*Google funding Artificial General Intelligence research via Novamente.

Posted: October 26, 2008 in 2008, Articles, Exclusives
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Ignorance Is Futile:

AGI is the equivalent of what many typically envision when talking about (human level or greater) “AI”. So to simply say ‘Google is funding AI’ means almost nothing. “AI” in itself means a wide range of everyday things such as the ‘computer’ player in video games going back to the beginning. But to factually say that Google is now publicly funding AGI is a far more profound statement.

Meet Novamente, and Dr. Ben Goertzel. Novamente’s mission statement is to have self modifying human level intelligence in roughly 2012. I’ve been well aware of the mad doctor and his activities (such as working for NIH and other government and military agencies (I have video of Ben stating this somewhere) for some time. I also took note of his recent OpenCog, an open source project to accelerate progress toward safe, beneficial artificial general intelligence. I haven’t the time to do huge writeups on everything happening in the world of AGI, although I have certainly given mention to Ben in many various writings.

For being what I consider a ‘government’ (or rather Technological Establishment) insider, I do give him props for being much more open and ‘honest’ about the AGI ordeal than many of his other contemporaries. In contrast, Ray Kurzweil tells us it’s coming but then tells us not for another 20 years give or take a few. The absurdness of Ray’s claims, assuming that AGI is possible of course, is that he basically sets the ‘date’ to be about the same time that commercially availible $1000 CPU’s match roughly human complexity in regards to transistors.

The DARPA insider that Ray is, he doesn’t like to discuss things like what if there were an AGI ‘Manhattan Project’, like Ben does. Aside from the aforementioned Novamente claims of their own AGI due-date, Ben has claimed in many videos and writings that all they need to solve the “Strong AI ‘Problem‘” to enable rapid AGI genesis is for there to be an AGI “Manhattan Project”. As I demonstrated in my recent ‘Google … God On Earth‘ article, such a project (Google + NASA + DARPA) exists. But one thing lacking from my recent ‘Google God’ analysis was outside funding by Google, but now that intel exists on my radar screen.

Google is listed as sponsor of the OpenCog project, specializing in financial support for OpenCog programmers via Google Summer of Code. And this isn’t Ben’s first noteworthy interaction with Google, either. Watch Ben’s ‘Google Tech Talk’, “Artificial General Intelligence: Now Is the Time“, from last October, on Google’s official Tech Talk Youtube channel.

In summary, this intel should put to rest some of the notions of Google not directly seeking AGI although their entire operation is merely ‘Narrow AI’ claims I’ve been seeing around.

  1. Ben says:

    It’s Goertzel with an e.


  2. dad2059 says:

    Hmmm, the elites love religious Apocalyptic symbolism, do they not?

    To time a hard take-off Google-Plex Singularity with 2012 is pretty outlandish on their part, but not too surprising in my view.

    Singularity Disciple Kurzweil being disingenuous about the date?

    Sounds intruiging.

    How much do you think he knows?

  3. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    I always ‘flip-flop’ between the proper and improper spellings. Google God reminds me of this when it happens. I guess it’s an ongoing Freudian Slip.

    Ray is always ahead or riding the curve in futurist matters. He’s been funded by DARPA going back to the 90’s or even 80’s. You can bet he knows the ‘state of the art’ on this. He ‘has a bus ticket’ if you know what I mean. I really need to do an itemized list on Him.

    On 2012: Yeah, they do. Check out my They Want Your Soul video. I made it long ago when I used to dabble in more ‘theoretical’ sorts of things. The main point was New Age types (in the narrative it included NASA & DARPA) are priming whomever possible to expect some “transformation of conciousness” on 2012, and then I highlighted how DARPA and NASA each had AGI type programs slated for 2012 success. I’ve still yet to see others make the argument, but the argument was that the New Age movement is in effect (whether witting or not) setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy in getting people to expect something that the Technological Establishment seem to be trying to make a reality with their AGI & brain implant technologies.

  4. Ian Parker says:

    If you have your television programs streamed in on broadband and selected by guess who, you have potentially at least a potent weapon of cultural control.

    This weapon can be used both to send countries to war, make sure that all your young men go off obediently to Iraq and Afghanistan, or it can be used to turn people off the idea of fighting. Far more elegant than defeating an enemy in battle is simply to turn them into yourself culturally.

    Does Google want to do this?

    Difficult to say


    One very simple point. How come this critical article is right at the top of the Google search? It could have gone to the bottom if Google had wanted it.

    Somehow I fell Google and AGI is as much a “threat” to the military as an opportunity.

  5. I just found this forum and I must say that I’m glad I did. I hope to bring something to the community as I have already found some interesting topics.

    Hailing from the Dirty South (United States for those that don’ know).

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