*Power thru knowledge in going off the grid. (FREE BOOKS)

Posted: April 14, 2009 in Exclusives

“Master Blaster runs Barter Town”.

In Beyond Thunderdome, the “Master” character held power for 2 reasons. First, he was the only one who knew how to run the ‘pig shit’ methane plant, and second, he had “Blaster” to protect him. If you don’t have your own ‘blaster’ I can’t help you much to protect yourself, but here is power:

Google Books.

If things like power, water, the Internet, and supply lines go away you can either live rough, or you can possess the knowledge to build and create virtually everything we take for granted. Long ago before Nicola Tesla gave the world alternating electricity somehow people managed to crate a vast bit of the sort of stuff we have today with the major exception of things that run off of electricity.

And as it turns out books from that era often tell you how they did it. Google Books offers out of date and copyright-free books as direct download PDF files. So what you do is think of keywords of what you’d want to be able to make, punch that in the search box, set it to ‘Full View Only’ and viola most of the results are usually downloadable books from the 1700’s, 1800’s and even early 1900’s.

Some examples phrases are: yeast, soap, forging, ammunition, farming, brewing, cooking, and so on. Just think of everything you’d want and odds are you’ll find dozens of books telling you how to do it. In reading the titles in your searches you’ll even see more specific words to punch in.

You can also get a great deal of videos and so on using regular searches, and other avenues such as topic related forums or bitorrent.

To turn this into virtually endless future Barter Economy capital you’ll need a laptop computer, a printer, lots of ink refill juice & cases of printer paper, and at least a 45W solar panel (that you’d want to have anyways).

Be sure to have these files backed up on more than one (each disk) disk thats well protected. You might even be able to barter for some of the needed items like laptops and printers, and for next to nothing if there doesnt exist an electrical grid.

As long as you can keep the printer paper flowing with invaluable data you have endless Mad Max currency.

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  2. jay says:

    I think if people want to have that “knowledge bank” in a cheaper and more mobile alterantive they should get a portable hardrive and/or device like a ipod touch. pmp/smartphone
    and if you are worried about power you can get a solar charger.

  3. Ebooks says:

    This is very nice of you, a great offer for book lovers…I hope I can get one still!

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