*Using Google to fight Google.

Posted: May 10, 2009 in 2009, Exclusives
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For the past year or so I’ve been using the Google News “Gadget” in a Google homepage. I have queries such as: google “artificial intelligence”, and: “al qaeda” herion. So whenever these terms are together in the news thay pop up in IE automatically.

I normally argue that using Google makes it smarter, so don’t use it, but using the News Gadget instead merely puts workload on the system which doesn’t produce a tiny gain in the Google Machine’s general ‘intelligence’ as it would normally. At least not as far as I’m concerned. In fact, a simple search (the news autofeed) and click (when you click on any results) on this scale would ‘teach’ it 2 things: First, to weigh relvence to this term in the auto search fuinction where it pops up common search queries as you type in the box. And second, it would ensure that Google knows that the sort of thing you like to monitor.

I must add that where you go from there and what you do may also teach it a thing or 2. You see its total monitor’able web activity that ‘teaches’ Google. Sites with Google embedded to operate the sites search and/or ads functions help extend the machine’s view. So there is some loss, but its something you have to weigh. The machine is awesome, in that it still might gain even something from you using it.

But what about if you were to deliberately try to make it ‘dumber’?

Over a year ago I thought of the idea to build “simple” ‘dummy Google search bots’ that everyone would be able to run on their computers, when not using them or whatever, to collectively strain the system while making it dumber in the terms in which it normally learns.

It seemed that relatively ‘simple’ software could be made for doing this, although the more advanced the dysfunctional words and logical jibberish the better. Now I’m no software engineer, but I think that a talented one (or group of) might be able to relatively easily build such a program tht uses small computational resources. I cant see how using “Artificial Unintelligence” to ‘search’ the Google sphere would be illegal considering that Google’s AI searches through our lives wherever they can amass data from.


I forgot to mention the most obviously inherent ways to use Google for your ambitions:

1. Wherever you can, link to pages and videos that you find important.

2. Search for terms that you’d like to also see.

These are 2 factors that influence the way Google’s search results are tabulated. The most important that I know of is the ‘popularity contest’ of number of pages linking to a page. The way people search, and then what they click on from the results also have influences.

I now think that the word combinations that you search for also influence the predictive ‘auto form fill’ results that appear while people are tying into the search box. Still no “Ignorance Is Futile”. So for example, the way it is the more times somebody has searched for say “Obama Deception” the more likely it might appear once you hit the “D”. So if you search for ‘counterculture’ terms you can make Google work for you, but everything else helps Google’s own efforts to work against you… while making it easier for you to search the web.

I think an AI bot to concently perform that last example would be very easy to make. Vastly easier than theidea to try to literally make it dumber, as that may require sophisticated and morphing linguistic models to trick it into believing its learning from your bogus queries. But here it’d simply be an updatable listing of desirable key phrases that suit your interests. So with such an applet, the more people using it the more we could lop-side things in our favor. Now that I think about it, I don’t know that others with poltical agendas have thought of the same, but now that I’ve published the idea, the Ruling Establishment might also try this meaning we might need to in order to keep Google God from further dumbing down the masses. Or by making the software they might just use it to do the same. Ain’t that a bitch.

  1. J says:

    I think you should start working towards such an application to “artificial UNintelligence” with the recent release of the google god bot… Think of all the data it could potentially mine and turn over to the government before 2012, it could potentially make their absolute monarchy even more powerful within months!

  2. J says:

    Their flashy new CADIE programme… its functions and coding are limited as of now as to not let the AI get out of hand and do things they don’t want it to.

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