*Arcade Shooting Range

Posted: April 25, 2009 in 2009, Exclusives

“Practice Makes Perfect” is literal science. With ammo scarcity, rising ammo costs, and shrinking budgets, now is not the time to not be able to perform shooting practice. Gun video games are the key.

Actual arcade machine gun games provide the best quality guns and at least one key game.One of the best gun games for our purposes, which was also only released in arcade machine form, is “Police Trainer”.  This training simulator has to win hands down in both accuracy and judgment. But it doesn’t give the same degree of exorcise as the more traditional ‘action’ type games.

The action type games are more sloppy for realistic training purposes, but they provide actual exorcise to compensate for lack of gun kick. And while it is possible to realistically expect to beat certain easier levels using both guns in Police Trainer, it’s far more practical with the other list of action games.

But the problem with actual arcade games is cost. It boils down to being worth some quarters to play some gun games when one is available, considering that the average round of ammunition costs roughly $.25, but to own these games is another story. Plus, all of these games are more expensive to play dual gun style for several reasons.

So the next best bet for the average person is to invest in older gun games for ‘platform’ TV systems. Running PC emulators is an option, but it requires special equipment and certain software know-how. This overall method is obviously best when you own an actual PS2 or PS3 for example. With backwards compatibility you can buy the gun games for the older systems to cheaply expand your ‘shooting range’ ‘drills’. And dual gun capability only requires a one time down payment that is valid across probably most gun games out there.

I actually don’t normally advocate wasting away in mindless gaming escapism, and as a former gaming addict of many many years I’m poised to lash out all I want. But the idea here is that these games arent necessarily mindlessness. There are other game types that also provide some actual usefulness in NWO Survival, but they’re far more demanding in time commitments to gain their usefulness. With gun games you get actual shooting practice, and can keep it simple with roughly 20 minutes per day of ‘training’.

Other game styles of use would be “Real Time Strategy” and “First Person Shooters”, but these games devour precious time in comparison. Just learning how to actual use these game engines to their fullest to then be able to truly internalize the beneficial aspects of the time allocation is a major hurdle here. It’s really best to already have a former history with these genres to then move on into preparing for the Great Aggression in the real world. But I understand not everyone is going to be ready to give up video games just yet. So I hope to encourage people to at least put that energy and time into games that may also provide some real life benefits.

  1. j says:

    I agree, video games are verry usefull ‘simulators’ and thats the purpose i use them for, basic 1st person shooter games, and combat games to help me think out strategies, tactics, and its a visual form of practice. Its as close to a cheap simulator you can get. My advice is just to limit your games to what you need to practice. NWO Survival related stuff.

    Dont get addicted, play casually and practice with real equipment as well.

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