-UPDATE: Homeschooling Wasn’t Banned in California.

Posted: September 24, 2008 in 2008, Articles
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Turns out David Gutierrez of Natural News ran an outdated article that got spread around the blogosphere and found its way onto my radar screen last night. I guess it was ‘banned’ at one point, but then after much deliberation that has been smacked down.

  1. I’m finding it ironic that many sites whose names implore readers to know the real and terrible truth are running this completely outdated article. I’m the editor of Secular Homeschooling Magazine, and a California homeschooler. I covered this story from the initial ruling in March, to its being vacated shortly after, to the case being heard again and the “parent certification” ruling being reversed in August. Sorry to be the bearer of good news, but homeschooling is completely legal in California.

  2. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    Yeah. The pains of reposting things. When you see something dated the same day, that appeared to have been authored by the postee, at a rather respectable looking website, you wouldn’t expect it was 6 something month old OUTDATED and FALSE ‘news’. In many cases I take a good look at something before I would ever repost it. Often I’ll see the same story in different forms at 2 or more different sites I browse and or raw news searches before I decide to go with it. Homeschooling isn’t even an issue I pay much attention to, but if something like that pops up on my radar and looks like tyrannical government material I usually can’t resist.

    I find it interesting that you couldn’t just point out that someone else piece that I obviously reposted was totally out of date, and to consider correcting the problem. Instead you have to negatively stereotype “many sites whose names implore readers to know the real and terrible truth”, who in most cases and absolutely this my own have the public interests at heart in our selfless efforts. After seeing your comments I went and did a raw Google search and found many repeats of the story new and old. Not sure why I didn’t see you posting in similar vein at all of those as well. But thanks for stopping by and setting the record straight in any case. I despise falsehoods. They’re what motivate me. Please do go thru the bulk of my other materials and correct me anywhere else possible, especially if I wrote them myself.

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