*Donald Trump; Kitco.com: ‘We’re headed for another 1929’.

Posted: November 18, 2008 in 2008, Podcasts
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Ignorance Is Futile:

Radio commentator Al Korelin for Kitco.com, the worlds leading gold investments site, not only pointed out that Donald Trump warned of a New Great Depression but also concurred. The guest, Roger Wiegand, stated that it won’t happen over days or weeks but that it will be spread out over a very long period. Korelin also stated that he believes that we might be headed to “rapid”, “rampant” inflation. Wiegand warned that we might be facing “hyperinflation“. Add Gerald Celente, the worlds leading economic forecaster to the list, and do the math.

Audio: WMA MP3 index

  1. sara says:

    guess this is something the trump knows a bit about…style & grace, uh no, but the state of our economy~ okay.

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