*The “Great Aggression”: Worse than a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’.

Posted: April 7, 2009 in 2008, Exclusives
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Back in December, I was trying to add a humor slant to the prospects of the “Great Aggression” scenario in different ways. The 2 biggest phrases I’d been saying to people during my banter was “Get your black football shoulder pads ready, we’re going Mad Max bitches”, and the other is “Buy food & ammunition, get ready for the zombie apocalypse”.

In the use of such there had remained a degree of seriousness in the Mad Max saying, whereas the zombie apocalypse (ZA) bit was deliberately meant to absurd. Later, in January, it finally occurred to me that the zombie bit wasn’t necessarily absurd, and that perhaps what appears to be coming is far scarier than the darkest fictional horror film rendition typical of the zombie genre.

In the horror films we typically find half-rotten and mostly brain-dead zombie creatures. They are uniformly monsters by definition according to fictional story standards. A typical trait of a zombie is that they’re “undead”, or at least neurologically ‘rotten’ from a vicious brain attacking virus, which pushes the monster status.

Like others horrors, such as Friday the 13th, the obvious fiction shock and drop value is in effect what makes it work while allowing us to sleep ok at night. Knowing these are fictional monsters seems to even justify we paying to watch the senseless killings. I argue that real life serial killers provide a much greater sense of ongoing fear in the masses at large.

In pondering my own “joke”, the reality of the situation that we seem to be facing inevitably is ushering a far grimmer notion of epidemic scale cannibalism than any zombie tale or Jeffry Dahmer biography. I beg the question, for how long can the ‘Great Agrression” go on for before gangs of desperate ruthless killers begin hunting and cannibalizing people?

I ask you to ask yourself that question. The problem isn’t merely just spoiled and selfish people, it’s that none will be prepared. Only the 10% of survivalist society will be prepared. That leaves the 10-20% of the wealthy and elitist sectors of society who can pull off preparedness at the last minute (and who are meant to survive anyways).  That leaves quite a few zombies…

The Great Aggression:

Few will be prepared, and this perpetual state of unpreparedness coupled with the Neocommunist economic meltdown will spell the true disaster. If all people were prepared then the masses would hardly collapse regardless of the Establishments plans. The problem with today’s society vs. that of the Mad Max films is that there will be several far more people. An unprepared selfish society is its own nemesis.

Top economic forecasters predict something worse than the original ‘Great Depression’, and they predict social turmoil, but the situation eventually shocks and scares the best of us beyond our ability to focus. Top economic forecasters like Gerald Celente will project further into the darkest depths of future civilization than most. Celente even harshly uses the phrase “America will become the first undeveloped nation”.

After 4 years of rigorous study into the psyche of selfish American sheeple society, and the Media machine that programs it, in conjunction with Celente’s forecasts, I see a darker vision. It comes down to how much faith you have in society. I have about the same faith in society as I do it’s ‘chosen’ government. Ask yourself how much time of food shortages would pass before the masses begin feeding on the masses.

To me this reality is far more chilling than anything Hollywood could conjure. These aren’t ‘undead’ brainless monsters. These are humans with ‘fully functional’ brains. They know how to the weapons they have. They know to find your outside electircal shutoff box to cut the power. They are able to dive thru your windows and kick down your doors at roughly the same time. And the can distingiush your ideology and ethnicity to select you as prey. A well armed family is doomed at the arrival of dozens of these types of ‘zombies’.

And to think I used to refer to the masses as “zombies” from time to time in the past. Today the film “Dawn of the Dead” (the original) is more like educational than entertainment, as is the Road Warrior. I don’t count out the reality that society becomes like that of the Road Warrior, where men do feed upon men, so throw a ‘bird flu’ in the mix and you’re not too far off.

So even if it doesnt get that bad, or at least for awhile, I still argue that right now today is the “New Great Depression”. What tomorrow brings is what I call “The Great Aggression”. And click on the news from the past few weeks of shootings and so on and it sounds to me like we’re already getting there. Better hope there aren’t mass food shortages anytime soon…


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