*Why a pro-draft Chief of Staff is a big deal.

Posted: November 17, 2008 in 2008, Articles
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Ignorance Is Futile:

Bush’s former Chief of Staff Andrew Card unwittingly explains why Obama’s CoS being a supporter of a “civilian national security force” might even be worse than Obama supporting it.

In an old Daily Show interview Andy Card explains how a CoS literally serves as the gate-keeper to what the president is told and who he talks to. Click for video. So what this means with Obama, in the sense that maybe the “civilian national security force” he mentioned isn’t an actual agenda, if it is his CoS’s agenda then he may help guide Obama’s perceptions into unwittingly but consciously entering into the same agenda.

Now with Obama‘s CoS-elect, Rahm Emanuel, it turns out that that’s been his agenda for several years. In fact, that seems to be the sort of thing that has gotten him spots, in the past before Obama, on the news. Besides, Obama did explain that as an agenda, so even if some of the other cabinet members might be able to guide other perceptions from outside of the bubble, it’s irrelevant anyways.

So it’s as simple as that, just so long as you’re aware of the details in the other links in this post.

  1. bugsbugsbugs says:

    obama’s been down with the draft longer than that. he’s a puppet to cfr/trilat/bilderberg. all these politicians are ok with the draft. they just say they’re against it for the same reasons they don’t mention their racial prejudices outloud.

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