*Near & Long Term Vegetable Profiteering.

Posted: April 26, 2009 in 2008

There exists a serious profit potential in gardening. Short term would mostly be key “annual” fruit / vegetables, and long term would be key fruiting perennials.

After studying the contents of all the produce stands and grocery stores all around, I eventually picked up on certain pricey items. In my area they came in the form of Heirloom Tomatos, and Kiwi Horned Melons.

I’ve locally found 5 different types of heirloom tomatos so far. Their prices have ranged from $2.39 per tomato (thats EACH) to $4.99 per pound. Each tomato plant produces loads of fruits. Think about that. And what if you produced tons of other types of heirloom vegetable? So far I’ve only found tomatos and some fancy “fingerling” potatos as heirloom at the local grocery’s.

The next hot item is the “Kiwi Horned Melon”. I’ve only found them at one store, for $5.99 each. They’re about the size of a pear, although not shaped liked one. It turns out that these are profilic growing vine plants, that ‘take over’ and produce up to 100 melons each. You get roughly 400 seeds out of one melon (too hard to count them all). Try planting 60. Bonus: They “keep” for roughly 6 months at 50 degrees F.

This brings us to long term perennials. The way it works with any shrub or tree for that matter is the longer its alive the more valuable it becomes. This rule also applies to ‘worthless’ ornamental ‘waste’. My advice is only spend time in this regard on things that will also produce food one day. Any good fruiting shrub or tree over a year old is worth an easy $20.

Imagine 2 years after planting 1,000 exotic fruiting shrubs. Also imagine if SHTF in the coming months and you had masses of all of the above.

Of course you’ll need an inexpensive way to water them…


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