*21st Century Protest Gear.

Posted: April 26, 2009 in 2009, Exclusives
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Old news: The military and police have silent high tech long range non-lethal crowd dispersal directed energy weapons. We’re on the verge of being shot with microwave beams on our skin, acoustical waves in our ears, and strobing laser stun rifles in our eyes for peacefully assembling in protest of the machine. And that’s when they already have water cannons, rubber bullets, grenade launcher fired TAZERs, tear gas, and many other nastys. And they have shields. Its simply not fair…


The idea is rather simple, and you can build them at whatever dimensions for one person, or 6’x8′, or make them 4’x8′ with bottom girders to protect your legs.

I don’t have time to create imagery of the shield concept I’ve thought of, nor have I built such a device, but I’ll try to explain the overall concept where you can go from there.

The ideal ingredients are simple: “rigid” lexan greenhouse paneling, sheet lexan / polycarbonate (high grade ‘plexiglass’), and foil laminated foam insulator board.

These components stacked with the foam sandwiched inside should stop even rubber bullets, with the insulating foil blocking the microwave beams. The board comes in thicknesses less than half an inch, up to over 3″ thick. So bolt your layers together and bolt handles made from lumber to them. With 8′ long shields you might want to put two rails across longways for even force distribution. Cut little port windows in the inner foam layer to peek thru with your mirrored sunglasses.

Bonus: If you get enough plexiglass panels from gathering big screen TV’s for their fresnel lenses you can also stack those in similar fashion.

Body Protection:


*Mirrored Sunglasses + Mirrored Goggles.
*Ear plugs + Hardened Ear Muffs.
*Gas Mask.
*Sporting Pads
*Kevlar Motorcycle Gear.

All of that and you might be ready to exercise your 1st Amendment.

UPDATE: TASER Proof Gear: Energy weapon protection clothing.

UPDATE: Lexan face guard.

You can make on of these by cutting the shape of the face guard, drilling / cutting the intended holes , and then finding a form that is about the shape of your face. If you intend to do it in the oven check your cabinets for a suitable pan or pyrex. If you intend to use a heat gun or blow drier you will have more options for your mold. The idea is that the guard will rest over the mold and slowly droop into (or onto) form. The slower the better. Heat it too much and it will bubble. Y0u can use acrylic, but it’s a disaster to try and cut without it shattering, and is less protective.

UPDATE: Non-Lethal vs. Non-Lethal: Build you own LED ‘vomit beam’ gun.

After learning about an experimental weapon that can make people feel seasick, Limor Fried and Phil Torrone decided to build their own. They did it for less than $250, and wrote step-by-step instructions so that anyone can make one at home. It can create a nauseating lightshow with 36 pulsating LEDs. Visit their site for info, video, designs, and source code.

Standing Your Ground Against Police.
What to do when the FBI knocks on your door.
Police & Military Crowd Control Manuals.

  1. j says:


    How did you find this out?
    Ive been researching DIY weapons and ways to defend against the coming police state. about acoustic weapons.. earplugs might not do it.. youl need the firing range type hearing protection.

    so far i got, elbow and knee pads, netgun, and smoke bombs..wow.

  2. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    Dig. I’m just very familiar with materials of many sorts. Hardened ear muffs would actually provide to a degree physical armor. Just make sure they wont fall off.

  3. j says:

    using your concept, im gonna build a shield.
    Its cool because you also took in consideration the microwaves problem, i was thinking about building a seperate device for that but this is waaay more efficient.

    im looking into making a DIY emp device, night vision, and i have to get a grappling hook, rope, multitool, folding shovel, folding hatchet, gasmask, monocular, handcuffs,.. also a netbook for programming(which i still have to study up on).
    But i need a way to charge it if the grid is taken down.

    Regarding Tasers.. how would we protect against that?

  4. francis says:

    Please update images. Source was removed!

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