*Google’s 23andMe DNA Databank is Targeting Children.

Posted: September 21, 2008 in 2008, Exclusives
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Ignorance Is Futile:

Any good social engineer knows that to ensure the success of questionable new agendas it’s vital to target children for systematic desensitization. You see this indoctrination in Global Warming alarmism, militaristic Christian Zionism (must see), UN “One World” government school campaigns, Israeli Zionist imperialism (see photo below), Islamic terrorism, cameras in school bathrooms, Obama’s “National Security Force”, Google’s mobile-device GPS tracking, and Homeland Security partnering with Sesame Street, to name a handful.

23andMe is the pet project of Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife, Anne Wojcicki. It’s geared as a personal genomic service, and it’s web home is built as a social networking site.

One interesting thing in the 23andMe children indoctrination context is a view of their lobby at their Mountain View headquarters. In it is a sort of DNA shrine that has a “Dino” doll, and amongst other things a childrens DNA mad science laboratory playset. When I first seen it in the video I thought it was part of their promotion line, but it turns out to be made by the Discovery Store. But none-the-less we can still see the evidence of their operation being in-part geared towards children, and you can bet that it is no accident considering Google is at the forefront in neuromarketing and behavioral marketing and so on.

But the bigger story is 23andMe’s participation in their local area, where in May they targeted the Girl Scouts’ Golden Gate Bridging which had more than 7,000 girls from eight states in attendance. They didn’t just do the walk with them, but they also had a booth set up where they encouraged the kids to ““translate” their names into the genetic code and then use colored beads to represent their new “DNA aliases” on a zipper pull (click here for instructions). We had a great time meeting the girls and talking to them about DNA. They seemed to enjoy it too – as one girl assembled her zipper pull she exclaimed, “I never thought today would be so fun!”

Let’s be serious: Who even thinks up something like a “zipper pull” for any reason other than to target children? At least many parents might not need be too concerned unless 23andMe offices start popping up in every city with staff members to march out into their communities.

So some may not see much harm in any of this, but please consider that this is an outgrowth of Google, whose agenda is to “gather” and “understand” “all of the worlds information”, including having virtually every human beings DNA code publicly searchable on Google. Like too many of Google’s agendas, this agenda coincides too conveniently with the Federal governments ambitions for a broad national DNA database (See here for links on both Google and the Feds). Reasons for such may include tracking purposes and advanced genetic behavioral analysis.

In light of 23andMe, the agenda feels right at home considering their love for mad scientist Craig Venter. Note that Craig is one of the prime subjects on my Google + Federal DNA Databank page. Craig is quite a character. He specializes in genomics and synthetic biology (creating entirely new synthetic lifeforms), and to the question about ‘playing God’ he says: “We’re not playing”, he overemphasizes, “we’re not playing”. I guess Craig is quite the celebrity as my new book, “Cracking the Genome”, explains that he was deeply responsible for the completion of the Genome Project some 5 years ahead of schedule.

He now crusades for out and open private DNA searchable on Google. Considering that, it couldn’t be more ironic that Sergey Brin recently finished having his genome studied via 23andMe and he discovered that he’s genetically predisposed to developing Parkinson’s Disease.

They expect us all to get used to the idea of knowing our genetic makeups, but how many of us are multi-billionaires who can afford to not drive ourselves mad in the prospect that we might later develop whatever. In “Cracking the Genome”, Francis Collins is quoted as saying: “All of us probably carry four or five really fouled up genes and another couple of dozen that are not so great and place us at at some risk for something”.

So what these people are proposing is that we should display perhaps our most intimate privacy data on Google, and then possibly learn that we have genetic markers for things beyond our means which the knowledge of alone could create psychological scenarios that lead to the development of such when it might not have happened anyways. Unless the cure exists for virtually all known diseases you can count me out for sure.

*Mobile Google Android to condition people to embrace constant GPS tracking

  1. I stumbled into this looking for evidence that McCain voted for CIA funding that wound up funding Osama Bin Laden during the 1980’s.


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