*How To: Become a “Mad Max Millionaire” for ‘a few dollars’.

Posted: April 14, 2009 in Exclusives, Internal Affairs
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This is a direction this blogsite will be taking from here on, especially during hiatus from filmaking. This entry isn’t the actual HowTo, but those pages are upcoming and long overdue. The direction my life has taken during this economic collapse and film hiatus has me now having too much needed to be said in similar vein to the technological totalitarianism that usually dominates my work.

It’s all about preparing for the “Barter Economy”, and in the past 5 months I’ve got it down pat. I’m actually living in a sort of “NWO Survival” training grounds. As the last man standing in my company, with the offices having been moved out of the high-tech-industry work-compound over a year ago, I’ve taken up lone residence with round the clock free run in such facilities. I’m surrounded by my work, and by my GTFO (get the fuck out) survival projects. So the lessons I have to offer aren’t merely ideas that I think sound cool, they’re first hand routines.

You see, when the October Panic came I was caught with my pants down, completely unpreapred for anything, yet I still chugged on in working on my film. When the December busy season at work never came, I was caught once again unprepared for anything, only this time countinuing on my film 24/7 was no longer an option whether I liked it or not.

Here at the WordPress site I’ve changed the “NWO Hacking” tag to “NWO Hacking & Survival“. I hope to get an Internet radio show with 2 different themed nights per week, one on my rather exclusive outlook on Technological Totalitarianism, and the other on NWO Survival. Since ‘work-work’ is still not not enough to make ends meet, preparedness has interwoven with immediate day to day prosperity, and I don’t have enough time to do all of my text-driven Internet soapboxing.

In preparing for the barter economy I’ve found short term opportunities as well, as you likely will on your own if you become a survivalist 27/7. In regards to becoming a Mad Max Millionaire, it’s all about stockpiling key items that would ‘be worht their weight in’ silver or gold or better in the total New Great Depression / Mad Max Scenario.  There are many widely recognized items of such value (such as ammo) which you cannot likely get ‘for a few dollars’, but I’ve developed a list of items and techniques with which you can accumulate ‘vast wealth’ for even as little as the time it takes to do it…

  1. Bryan says:

    Is this a list you are willing to share? If you have it somewhere on this site please link me to it =)

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