*Crippled by the New Great Depression

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Internal Affairs

Not completely, only as far as all of you are concerned. NGD has crippled my ability to ‘work’ on this effort, and on my film project(s) in particular. You see I made no money last year, and struggled, waiting for the annual “xmas rush”, but it never came. So I’ve been forced into survivalist mode. It’s actually working out for me better than for the average next guy. Much of it has been luck and blessings, the rest constant nonstop effort. So with the exception of my defunct film project(s), I’m doing alright. Film(s) for me depend on non-commitments in my life and a good flow of work. I usually work my own hours; I have neither.I’m round the clock in NWO Survival.

To compensate for my inability to finish film(s) I’m seeking an Intertnet radio show. I have too much to say that is unpublished. My talking points untouched by “The Tip of the Spear” Infowars and all the others. My calls interuppted and cut off; emails ignored. But I might have an avenue…


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