-Bolivia boots DEA for spying and destabilizing their government.

Posted: November 2, 2008 in 2008, Articles
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Bolivia’s first indeginous president, a former coca grower, halted DEA operations. I guess there’s room for debate here.

I find the ignorance of the BBC article striking: “Coca is widely used by Bolivian Indians”. “Indians”?

Anyways, here’s the claims of president Evo Morales:

“From today all the activities of the US DEA are suspended indefinitely,” the Bolivian leader said in the coca-growing region of Chimore, in the central province of Chapare.

“Personnel from the DEA supported activities of the unsuccessful coup d’etat in Bolivia,” he added, referring to the unrest in September which left 19 people dead.

“We have the obligation to defend the dignity and sovereignty of the Bolivian people.”

I’m sure there will more news about this ordeal to come…


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