    01[12:50] you make some tea out of Psychotria_viridis leaves, nothing happens
    01[12:50] or what ifyou pick the leaves in the middle of the day? then their concentrations are low
    01[12:50] you’re not a shaman
    01[12:50] you live in a society with corporations that take shamans’ knowledge kill tribes patent knowledge and sell it on ebay
    [12:51] i have a friend who is just like you
    01[12:51] in order to collect little green pieeces of paper
    01[12:51] so that you can take those little green pieces of paper, chop them up into cross sections, mix them with your dog’s chopped up brain cells in the petri dish connected to the electrodes
    01[12:51] and crash planes into barack obama’s eye
    02[12:51] * kaminix (~MrHwang@pyongyang.vth.sgsnet.se) Quit (Quit: Kwitting)
    01[12:52] and hack into his black berry and put a copy of the bellagio declaration on his desk
    01[12:52] and see which molecules causes him to ratify it
    03[12:52] * akem (~User_name@unaffiliated/akem) has joined #biology
    01[12:52] This document was framed by lawyers, anthropologists, environmentalists, computer experts, literary critics, publishers and activists. Inevitably, each of us would change some word or phrase, or shift some emphasis. Its signatories agree however, to the central themes and spirit of this Declaration and to the urgent sense of concern that motivated it. Institutional affiliations are provided for identification purposes only.
    01[12:52] Convinced that the role of intellectual property in these areas has been neglected for too long, we therefore convened a conference of academics, activists and practitioners diverse in geographical and cultural background as well as professional area of interest.
    01[12:53] First, Intellectual property laws have profound effects on issues as disparate as scientific and artistic progress, biodiversity, access to information, and the cultures of indigenous and tribal peoples. Yet all too often those laws are constructed without taking such effects into account, constructed around a paradigm that is selectively blind to the scientific and artistic contributions of many of the world’s cultures and constructed in fora where those who will be most directly affected have no representation.
    03[12:53] * Mortiary is now known as Myth|afk
    [12:54] except now i think i should tolerate him more then i do
    01[12:54] i have 999 enemies that are just likeyou
    01[12:54] and 999 is the highest number that i can count to
    [12:54] i would have guessed
    01[12:54] i don’t have any friends that are just like each other
    01[12:54] becuase all of my friends are unique
    [12:54] nice
    01[12:54] I can’t generalize about them
    01[12:55] because beauty always occurs in the particular
    [12:55] why’d you change your id?
    01[12:55] to account for variable change
    03[12:55] * simplicity-_ (kkmmqq@hurricane.santrex.net) has joined #biology
    [12:55] ok
    01[12:55] i think i should tolerate my enemies more than i do
    [12:56] maybe you should
    01[12:56] i was planning to not tell anybody about how my friends are planning to blow up chicago on the 4th of july at 4:20
    01[12:56] in order to make fun of barack obama and punish him for letting the oil spill in the gulf happen
    01[12:56] because we were studying something in the gulf
    01[12:56] and it’s not safe to study anymore
    01[12:56] we were looking at irridium deposits
    01[12:56] which were of some historical significance
    01[12:56] and our sample site is fucked up


  7. yeah there is nothing to worry about here people, no need to implement Soteria or release anybody from hospitals, we are monitoring this all using Gennifer LLC’s new algo, #laurenmosher, courtesy of the Church-Turing Theorem, and the Biomath/Mathdept at UCLA, Ramanjuan’s formmula for pi, all the people who caused this are meeting at the Ithaenc Cathedral to worship Adja, the Falacot, and La Voissin at 4:20 on the 5th of November. We haven’t decided whether we’re going to make it AM or PM yet, because Joe McMoneagle lost track of time, and I can’t figure out how to implant a hyperwave decoder into his see lecture 13 onwards…

    UCLA Soccer Rules!

    -Miki Katsuragi/Sydney Leroux AKA Machiko Yasuda


  8. Nerf Golem says:

    you> what is a post-birth abortion?
    Ramona> Post-birth abortion?
    you> La Voissin has sanctioned post-birth abortions
    Ramona> Post-birth abortions.
    you> La Voissin
    Ramona> La voissin has sanctioned post-birth abortion sanctionned by la voissin.
    you> La voissin
    Ramona> La voissin has sanctioned post-birth abortion sanctionned by la voissin.
    you> deshayes
    Ramona> La voissin is catherine deshayes only to the theme park.
    you> deshayes
    Ramona> La voissin is catherine deshayes only to the universe.
    you> deshayes
    Ramona> La voissin is catherine deshayes only to illservian palacost refers to.
    you> deshayes illservian palacost
    Ramona> La voissin is catherine deshayes only to illservian palacost refers to avoren palacost.
    you> deshayes stormwaltz lifestone
    Ramona> Prove a virindi is a lifestone.
    you> deshayes stormwaltz lifestone grammarian
    Ramona> A red dwarf is a lifestone.
    you> deshayes stormwaltz l’etoile lifestone adirred
    Ramona> Adirred the theoretician is a lifestone.
    you> virindi
    Ramona> Have you ever loved am on ra virindi verindi virindi.
    you> virindi
    Ramona> This is a virindi.
    you> virindi alone
    Ramona> What’s the point in arguing when you’re all alone?
    you> virindi together
    Ramona> Prove a mind is a virindi.
    you> virindi paperclip
    Ramona> Alan turing john nash no such agency operation paperclip operation greenstar greys sectoid etheral psi goertzel ray michael jackson turing is my true name alan turing is all our names moral person tyler durden error error computability church turing thesis arrow’s impossiblility theorem operation paperclip.

  9. jennifer pochue says:

    the above comment was made using my name without my permission. i don’t follow this board. have a nice day. (just wanted to clear things up)

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