-H.R. 2755: “Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act“.

Posted: September 24, 2008 in 2008, Articles
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Alright people. Here’s a shot at reclaiming any notion of ‘democracy’. The “Fed” devalues our currency and helped create the housing meltdown that has lead to all of this. They can also be thanked for the Great Depression, and so on. Dig thru my “Federal Reserve” posts and do some web searches if any of this is news to you. The Fed is a privately owned bank, and they are in the process of claiming literally 80% ownership of AIG for a $85 billion loan, for one tiny example.

Until this privately owned tyrannical institution is brought down, the idea that these presidential ‘elections’ and the elected government at large is even remotely legitimate, and that electing a candidate who doesn’t speak out against it will bring any REAL change is laughable at best. It all begins here.

Lite up the phone lines of your states elected officials at Capital Hill and tell them enough is enough. You can count on feeling satisfaction from that.

The Right Perspective:

Constitutional Conservative Ron Paul has introduced H.R. 2755, the “Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act“, which will repeal the Federal Reserve Act and abolish the US Federal Reserve at the end of 1 year after its passing into law.

The 1 year time frame will be a “winding down” period, overseen by the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, who will continue to pay employees and operate day-to day dealings.

The OMB Director will begin liquidating the Fed’s assets, which will put into the General Fund of the Treasury. The Secretary of the Treasury and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget will report back to Congress at the end of 18 months.

The Texas Congressman has been a long time critic of the US Federal Reserve, ran a grassroots campaign for the Republican Party nomination of President of the United States. Paul was derided by many within his own party for his stance on the Iraq War. Despite poor showings in polls, Rep. Paul used his presidential campaign as a bully pulpit for small government and a strict interpretation of the US Constitution, which has since found an increasing acceptance by conservatives, including political commentators Glenn Beck and Chuck Norris.

Ron Paul blasting Fed Chairman Ben Bernake today:

  1. We are tax activists in Indiana with a solid track record of successes.

    Mike Pence, our courageous Senior Congressman from Indiana, was first to stand down the Fed against the bailout.

    Please call and fax his Indiana Office. Tell him to hold his ground and to co-sponsor HR 2755! There is much ground support and he’s getting calls from high places to co-sponsor the Act to Abolish the Federal Reserve.

    The numbers below are for his campaign office. People will be there this week. If no answer, send a fax and leave voicemails. It doesn’t matter if you are not from Indiana.

    PHONE: 765-643-9503
    FAX: 765-643-9514

  2. Ron says:

    The Federal Reserve is Guilty of Helping Create the Global Financial Meltdown

    Many investors and concerned citizens around the world are showing their outrage at what the Federal Reserve has done to the American economy with their easy money policies which caused the credit & real estate bubble and subsequent global financial meltdown.

    Join the thousands who are signing & commenting on the Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/fed/petition.html

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