-Future Phones to Read Your Voice, Gestures.

Posted: November 16, 2008 in 2008
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“So much of how we understand technology is visually driven,” says Rachel Hinman, a strategist with Adaptive Path, a user-experience and design-consulting firm. “Mobile interface design has to mimic the touch, sight, gesture and auditory feeds that we use to interact with our environment.”

That means speaking to your phone rather than typing, pointing with your finger instead of clicking on buttons, and gesturing instead of touching. You could listen to music, access the internet, use the camera and shop for gadgets by just telling your phone what you want to do, by waving your fingers at it, or by aiming its camera at an object you’re interested in buying.

Over the last few years, advances in display technology and processing power have turned smartphones into capable, if tiny, computers. As a result, phones have gone beyond traditional audio communication and texting to support a wide range of multimedia and office applications.

Here’s gesture technology today using a “3D camera”:

I don’t think I want there to be a 3D camera in my phone…

Also in phone news:

Mobile phones of the future will be equipped with a 12 MP to 20 MP cameras with full HD capability by 2012

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