>Narrators needed!

Posted: November 17, 2008 in 2008, IIB Films, Internal Affairs

I’m searching for volunteers who would like to co-narrate my upcoming film “an unholy alliance”.

I’ve decided I’d like to have a broad mixup of narrators spread across the majority of the film. I’ve kicked around several approaches from just doing it myself, to having select people do certain segments, but now I think I want a full palate to pick and choose the voice paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence.

It would actually be much simpler for me to just hurry up and do it all myself, but quality and certainty of people watching the entire display are critical. I don’t want people being entranced by the same repetitive voice for over an hour, and into sleep. So my the best option is constantly changing voices and tones. At the same time, this should provide much higher quality in the experience, and I always intend for my films to be an experience rather than a time killer.

So participants will receive an advanced copy of my nearly completed script, and instructions etc for how to go about recording it and getting me the audio files.

The subject matter is technology in particular, along with the dark side of humanity and politics. So it gets into psychology, sociology / social psychology, economy, corporatism, elitism, poverty, and so on besides merely a vast range of futurist technology and big brother militaristic totalitarianism.

While dark and powerful voices are desired, that’s not all I want. This presentation will be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs between contexts and emotions. So women and men of varying voice types will apply to the outcome.

A good voice is obviously ideal, and the better the recording equipment you have the better.

I have no idea no idea how many people will actually express interest in this, but unless it gets out of hand most everyone should get some airtime in this most powerful and ground-breaking audio-visual assault.

ALSO: I need to collaborate with somebody skilled in using vocoders for some computer / robot voice sequences.

Please don’t comment, send me an email:
ignoranceisntbliss AT hotmail.com

  1. David Spry says:

    I would be happy to help. I have significant experience of voice over projects and can forward you a voice sample if so desired. U can contact me on 00447570056349. Thanks

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