*James Woolsey Iraq on 9/12 update.

Posted: October 30, 2008 in 2008, Exclusives
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Tonight I noticed thru the handy WordPress panel that Huffington Post linked to the site in reference to my old James Woolsey post:

*Neocon PNAC Member / CIA Director James Woolsey thumbed Iraq just 2 hours after 9/11

After seeing this I considered posting a link to the Archive.org source of the cited NBC clip. When I looked at the site I noticed a lack of link for the time-slot in question. I then went and found the (rather rare) original raw news-feed clip, that I have, where I found the bit. I made an error on the time, as I’ll explain shortly, below. But it turns out he was actually on 2 hours early making the same link anyways.

The article is authored by Muhammad Sahimi, and is about McCain’s foreign policy advisors. It’s actually an important piece, the sort I’d consider reposting had I seen it and not be linking here now.

He cited my blog site here in reference to the James Woolsey Youtube clip I uploaded a long time ago and did that writeup. I found that clip from the Archive.org 9/11 news archive. In February 2007 news happened, that implicated a backdoor to download raw quality MPG clips directly from the Archive’s archiving system. The Archive 9/11 stuff was rather unknown and I’m not even sure totally available, and these 1GB source clips weren’t meant for public consumption. So when the news broke during that whole ‘BBC reported WTC7 collapse before it did’ fiasco, some of us out there looked past the story and sought out where to find the clips.

So for less than 24 hours after the story went viral there was a limited window to grab whatever you could. From my take I found that portion inside there, later on. The filenames were quite different than how they’re now named at Archive. Those who took part in this ‘preservation of history’ effort ended up with rather random clips. Only a handful of complete sets of the ‘raw’ (not quite, but close) exist.

Here is the filename of the clip this post is all about:
V08554-10 nbc200109122209-2251.mpg

So that’s NBC, 2001, 09 (September), 12 (date), 2209-2251 (military time).

Somehow I slipped and mixed up the military time and confused that with it being 2:26 on 9/11, when it was actually 10:26 on 9/12. As I’ll point out below, Woolsey still made the link the same night only about 2 hours earlier.

On my bad, I’m not at all enjoying catching myself with such a ‘large’ error. In fact I wish someone would have spotted this mistake for me long ago. I’m sure I looked at the time more than once, but whatever happened I made the error, posted it, and never looked back. The ‘rarity’ of the situation helped it get overlooked by the sorts who would normally correct fouls, I suppose.

As was already present on Wikipedia, when I found my Woolsey clip, Woolsey did make the link to Iraq at 10:54 on the morning of 9/12. But now there is one clip posted on Youtube that might actually show Woolsey after midnight of 9/11 making the claim. This clip is stated to be “after midnight on 9/11”. Note that this timeslot isn’t available at Archive.org. But I do think it was from 9/12, as if you look at the ABC clip from 9/13 the anchors are different than the clip just before midnight on 9/11. [Another thing I find interesting is thatPeter Jennings mentioned that it was the second time ABC had him on that day (meaning 9/11).]

So this doesn’t hurt Sahimi’s article, in my view. Furthermore, Woolsey was one of the key Neocon drum beating war-hawks who was regularly on the nightly news of various networks screaming for war with Iraq in the early months directly after 9/11, as documented in Bill Moyer’s most excellent PBS presentation “Buying The War“.

Woolsey was a key instrument in propadandizing the population long before the Bush administration began parroting the ‘kill Iraq’ framework Woosley, Pearle and Kristol mantra. So it could be said that Woolsey and the other 2 should be charged before Bush & Cheney, or at least at the same Nuremberg show trial extravaganza.

I have many of the roughly 418 42-minute 1GB clips, but I haven’t played the Archive clips I don’t possess. Besides, it appears the clip now in question isn’t available, although I haven’t ever bothered comparing what is posted as quality-chopped streams at Archive with the master list of the original file set, that I do have. But since that time I have noticed many different news-feed uploads on the torrent networks, from time to time. I might even have that piece, although I have so much data I don’t have time ot look for it now. Note the Archive set is of what was broadcasted in DC.

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