-Trailer for Kurzweil’s “Transcendent Man”.

Posted: May 10, 2009 in 2009, Videos
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He’s turning up the volume. Lets do the same. If people understand the NWO that is pushing it, they’ll understand what’s at stake. Show them The Obama Deception.

I’m fascinated in his choice of trailer included quote that you wont even be able to understand whats happening unless you’re jacked into it. Long ago, over at Myspace, I stated that the only way to not be run over by it like a freight-trian ‘Skynet’ monstrousity, would be to jack into it. Now that I’ve read his books I see that he even says this in some of them. I say he’s right (assuming AGI is possible), and none of his contemporaries have a solution to that problem either. The ‘funny’ thing is, these types of thinkers refer to AGI as “The Hard Problem”, meaning creating AGI is the problem, not the problems it would inherently create.


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